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Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Indoor Football League Championship Live on US Sports Network Presented by TicketNetwork!

Live Action From the Indoor Football League 
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Major League Baseball On US Sports Network Presented by Undersun Fitness!


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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Black and White Sports on US Sports Net Presented by Beast Sports Nutrition!

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Fearless with Jason Whitlock On US Sports Network Powered by Hat Club!

 Celebrated journalist Jason Whitlock and “Uncle Jimmy” protect the realm of common sense and challenge the groupthink mandated by elites. Listen Monday through Friday for the most fearless conversation at the crossroads of culture, faith, sports, and comedy.  

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The Rick & Bubba Show Live On US Sports Net Presented By Walmart!
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The Matt Walsh Show on US Sports Network Presented by GritrSports (1800 Guns 'n' Ammo)

The Matt Walsh Show

The Daily Wire

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Today's Devotional: Armor Up Soldiers!

From CDM

 “Put on God’s whole armor [the armor of a heavy-armed soldier which God supplies], that you may be able successfully to stand up against [all] the strategies and the deceits of the devil” (Ephesians 6:11, AMPC).

The most important thing to do in spiritual warfare is to remain steadfast regarding the promises of God and all that Jesus has done for us. When the enemy attacks, we can’t rely on our own abilities; we must rely on Jesus.

Monday, August 8, 2022

How Muscle Building Is Influenced By The Right Protein Intake


  • Author Martin Tang
Getting the right consumption of protein determines your muscle mass, especially for those who are working out. There are many circulating misconceptions when it comes to bodybuilding and people who work out a lot in the gymnasium should be aware of them. This is why taking the right protein supplements is vital for building the type of body that you want.

So, in order to get started you should know how to get the right supplement that is suitable for you. For example, you could find out how whey protein really works and how it influences both bodybuilders and thin persons.

Getting The Right Supplements

To get the ideal body that you’ve always dreamed of it is important to take the right protein that fits with your need. When it comes to getting the right protein intake, people would start talking about whey protein -- one of the most popular and healthy choices for every fitness person.

This protein supplement enables bodybuilders to build their muscle and give them the ideal body they want. Other supplements that also encourage the growth of muscle are gold standard whey protein and mass depot.

How Whey Protein Works

The gold standard whey is worth every penny because it packs you with 24 grams of protein in a single serving to help supports your muscle building needs right after every training. With highly healthy ingredients, it helps you to pack more muscles efficiently and enables you to gradually achieve the kind of body that you’ve always wanted.

The same goes to mass depot as it generates the growth of body muscles while repairing every tissue during your intense workout.

From Thin to Lean, to Muscular

For those who are thin but still want to look muscular it is the right time to consume monster mass because it can help you to pack on more weight, enabling you to achieve your ideal weight more easily.

However, bear in mind that the monster mass has a rather low carb to protein ratio, and a rather high calorie. As it contains a lot of fat, it is an effective supplement to thin people who wish to gain more weight before getting to start on muscle building.

In a Nutshell

The three different types of supplements have different influences on your body. While these supplements help to encourage muscle growth and repair of tissues that tore during your intense training, bear in mind that taking the right amount of protein is equally important.

Some of the best whey protein supplement companies, such as offers good and effective fitness supplements for bodybuilders to achieve their bodybuilding dreams.

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Tips for healthy aging to keep your mind sharp and your body fit. And Problems w/ Cheat Days, Fructose & Myths About Carbs w/ Anthony Chaffee, MD


  • Author Maryam Umar
As each day passes, so does our age increase, and with increasing age comes aging. Aging is an inevitable process, although it comes with an overload of happiness, extra free time, infinite wisdom, and financial gains (senior discounts and others), it can also have downsides like wrinkling, decreased immunity thus susceptibility to illness, and often loneliness. Although we can’t stop aging, what we can do is make sure that we go through it the best way possible and we can achieve this by aiming to stay healthy as we grow older.

Why should we strive to stay healthy as we grow older?

-To stay energetic and help control your wealth.

-To prevent some diseases and delay many health conditions that come with aging like high blood pressure, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.

-To keep your muscles stronger so you can keep doing your day-to-day activities without becoming dependent on others.

How can we stay healthy as we grow older? By…

-By adopting a healthy diet.

-Working well to have a positive mindset and lifestyle.

-Exercising regularly.

-Get involved in activities in your neighborhood to help you stay proactive.

Adopting a healthy diet: you don’t have to change everything you eat just because you’re getting older, you can replace some not so healthy options with healthier alternatives eg replace all chocolate with dark chocolate, replace ice cream with frozen yogurt, replace beer with spirits or wine, replacing butter with margarine and others. Add fiber to your diet because fiber reduces constipation, helps to lose weight, reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and colon cancer, and lowers your blood cholesterol level. Try the Mediterranean diet which promotes foods such as fish, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans. Drink more water, staying hydrated will give you more energy and flush out toxins.

Working well to have a positive mindset and lifestyle: we can have a positive mindset by focusing on the good things, practice gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal(you can do this efficiently and easily by downloading the Gratitude app on Apple), practicing positive self-talk, spending time with positive people, opening ourselves up to humor, treating ourselves to some self-care every day, identifying our areas of negativity and tackle one area at a time and avoid spreading gossip.

Exercise regularly: Exercise 15 to 30 minutes daily or a few times a week. Try a combination of aerobics ( walking, swimming), and strength training with light weights, if you don’t like exercising, try other activities like gardening, dancing, fishing, tai-chi, or yoga. Any activity that you enjoy that’ll keep you in the right state of mind. Exercise can also improve diseases like diabetes. A healthy diet and exercise help feed your brain and improve your decision-making abilities as you get older.

Get involved in activities in your neighborhood: There are many ways to get involved in healthy aging activities in your neighborhood. Volunteering is one of the most popular and easiest ways to get involved. Volunteering can be done at a senior center, a hospital, or even at home with a loved one. If you are not able to volunteer, there are still plenty of other ways that you can get involved in healthy aging activities in your neighborhood. For example, you could attend or organize community events such as health fairs or fitness classes. You could also take care of someone else’s pet while they visit the doctor or help out with yard work for an elderly person nearby.

What if you’ve not been active for most of your life, do you think it’s already too late for you to get started living healthy and even get fit? No, it’s not, you can start your health and fitness journey at any point in your life, regardless of your age. These are how to become healthy and get fit(and stay fit) at any age,…

When you’re in your 30s, here you’re still close to your peak fitness level, cardio is key here, get involved in 20-30 minutes of running, a dance class, or hit the gym. Start slowly but push yourself daily, start with 5 - 10 reps and keep increasing this regularly. Because you start to lose bone mass in your 30’s, it is important to consume high calcium foods such as broccoli, spinach, kale, almonds, yogurt, and cheese, and incorporate omega 3s which have both short term benefits like improved mood and cognition, and reduced inflammation, as well as long term benefits like an improved mental and cardiovascular health.

When you’re in your 40s, due to hormonal fluctuation, your metabolism starts to slow down as you head into menopause causing weight gain and faster loss of muscle mass, thus here, you should do a lot of strength training to help you build and retain your muscle mass, gradually work up to using heavier dumbbells or adding more reps to your push-ups. Eat foods rich in good carbs like whole grains, this will help you stay energized all day, you can add some anti-aging food eg spinach, almonds, broccoli, avocado, coconut oil, and olive oil to your nutrition list to help your heart, brain, and skin stay healthy.

When you’re in your 50s, you’ll experience increasing bone loss, especially in females due to menopause and decreased estrogen levels. Low estrogen also facilitates weight gain. At this age, you should turn to exercises that can keep you lean, strong, and safe. Adding yoga to your routine will be amazing to keep you in a good state of mind while keeping the extra pounds away. Here, it is important to eat meals that contain several key nutrients daily and eat high protein foods eg beans and lentils, eggs, tempeh, fish, lean meat, poultry, dairy products, nuts, and seeds.


Even though we cannot stop ourselves from aging, we can put effort to make sure that we age in the best way possible. By following the tips above, be assured that you’re going to age in the most amazing way there is. Do you think there are other ways to ensure that you age amazingly? If there is, be sure to drop a comment below.

I am a freelance health and fitness copywriter and content writer. You can contact me at

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Today's Daily Devotional: God's Got Our Back

From CDM 

“In conclusion, be strong in the Lord [be empowered through your union with Him]; draw your strength from Him [that strength which His boundless might provides]” (Ephesians 6:10, AMPC).

We’re empowered through our union with the Lord. We should take every opportunity to acknowledge His presence; when we engage in His presence, we’re strengthened in every way. 

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Most useful Home Defense Ammo and Tactical PE Shootout In Compton Shows Unfortunately Why We All Must Prepare


  • Author Mary Charles
One of the priorities of a home dweller is the assurance of ample security within the place of residence. This is why it is critical to have the best home defense ammo available to achieve this goal.
It is not a surprise that a major part of an effective budget is the allocation of security expense.

The confidence is derived from the knowledge that all is secure and safe within the home. The feeling of safety can be delivered by knowing that you have the right ammo to protect yourself best and your loved ones. It is, therefore, proper to seek and obtain the right personal protection ammo in regards to the defense of one's self and property.

The choice criteria for personal protection are varied. Still, an individual can rely on accredited and proven information to make the best selection that will fit past experiences to best suit future variables. For example, a new study conducted by the FBI reported that the 9mm Luger Pistol model was the most effective among law enforcement when you factor in the accuracy, round count, and penetration.

This could be a basis also for selecting the ideal option considering the institution is credible and its conclusion comes from extensive research. This, however, does not eliminate the consideration of other effective defense options that may prove credible.

During picking the right selection of ammo, There exist several variables to examine. The basic considerations in any situation are specifics like bullet weight, gun type, and caliber. Matching the perfect kind of ammo with the right firearm is paramount for effective defense.

Many sellers in the market may not necessarily offer the best services; therefore, enough research should be conducted to decide the approved and commendable dealer. Information on the use of the ammo comes with when you buy ammo but it is very wise to practice and even seek a professional to aid in the goal of exercising care and due diligence.

Various types of ammunition in the market finding one that you can depend on to secures the ones you love can prove difficult. Once you have gained a little knowledge and training, you should have more of an idea of the type of home protection ammo that you would benefit most from.

Control, weight, impact, and stopping power are all major factors in choosing the best ammo. All that left is seeking out the right manufacture for the best defense ammo.

Bulk Cheap Ammo is the ammo finder search engine to find in-stock ammunition, guns, magazines, and reloading components at competitive prices.

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Friday, August 5, 2022

Today's Devotional: Are You Worth It?

 From CDM 

“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And [yet] not one of them is forgotten or uncared for in the presence of God” (Luke 12:6, AMPC).

Sparrows are very inexpensive birds. While people don’t value them much, God doesn’t forget even one of them. How much more does our heavenly Father remember us? We don’t have to worry; we’re far more precious to Him than many sparrows.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

US Sports Training Camp Football! Keep your Drills Fresh and Your Skills Developing - Offense

  • By Keith Grabowski

    Throughout the season we will be sharing skills and drills that will help you keep practices fresh and your players technique advancing.

    Offensive Line

    Keeping the hips engaged is a critical skill for the offensive line to develop and it takes ongoing work on the fundamentals.  

    University of Findlay OC/OL Coach Korey Allen likes to use his “fight pressure drill” to teach this skill.Open gap in a combo scenario.  

    It is a drill that is applicable across every offensive line position.  The idea for the lineman is to keep his hips - hold the line and get 2 steps in the ground.  The drill has application in many schemes but Coach Allen points out that it is especially good for zone read teams. He shares the drill and his coaching points here (click on image for free drill video):

    Running backs - Bulls Ball Drill for Blitz Pick-up

    One drill that is both fun and challenging is what SEMO running backs coach Issac Read called “Bulls Ball” when he coached the running backs at the University of Buffalo last season.  

    The drill has its origins in the old American Gladiators series where it was called “Power Ball.”  The set up of the drill is simple.  A trash can is placed behind the running back who is working his pass protection technique.  The player opposite him has a ball and his objective as the rusher is to get past the running back and dunk the ball into the can.

    The drill brings out the competitive side in both players and forces the blocker to use his footwork and hand placement to stop the rush and keep the rusher from dunking the ball in the can.

    In a quick 5 minute period, you could set this up as a mini-tournament to determine who is the best blocker.  You will get some good quality reps with a lot of energy from the competitive nature of the drill.

    Here is a video of Coach Reed explaining and showing the drill on film (click on image for video):



    Jordan Hogan was the wide receiver’s coach at Cornell, but has since moved on to the NFL as an analyst.  He utilizes the hoops that are typically used by the defensive line to work multiple drills including speed cuts, stack and release, and a drill which he calls running man which focuses on finishing with the ball.

    He explains his drills here:

    Tight Ends

    Josh Eargle, TE coach at Memphis,  likes to work his “bluff” drill to develop leverage and base against a C-gap defender and a linebacker.  He utilizes a receiver chute to teach the tight  end to sink his hips, lower his pad level and come to balance.  He want tight hands on the linebacker.  He explains it here:



    Andrew Dresner, QB Coach at Maine, likes to theme his drills and his quarterbacks focus on each day of the week.  He matches the drills they do on any particular day with what is happening in the big picture on offense.  He explains his Tuesday Qb drills here:

    There’s some great ideas here for every position.  Hopefully these gave you some ideas to get your players better as you continue to the season.


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