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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

BBcom Featuring: My Pre Workout Ritual | Kris Gethin

The Pre Workout Ritual is one of Kris Gethin's favorite parts of the day. It's the time of the day he doesn't have any distractions. He's able to focus and visualize his workout. 
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| Kaged Muscle Stimulant Free Pre-Kaged Pre Workout | Supercharge your Energy and Support Enhanced Workout Performance without the Caffeine Jitters. * Turn Up Your Workout Intensity and Improve Performance with a Stim Free Workout Primer* TRAIN HARDER, LONGER and STRONGER ANY TIME OF DAY 

Now you can train harder and longer at any time of the day with PRE-KAGED® Stimulant Free. This award-winning pre-workout brand delivers a never-before-seen combination of premium, patented ingredients, phytonutrients, and muscle-building compounds to deliver a clean and controlled training experience without keeping you up at night. Featuring max dose ingredients and a massive 32g per serving, just one scoop does it all: increased muscle and strength, massive pumps, improved endurance, and more. It’s refreshing, tastes absolutely amazing, and contains no artificial colors, flavors, dyes, or banned substances. Taken pre-workout, PRE-KAGED Stimulant Free will help you lift heavier, push longer, and crush workouts day or night. TRIGGERS BIGGER, LONGER-LASTING MUSCLE PUMPS*

 Every serving of PRE-KAGED Stimulant Free delivers a massive 6.5g dose of pure fermented L-citrulline. This scientifically superior vasodilator helps drive nutrient rich blood and oxygen deep into your muscles for dense, hard muscle pumps.* PRE-KAGED also includes Spectra™, a proprietary blend of 29 fruit and veggie superfoods that not only provides important antioxidants, but it also supports nitric oxide production.* FORMULATED TO INCREASE MUSCLE, STRENGTH & PERFORMANCE* PRE-KAGED is an award-winning pre-workout brand that delivers a unique combination of patented ingredients, scientifically tested to deliver increases in muscle size, strength, and athletic performance.* This includes 6.5g of fermented BCAAs, 1.5g of Patented Creatine HCl®, 1.6g of patented CarnoSyn® beta-alanine with self-affirmed GRAS status, 2.5g of patented BetaPower®, a purified betaine extract, and more. 

THE INDUSTRY'S LARGEST, MOST FULLY DOSED SCOOP Featuring max-dose ingredients, and a massive 32g per serving, just one scoop of PRE-KAGED Stimulant Free does it all: increased endurance, massive, long-lasting pumps, and so much more.
THE KAGED MUSCLE DIFFERENCE We choose to use patented, gold-standard ingredients that often cost up to 10x more than their generic knock-offs because they’re cleaner, they’re backed by science, and they’re just better for you. Think of us as healthy meets hardcore. Kaged Muscle is a health-forward brand, and our supplements are formulated for performance-minded men and women who not only want real results, but also want clean products that provide incredible value for their money. 

Build Muscle and Increase Strength
* Trigger Rock-Hard Muscle Pumps
* Train Longer, Harder and Stronger
* Perfect for Evening and Nighttime Training 
No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Or Dyes 
Third-Party Tested and Banned Substance Free 
2X Award-Winning Brand - Best Pre-Workout of the Year

The MLB On US Sports Net: 2010 NLDS Game 1 - Phillies vs. Reds (Roy Halladay's Postseason no-hitter) | #MLBAtHome and Skyrocket Your Sports Performance With This 3-Week Workout Plan

Next up on our #MLBAtHome schedule, Philadelphia Phillies' starting pitcher Roy Halladay no-hits the Cincinnati Reds in 2010 NLDS Game 1, the first Postseason no-hitter since 1956!

Skyrocket Your Sports Performance With This 3-Week Workout Plan

Want to hit harder, cut quicker, jump higher, race faster and run longer? This intense workout plan will transform you from athlete to ath-elite.
I'm 5'5, I have asthma, and I… am an athlete.
Put me in the game and I'll flat-back receivers, pick pockets on the dribble, reject rocket shots in goal, pass people on the run, serve aces, win face-offs, and spike volleyballs in the faces over the net.
How does the short, scrappy guy with a puffer do the above? I train. I train specifically for maximum sports performance. It's not about gender or genetics; it's about conditioning. If you want to hit harder, cut quicker, jump higher, race faster and run longer, then I've got the program for you.

Fire Up Your Four Cores

It's designed to improve the key areas required for holistic and consistent performance: speed, agility, strength, and endurance. I call these areas the Four Cores. The goal of this program is to turn you into an ath-elite. By training the Four Cores, you can perform quickly, powerfully, and continuously.
In this program, you'll perform a variety of workouts using multiple training techniques to promote total body performance. As such, the program is dynamic enough to help you train for any sport. This is physical training, not skills training, so it's not sport-specific.
Eyes on the prize — a body that functions as well as it looks. And it'll look damn good.

Twisted Techniques

To train the Four Cores and ensure maximum response, you'll utilize the following training combinations:
  • High AND Low Reps
  • High Intensity AND Low Intensity Training
  • Heavy AND Light Weight
  • Individual AND Compound Muscle Movement
  • Explosiveness AND Endurance Training
Think of each combo as a spectrum - training both sides of each spectrum produces a body that can fulfill the requirements of multiple sport environments.
Before I take a puff off the ol' inhaler and we get to work, remember to follow these ground rules:
  1. Don't talk about fight club (duh).
  2. Always increase weight between sets and try to reach failure on the last 1-2 reps of every set.
  3. Do dynamic stretches and light warm-ups before training to prevent injury.
  4. Focus on proper technique for every exercise.
  5. Eat healthy: this means lean protein, complex carbs, and plenty of vegetables.
  6. Drink up: water, and plenty of it.
  7. No cheating! This is a full 3-week workout cycle, and every exercise has a purpose.
  8. Write everything down. Stats, weights, reps: record it all and then try to crush those numbers.
  9. Use codenames:

Monday, March 30, 2020

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: The Right to Try Act Is Saving Lives (Part 3) | Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski at TTAC Live 2019

Welcome to the third and final part of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski's TTAC Live '19 presentation! If you need to catch up on Part 1 [] or Part 2 [], please do so then come back here to find out about the success rates from Dr. Burzynski's precision cancer treatment process.

Dr. Burzynski's precision cancer treatment success stems from the combination of immunotherapy, genomic testing, and intravenous or oral antineoplastons. Keep watching to learn more about this complex topic and how the Right to Try Act is helping connect more cancer patients to successful post-clinical trial treatments like this. 

Lymphatic Cancer Treatments
By: Jonathan Lee

Lymphatic cancer occurs most often in dogs who are between 5 and 9 years old Swollen glands, or lymph nodes, are often the first indicator that a dog has lymphoma Treatment might involve chemotherapy and in some cases radiotherapy and/or bone marrow transplantation, and can be curable depending on the histology, type, and stage of the disease.Large B-cell lymphoma, also known as diffuse large b-cell lymphoma, causes abnormal growth in red blood cells. It can also affect other organs in which case it is referred to as extranodal lymphoma. Extranodal sites include the skin, brain, bowels and bone. Lymphatic cancer are closely related to lymphoid leukemias, which also originate in lymphocytes but typically involve only circulating blood and the bone marrow (where blood cells are generated in a process termed haematopoesis) and do not usually form static tumors. There are many types of lymphomas, and in turn, lymphatic cancer are a part of the broad group of diseases called hematological neoplasms.

Hodgkin's lymphoma is named after Thomas HodgkinSince then, many other forms of lymphoma have been described, grouped under several proposed classifications. He first discovered the abnormalities that occurred within the lymph system It introduced the category non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), divided into 16 different diseases. However, because these different lymphatic cancers have little in common with each other, the NHL label is of limited usefulness for doctors or patients and is slowly being abandoned. The latest classification by the WHO (2008) lists 70 different forms of lymphoma divided in four broad groups.

Symptoms of Lymphatic Cancer

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. When a person is diagnosed with this type of cancer, it is essential to get treatment immediately to prevent the cancer from progressing Lymph node cancer (lymphoma) generally fits into one of two categories, Hodgkin's disease or Non-Hodgkin's disease. The symptoms of both are similar Lymphatic cancer is also known as lymphoma and occurs in two different forms: Hodgkin's lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

One of the main symptoms of a lymphoma is painless swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck, armpit and groin. Lymphomas also commonly present with symptoms that resemble the flu, including a fever, night sweats and chills. Another common symptom of lymphoma is persistent and chronic fatigue that is otherwise unexplainable. Lymphatic cancer can also cause a sudden loss of appetite as well as rapid weight loss.

Lymphatic Cancer Treatments


According to the American Cancer Society, surgery is more commonly used for diagnostic reasons than for actual treatment, as it allows the physician to obtain a sample of the cancerous tissue. Nevertheless, surgery is occasionally a treatment option, especially for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that has begun in an organ outside of the lymphatic system, such as the thyroid or stomach.


The American Cancer Society says that radiation therapy is one of the most common treatments used to treat lymphomas, both of the Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's variety. The goal of radiation therapy is to kill off cancer cells and tumors without damaging any other surrounding tissue The Mayo Clinic says that this type of treatment is often used to shrink tumors and is especially useful in lymphatic cancers that are detected in their early stages.


Chemotherapy is the use of drugs that poison or kill off cancer cells. Chemotherapy involves the ingestion or intravenous delivery of chemical compounds designed to seek out cancer cells and destroy them by altering their genetic make -up or inhibiting their reproductive system The University of Maryland Medical center website states that even late-stage Non Hodgkin lymphoma can be effectively treated with chemotherapy radiation is externally applied to the affected area as precisely as possible There is also a risk that white blood cell counts can drop even further since the treatment affects the entire lymphatic system. Common chemotherapy drugs used for lymph node cancer treatments include CHOP and Fludarabine


Immunotherapy is a new mode of treatment for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that employs a special kind of protein called an antibody to treat lymphatic cancer. Medications containing Rituximab are monoclonal antibodies that can trigger the body's immune system to respond strongly against cancer cells Once these antibodies have bound to a cancer cell, the body's immune system then attacks and kills the cancerous cells.

Stem Cell Transplants

In some cases, the only way to effectively treat a lymphoma is through the use of very high doses of chemotherapy. One of the side effects of prolonged chemotherapy, however, is damage to the bone marrow. Giving the patient stem cells from bone marrow or blood is one way to counteract this damage. These stem cells may be from the patient or from a donor. After the chemotherapy has been given and the patient has had some time to recover, the stem cells are then injected into the veins. These stem cells will then migrate to the bone marrow and reconstitute the damaged bone marrow tissue. This type of therapy, according to the American Cancer Society, is becoming more prevalent, because it allows physicians to prescribe chemotherapy regimens that would otherwise completely destroy the bone marrow.

 For further information and details of Lymphatic cancer latest top product recommendations please visit

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Police Activity Presented On US Sports Net By Tactical P.E. Featuring: Bodycam Footage Of UNT Student Darius Tarver's Shooting in Denton, Texas

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Denton, Texas — The Denton Police Department released body camera footage from the Jan. 21 officer-involved shooting that claimed the life of University of North Texas student Darius Tarver.

At approximately 2:58 a.m., officers were dispatched to the 200 block of Inman St. in reference to a disturbance. Multiple 911 callers reported there was a man banging on numerous doors and yelling for someone to open the door. The callers further stated that the suspect had a frying pan in his hand, and that he was shattering all of the light fixtures in the hallway. 

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 As officers arrived on scene, they attempted to locate the suspect. While officers were standing at the base of the main staircase, another officer was obtaining information from a caller. It was during this time that the suspect emerged from an apartment and immediately began advancing down the stairs toward the officers. Officers observed that the suspect had a cleaver and a frying pan in his hands, and gave him multiple loud verbal commands to drop the weapons. The suspect continued to advance on officers, at which time an officer deployed his Taser. The Taser struck the suspect, who fell, but immediately got up and began advancing toward the officers again. 

 An officer discharged his weapon and struck the suspect, who fell to the ground. Officers on scene immediately began life saving measures, and called for Denton Fire/Rescue. It was during this time, that another officer was found to have been stabbed by the suspect. The suspect and the injured officer were transported to a local hospital, where the suspect was pronounced deceased and the injured officer was admitted in stable condition. The officer’s injuries are non-life threatening. The injured officer is new to Denton but has over ten years of previous law enforcement experience, and the officer who discharged his weapon has six years of service with the Denton Police Department. All four officers have returned to regular duty with the department. 

Donate to PoliceActivity:

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Mom Would Just Loooove Some NHL Swag from NHLShop!

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Legendary Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mats Sundin recorded his 500th career goal in epic fashion, completing a hat trick and scoring in overtime to give the Leafs the 5-4 win over the Calgary Flames on October 14, 2006.

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Hey Corona Virus Go To Hell! The Rock Almighty Special Devotional

75 Rolls Of Toilet Paper? Check! 
13 Gallons Of Bottled Water? Check! 
45 Dispensers Of Hand Sanitizer? Check!.....

 ....A Whole Years' Worth Of Media-Induced Fear?..........Wha? Heaven No!

 Hey Fam' Do what you need to do to endure, but as for me and my household we are going to release our faith in the Name Of Jesus against this jive disease. 
Unless somebody out there can prove that worrying about it will bring about a swift cure. 
 If you are a believer, I pray you find this video empowering and helpful in your prayers as we destroy this disease and all of its negative effects in the spirit. 
 No matter where you come from spiritually you are more than welcome to be inspired to stand against this vermin. Even while taking reasonable precautions. 
I look forward to your discussion below. Let's do what we do best Warriors. Win! 
-Coach Nate 

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“Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the midst of his brethren: and the Spirit of the LORD came upon David from that day forward. So Samuel rose up, and went to Ramah” (1 Samuel 16:13). 
When God puts His supernatural ability on us, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. The anointing enables us to easily carry out the assignment God has given us. From World Changers Church, International

Lifestyle Christianity Featuring: Todd White - Praying at Brazil Carnival (20 minutes Uncut footage)

Train with Todd White and the Lifestyle Christianity Team: 
➢ Power and Love: 
➢ Lifestyle Christianity University:

The Role of Religion in Spiritual Recovery
By: M. Cuerdo

Many studies show that faith healing and modern medicine do not belong together. However, with the inclusion of spiritual recovery in many rehabilitation programs, the link between spirituality and healing becomes shorter and shorter.

Faith healing

Faith healing is the concept that prayers and rituals have the power to heal a person from disabilities or diseases. While healing through a divine intervention is commonly accepted in many religions, faith healing involves the use of special prayers and practices in order to get a special favor from a higher being. This type of healing is not yet accepted by mainstream medicine and even alternative medicine.

There is another form of healing through faith. This is in which a person uses prayers, meditation and other ritual in order to help him or her in spiritual recovery. This usually applies for people who are undergoing or have undergone rehabilitation.

Spiritual recover

Spiritual recovery is a complex concept to understand. This can be better understood by learning that there are four levels of recovery: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Physical recovery refers to getting rid of the substance or of the disease (and its effects) from the physical body. Mental recovery is the reorganization of one’s thoughts or ideas regarding a situation. Emotional recovery is takes place some time after the mental recovery since the person’s feelings and emotions are greatly affected by his or her thoughts.

Spiritual recovery involves the other three levels of recovery. This begins when the person cabetter control his emotions and response to situations. The person’s outlook in life and his or her approach to situations become more positive. Spiritual recovery continues throughout the person’s life and can never be completed.

Role of religion

The concept of spiritual recovery becomes easier to grasp once its relationship with religion is discussed. Many of the world’s religions are founded on the belief that there is a higher being or a higher self. This belief usually encourages a person to do what is good according to the teachings of one’s religion. Interestingly, the concept of what is good is similar in several religions.

Many religions also use prayer and meditation and these help a person become more goal-oriented and allow him or her to take time to respond to a situation.

This doesn’t mean that people who do not belong to any religion will have a difficult spiritual recovery. There are non-religious meditations that he or she can do. Besides, spirituality does not always have to be linked to religion. Being spiritual is being attuned to one’s spirit and taking steps to care for one’s body.

 M Cuerdo is a freelance writer on various topics. To learn more about her, visit maricelcuerdo.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Bellator 225: Mitrione vs. Kharitonov 2 - Live Stream Re-Air Presented on US Sports Net By BBcom

Upcoming events:
 MMA Articles from BBcom

MMA Workout Routine

By: Josh Rafferty

MMA is quickly becoming the fastest growing sport in the world. A basic MMA workout routine can be extremely difficult as well as extremely demanding. MMA training requires a tremendous amount of conditioning and endurance. What makes MMA workout routines so challenging is training all aspects of combat. With so much time being spent on boxing, grappling, and strength training, it’s easy to over train.

Training for a fight can be a little confusing if you are new to the fight game. Most schools have the workouts broken down to specific skill training. Training should be organized and thought out before fight preparation. Dividing your work between striking practice, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu is a great start. When training for a MMA fight, fighters should try to train anywhere from 5-6 days per week. Training sessions should be between 90minutes to 120 minutes. As the fight becomes closer, workouts should be shorter and more intense.

Mixed martial arts training is very similar from team to team. As I said before, most MMA fighters train the same martial arts. MMA strength training workouts and conditioning are unique to each fighter. Everybody is different. Some fighters respond better to certain training programs as others would benefit from something completely different. I have been lucky enough to train with some great teams and coaches. In just about every MMA training center I have been to be different when it comes to conditioning.

After years of competing and coaching I have found that my fighters and myself respond the most to circuit training. This type of training allows the fighter to simulate the workload of fight while incorporating a number of exercises. Circuit training should be set up just like a fight. Three five-minute rounds with a one-minute break is a good place to start.

Here are a few basic MMA workout routines:


- Squat jumps 1 minute
- Shadowboxing 1 minute
- Leg raise 1 minute
- Hindu push up 1 minute
- Shadowboxing 1 minute


- Wall walks 1 minute
- Ground and pound drill on heavy bag 1 minute
- Box jumps 1 minute
- Wrestling 1 minute
- Thai pad drills 1 minute


- Power cleans 1 minute
- Versaclimber 1 minute
- Takedowns 1 minute
- Medice ball slams 1 minute
- Ground and pound 1 minute

MMA workouts can be challenging as well as exciting. The workouts above are just a few examples on how you can set up your own MMA workout routine. Workout number one is a basic workout using bodyweight exercises. This workout is a great beginners workout. Workout number two incorporates more specific fighting drills. Keep in mind that you can implement your favorite drills into each circuit. It is important to try and incorporate all ranges of fighting when designing your program. Workout number three is a little more advanced. In this circuit we use free weights and cardio equipment like the Versaclimber. Keep an open mind and have fun with these intense training sessions.

 Josh Rafferty Professional MMA Fighter and Coach

Christiana Nichols 2021 OF Softball Skills / Recruiting Video Presented on US Sports Net By Game Planner Pro!

Christiana Nichols
Taylor Middle-High School Pierson, Florida
Graduation: 2021
GPA: 3.8
Positions: OF
Wagner's Gold - Smith


Presented on US Sports Net by Game Planner Pro!
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Softball Strength, Conditioning, Nutrition, and Performance Articles From

Thursday, March 26, 2020

BBcom Featuring: Big Pecs Workout | IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Regan Grimes and Are You Happy With Your Man Boobs?

What does it take to build big pecs like a pro bodybuilder? Regan Grimes is excited to take you inside the gym for his chest workout with his trainer Chris "Psycho Fitness". 
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Are You Happy With Your Man Boobs?

By: Patrick Brennan

Yep, we're talking Man Boobs here! How would you like to say goodbye to skin that's flabby and has no definition? Wouldn't it be great to show off a nice chiseled look? You will feel 100 times better about yourself when you quit hiding behind loose-fitting clothes because you're ashamed of how your body, mainly your upper body, looks when you're not wearing clothes.

So, what do we do about this? Avoid appearing anywhere without a shirt? No, there are many things that can be done that doesn't require you to live your life at a gym. Most of us have lives and we can't afford to be at the gym all the time. You don't need to spend hours on a treadmill, or starve yourself, or look like a steroid freak. Women don't really care for men that have too much muscle.

Nice and toned, that's what we're looking for...I've seen men take weight off and neglect exercising the correct way and they wind up with loose-fitting skin that they're stuck with and now they have to figure out how in the heck to get that skin toned up. Unfortunately, a lot of that weight they shed was also muscle. All of this could have been prevented if they had worked out right while losing that weight. So let's discuss how to go about losing weight and staying toned at the same time.

Okay, if you've read this far I must have your attention. Well, here is the good news; this is not hard if you follow a few guidelines that I'll list for you here:
• Eat Well...You don't need to drop many calories you just need to clean up your diet.
• Lift Weights...Keep in mind that your muscle keeps your metabolism peaked. Even when you're at rest. So that's why it's important to keep that muscle while you're losing weight.
• Do Cardio...As you know, Cardio is very good for your heart. But it also helps get rid of fat.
• Get your motivation going...The three items I mentioned above won't do you a bit of good IF you never apply them.

Did you know those 6-pack abs are created in the kitchen and not in the gym? Yep, it's melting the fat so that the abs can show that definition you want. You also probably already know that not all calories are created equal. The calories you eat at a McDonald's is not the same as the calories you get from, say a handful of peanuts. One of these clogs arteries and tells your body to start storing fat and the other is an essential fat that helps boost your metabolism. Guess which is the best? Peanuts? You're right. And please, do yourself a favor and avoid sugar as often as you can.

When you lift weights remember to include all your muscles, not just your arms and pectorals. A lot of guys totally forget their legs. I hate to tell you how funny you'll wind up looking if you do this. Keep in mind that your legs are one of your largest muscle groups and they need to be exercised as much as your arms or Pectoralis major muscle. Also, the more muscle groups you exercise the more your metabolism is helped.

So, what's the secret with cardio? Moderation is that secret. Too much cardio can actually make you smaller and wind up leaving your skin flabby. Start by doing cardio exercise around 20 minutes or so each session, maybe two or three times per week. You can run, jog, walk, bike, swim, play games like basketball, tennis and the like. Do some wind sprints, go hiking, etc. All these things will start melting the fat off of you.

There is so much more to each of the items above there's not room to list them all here. If you're interested in achieving a more healthy body you can get that information from the resource that I list below.

To your better health and body,

Patrick Brennan

Learn how to burn those man boobs naturally! Click here..... 

 Abs workout Back workout Bands workout Bands workout circuit Biceps workoutBpi sports workouts Chest workout Full body bands workout Full body bands workout circuitJames grage James grage, Bench Build muscle Chest Dumbbell pullover Exercise Pec Pecs Strength Training Workout,

MLB Replay 2019 World Series Game 7 (Astros vs. Nationals) and Youth Baseball Parent-Player Meeting Presented on US Sports Net By BBcom

Next up, watch as the Nationals come back in Game 7 of the 2019 World Series against the Astros to take home the World Series title!

Youth Baseball Parent-Player Meeting

By: Tom Mack

Congratulations, you have decided to coach a youth baseball team. Now it's time to meet with the parents and the players to set the tone for next season. Coaching youth baseball is a big responsibility and requires organization, planning and defined objectives. Requesting help from parents, and outlining communication. Player expectations need to be addressed as this is really the reason you’re coaching, for the kids.

This meeting may be the first opportunity for you to meet the parents and players who are anxious to learn what your knowledge base is, your coaching experience, and what style you use. Stating your objectives for the team and what it is you want to accomplish will put the parents and players at ease.

From my experience based upon youth feedback, youth baseball players want to experience success and have fun. As the coach you need to keep in that in mind, and so do the parents. But keep in mind that the reality is some parents view winning at all costs is the only thing that matters is their little superstar.

Explaining your coaching philosophy, rules for playing time, will it be equal playing time or based on performance, this will most likely depend on the age level you’re coaching, and player positions, how will you determine who plays where.

Parental involvement is sometimes glossed over. Since most kids state fun as their main priority, a close second is to be engaged with their parents. I stress the need with running practices, pre-game warm ups, and base coaches. Kids see this as an opportunity spend quality time with their parent. It is important that parents view it the same way.

You may want to comment for the benefit of the parents unwilling to participate on the field their assistance will be needed in other areas. In youth athletics there are numerous opportunities for parents to get involved by volunteering to coordinate any fund raising events, securing hotel rooms if your team is traveling out of town, will there be money that needs to be collected, what about the concession stand, so helping the team run smoothly is not limited to just the field.

Don’t over look the communication. Email is a great way for the Coach to disseminate information quickly, and for parents and players to keep the coach informed. As the coach you should informed the parents they can discuss anything with you, except playing time or positions. I have found this will eliminate the majority of your headaches if you state it like that.

Player expectation’s also needs to be expressed. Part of the learning process is how to take responsibility for themselves. Each player needs to be accountable for himself.
Baseball players need to think on their feet, react, adapt, overcome, by letting them know they, not their mother are responsible for insuring all their equipment is ready to go, is a great way to start teaching accountability. They further need to know there are consequences to not being accountable or improper behavior

Remember your job is to be the teacher, and at times a mentor. I would suggest that you start a list of items that need to be addressed at your parent/player meeting and add to it throughout the year as things come up. This will help you in future years to avoid any pit falls along the way.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: The Truth About Food Dye & Cancer

The truth is, our brains and stomachs find colorful food more appetizing and food manufacturers know that. They've abused God's natural beauty and used it to poison our foods all in the name of profit. Did you know that food dyes put your health at risk for cancer, organ failure, and neurological dysfunction?

While other countries have made artificial colors in foods illegal or requiring a warning label, the U.S. has no plans to ban food dyes or warn consumers. The worst part is that the population that is at the highest risk of being in contact with these harmful food colors are children. Protect yourself and those that are most vulnerable by keeping the following food dyes in mind and always opt for natural food colors or none at all. 

Remember, organic means no food dyes or plant-derived food dyes. 
 - Blue #1 (Brilliant Blue) – caused kidney tumors in laboratory mice - Blue #2 (Indigo Carmine) – shown to cause brain tumors in rats 
- Green #3 (Fast Green) – increases tumors of the bladder and testes in male rats
 - Red #3 (Erythrosine) – banned by the FDA for causing thyroid tumors when used in externally applied cosmetics and topical drugs 
- Red #40 (Allura Red) – accelerates immune-system tumors in mice and triggers allergic reactions and hyperactivity in children 
- Yellow #5 (Tartrazine) – causes severe hypersensitivity and triggers hyperactivity disorders and other behavioral issues in children 
- Yellow #6 (Sunset Yellow) – found to cause adrenal tumors and trigger severe hyperactivity in children. Learn more......

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Police Activity On US Sports Net Presented By Tactical P.E. Featuring: Bodycam Shows Police Shooting Armed Man After Short Foot Chase and How To Have The Right Outlook For Self Defense

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Raleigh, North Carolina – Raleigh police released body camera and dash camera footage related to an officer-involved shooting that left a 26-year-old man wounded 
Revolutionary Tactical Strength And Conditioning Program Provides A Simple Training Blueprint To Help Cops, Soldiers, And Prepared Citizens Gain Tactical Muscle

At approximately 6:40 p.m., Raleigh Police officers responded to a call of a man with a gun in the 1000 block of N. Rogers Lane. When officers arrived at the scene, they observed an individual who matched the description given by the 911 caller. This individual was later identified as Javier Torres (DOB 8/3/93). Torres ran upon the arrival of the responding officers and a foot chase ensued, during which police repeatedly ordered Torres to stop and drop the gun. During the chase, Torres was shot one time by a responding officer. He was transported to a nearby hospital by EMS. A handgun, as described by the 911 caller, was located at the scene of the shooting. No officers were injured during this incident. 

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How To Have The Right Outlook For Self Defense

By: Marty Bresse

One of the most crucial things you can do is learn to be aware of who is around you. When walking, observe your surroundings all of the time so that you're not caught unawares by anyone that might do you harm. You're going to be put through intensive workout routines to be sure you are flexible, have improved endurance, are able to remain alert, and are able to react quickly to any threat that might come your way. As you probably know, self-defense is something that everyone should learn. You never know when you are going to be confronted by a violent assailant or someone dangerous where you live. We can not always count on the authorities or other law enforcement agencies to safeguard us.

Many people take self-defense classes for many different reasons. Nevertheless, the ones we've mentioned are the most common reasons. Self-defense is the act of safeguarding your life, somebody else's life, and even your property or home from a perceived threat. This is not to say that it is just strangers that you should be wary of as attacks are frequently carried out by folks you know. Rather than be mauled and probably killed, get away once you see a chance.

It is very important to understand what method to employ based on your current position in any given situation so you can effectively attack first. If you choose to sign up for a martial arts class for the purpose of learning self defense, it is best to find a class that focuses on actual situations and not formal and traditional training. This is where understanding of distance and angles is going to help and if you are up close to a person a strike with the fist or palm of the hand could be the best option. Self-defense in some classes is mixed with some workout routines in the gym or just general endurance exercises like push ups and sit ups that help strengthen different groups of muscles in the body.

You're going to be subjected to rigorous workout routines to be sure you are flexible, have better stamina levels, are able to remain alert, and are able to react fast to any threat that might come your way. You're going to be put through intense workout routines to be sure you are flexible, have better endurance, are able to remain alert, and are able to react quickly to any danger that may come your way. If you love competitive sports, you could visit places and participate in competitive events. This sort of training is sure to make you physically fit.

When you register for a self-defense class, you will learn how to respond quickly if you are ever in a dangerous situation. Compared to somebody who has no training, you as a self-defense student can predict your opponent's moves before he makes them, and this lets you subdue your enemy in the shortest time possible and all this is done without making use of excessive force and much energy. If it looks like that the confrontation will result in violence, then you need to strike first with all your strength and power. This needs to be your top priority in registering for any class and finding an instructor who is giving lessons that are solely for self defense and specifically for women is best.

You can actually look ahead to becoming fit when you sign up for self-defense classes. You will always be in a better position to protect yourself from an assailant if you have self-defense lessons under your belt. If you really want to have the confidence to defend yourself on the street, then joining self defense and martial arts classes will certainly help you. In this article we are going to have a look at some pointers to keep you safe on the streets. In addition, the fact that as a woman you will typically need to fight off someone who is physically stronger than you means that self defense tactics need to take into account the type of attacks you may be a victim of. This class will be taken for the main purpose of protecting yourself. You must learn these tactics right away in case a real-life situation does arise. If you focus your strategy on attacking the vulnerable body parts like the eyes and nose, you will be effective. Self-defense in certain classes is mixed with some workout routines in the gym or just general endurance exercises such as push ups and sit ups that help strengthen different groups of muscles in the body.

One other good reason for taking self-defense classes is the overall effect it will have on your health. When training for boxing (reference), it is as boxer, essential for you, to examine different fighting methods against different types of competitors.