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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sports-Specific Strength and Conditioning Programs.

However you are getting the training, make sure you train the right way for your sport

Sports Specific Workouts
The Sports Specific Programs are designed to give people an exercise program tailored to the demands of their chosen sporting activities. All sports, from Golf to Football, have specific movements and physical demands that can be improved with proper training. The knowledge and experience that goes into each of these sports specific programs is what makes them so effective.

The most important attribute of any quality training program is injury prevention. Knowing how to start a program is the first step. These Sports Specific Programs provide injury prevention by first establishing a strength and conditioning base. The sets, repetitions, exercise prescription, and actual weight of the programs are based off an initial fitness level and specific strength to bodyweight ratio's. With simple feedback, the progression of the program will follow the body’s unique adaptation process to exercise.

Whether the goal is performance enhancement or simply the enjoyment of participation in a favorite activity, these Sports Specific Programs can and will provide great results!

Click on the link to your sport and specify your more detailed goals on the appropriate form during signup.  

Step 1: Choose Your Fitness Goal

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The Softball Programs have everything needed to maximize the physical tools used for playing softball...
The advantages of a quality strength training program for a swimmer has been well documented as more ...
The Wrestling Programs are designed for a combination of strength, power and muscular endurance. Wre...
The Boxing Programs will enhance general strength and increase muscular endurance. There are also bo...
The focus of the Cycling Programs is to develop muscular endurance and strength. The program will be...
Track and Field
The Track and Field Programs will work the body to increase strength and power. These key elements a...
The Baseball Programs have everything needed to maximize the physical tools needed for playing baseba...
Ice Hockey
The Competitive Ice Hockey programs were developed to help with the specific strength and muscular en...
Motocross racers need a program that will help guard them against injuries and give them enough stren...
The sport of Soccer requires the combination of muscular endurance, strength and the ability to gener...
The Diving Program is a great strength and power maintenance program. In this program there are shou...
The 12-Week Triathlon Programs focus on developing muscular endurance and strength. The program begi...
Walking Strength
The focus of the 12-Week Walking Strength Programs is to develop balanced muscular endurance and stre...
Winter Sports Program
The Winter Sports Program was developed to enhance the physical qualities required in skiing, snowboa...
Martial Arts
The Martial Arts Program was built specifically for developing full body power for use in the Martial...
The Surfing Power Program helps to get the most out of the sport. There are many different exercises...
The Volleyball Program was built specifically for developing full body power for use in the sport of ...


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