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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Throw out the roast, live 25 more years

Online Publishing and Marketing

"Honey, throw out the roast,
we're going vegetarian!"
Editor's Note:  Following is the report of one of our star writers, Andrew Scholberg, who represented Cancer Defeated at the 5th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Conference held recently in West Palm Beach, Florida. The conference is sponsored by the Annie Appleseed Project, a nonprofit group that challenges conventional cancer treatment and seek alternatives.
    One of Dr. Keith Block's patients with metastasized prostate cancer called his wife after his initial consultation. He told her, "Honey, throw out the roast. We're going vegetarian!" She did, and he's still alive 25 years later.
     Keith Block, M.D., is one of the world's leading integrative cancer doctors. He related this story at the 2012 Complementary & Alternative Cancer Conference, where he was the keynote speaker.
     Another patient came to Dr Block with metastasized kidney cancer. The doctor he'd been seeing had given him one month to live. He's alive 22 years later and free of disease. And Dr. Block says he actually looks younger today than he did 22 years ago! Keep reading to find out how Dr. Block brings about these remarkable cures. . .
Continued below. . .

You've got to watch this
    I recently came across what I believe is one of the most promising cancer advancements of the past 30 years.
    A neurochemist developed it over the course of 20 years. Already several major studies (on over 10,000 patients combined) have verified its accuracy. The FDA has even approved it.
    But, strangely, this cancer discovery has been kept almost completely quiet. (The reason why made me furious -- I bet you'll feel the same way.)
    I just finished watching this special video alert… It's got everything you need to know about this medical development.
    You've got to watch it now...

    A woman with inoperable pancreatic cancer was given three months to live. Her doctor told her, "We have no treatment for you." She went to Dr. Block's clinic and is now a long-term survivor.
      Dr. Block has many other such stories that prove how foolish it is for a doctor to presume to know how long a patient is going to live -- something only God can know.
     The founder of the Annie Appleseed conference, Ann Fonfa, first met Dr. Block in 2005. She introduced him by saying, "We know what Keith Block does is working because we hear from people all over the country."
Doctors use this alternative secret,
but you can't have it
    Dr. Block rejects the notion that a cancer doctor should use only conventional treatments or only natural remedies. Rather, he combines the best of both. He uses chemo sensitivity testing, designed to match a patient's cancer cells with the specific chemo drug that's most likely to kill the strain of cancer the patient has.  He only uses chemo when the test indicates that a chemo drug will be effective against that cancer.
     Ann Fonfa pointed out that some conventional cancer doctors are well aware of the value of the chemo sensitivity test, yet they withhold it from their patients! She found out about that by accident from a doctor from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center who attended one of her conferences.
     This doctor told the audience that when he got colon cancer his fellow doctors at Sloan-Kettering gave him a chemo sensitivity test to find the best treatment. But he said the same doctors tell all their patients that "chemo sensitivity testing doesn't work." This dishonesty, hypocrisy, and greed is par for the course in the cancer treatment racket.
     But Dr. Block's clinic is different. His sole focus is to give his patients therapies that will actually help them get rid of their cancer. And he has put just about everything needed to beat cancer under one roof.
The six key factors in treating cancer
    The treatment plan at Dr. Block's clinic focuses on a few key factors, and he named six: the eating plan, the mind-spirit connection, physical care, nutrition, fitness, and attitude. The treatment is individualized, not one-size-fits-all.
    The first thing you see when you enter Dr. Block's clinic is the kitchen. And that's no accident because he regards food as either a help or a hindrance in getting rid of cancer. Eating the wrong foods -- like sugar, bad fats, and junk food -- will feed cancer. But a solid eating plan that includes a good variety of vegetables helps cure cancer.
    He recommends a colorful variety ("rainbow") of vegetables, whole cereal grains, and mostly plant-based proteins. He offers his patients cooking classes, which he says are fundamental and basic for medical care.
      Inflammation is a common problem that can lead to or aggravate cancer. In fact, inflammation more than doubles the mortality from cancer. Yet conventional doctors don't even test for it. Dr. Block does, and he prescribes a treatment plan that reduces inflammation.
    Correcting the ratio of bad fats to good fats is one way to reduce inflammation. Dr. Block said that omega 6 fats can drive up inflammation. The typical American has a ratio of 20 to one of bad fats to good fats (omega 3). Kids may have a ratio of 40 or 45 to one. A ratio of two to one or one to one is ideal, he said. He pointed out that cutting dietary fat lowered the risk of breast cancer recurrence 24 percent.
     Sleep is "super relevant" for health and especially for cancer patients, according to Dr. Block. Being exposed to light while sleeping increases breast cancer incidence by 22 percent because light suppresses melatonin. Using black shades with velcro to block light from a bedroom can improve the quality of sleep, he said.
Air travel industry would be shut down
if it had a record like the cancer industry
    Dr. Block posed the question, "Why are we losing the war on cancer, which costs America $225 billion a year?" He said you could fill 12 jumbo jets with the Americans who will get diagnosed with cancer today -- and another 12 jumbo jets tomorrow and the next day and the next. That's bad enough. But he said the number of people dying of cancer each day would fill three or four jumbo jets. He observed that "the FAA would shut down all flights if the prognosis for flight safety were that bad!"
     We're losing the war on cancer, Dr. Block declared, because "our system is topsy turvy" and because "there's no foundation for true prevention." Screening procedures aren't prevention because they only catch disease -- early, one hopes. But even catching it early is too late when the cancer could've been prevented in the first place.
    Dr. Block, who has seen over 18,000 patients, declared, "People don't die from cancer. They die from complications and consequences of the disease -- from things that are treatable." He listed sticky blood as an example. Sticky blood can lead to an embolism. But an integrative treatment program can change blood from sticky to slippery, which is much more healthy.
      How important is exercise in a cancer treatment program? Dr. Block declared, "No patient has done a three-mile speed walk and died the next day." That being the case, when someone has cancer it'd be an excellent idea to do a three-mile speed walk every day! Dr. Block wants all of his patients to get moving. And he even has a treadmill next to the chemo suites at his clinic.
      Dr. Block often treats his patients while they're exercising. For example, he can give a chemo drip by IV while a patient is doing yoga.
This doctor follows his own advice
    Dr. Block practices what he preaches about exercise. His favorite hobby is cold-water surfing. Believe it or not, he surfs the waves of Lake Michigan during the cold, windy Chicago winters. He has also surfed the waves off the shores of Alaska, and he even surfed 1,000 feet from glaciers in Antarctica!
    Of course, few cancer patients will follow him in that extreme hobby. But just about all cancer patients can walk three to five hours per week. For those who like to ride a bike, Dr. Block recommends 30 minutes of cycling per day.
      Dr. Block is the editor-in-chief of Integrative Cancer Therapies and the author of Life Over Cancer. For years, the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment was located in Evanston, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. He recently moved his clinic to the adjacent suburb of Skokie.
Doctor apologized for not listening
    The next presentation was a panel discussion of long-term cancer survivors. Moderator Julia Chiappetta found her breast cancer herself. She'd formed the habit of checking herself for cancer, and she felt her tumor.
    But when she first saw a doctor about her concern, he gave her a mammogram, which was negative, and told her not to worry about it. She pleaded with him to do a biopsy because she could feel something wasn't right. The doctor had to apologize to her when the biopsy came back positive for stage 2 breast cancer. He promised to listen to his patients better in the future.
     Julia says mammograms are only about 50 percent accurate. She prefers other cancer detection tools: ultrasound, thermography, and MRIs. To get rid of her cancer, Julia used a natural protocol with no drugs whatsoever, and that worked for her.  For a detailed description of thermography, see our Special Report Breast Cancer Cover-Up.
They used alternatives — and lived
    Panelist Eddie Dutton, the executive director of the South Florida Cancer Association, had stage 4 neck cancer with a cancerous tongue and throat. One doctor gave him four months to live. His doctor gave him the conventional treatment -- surgery, radiation, and chemo.

Online Publishing and Marketing

Correction to previous issue
    The previous issue, #180, was incorrect when it described the beetroot supplement Neo40® Daily as  "sublingual (under the tongue)."  The lozenges should be allowed to dissolve on top of the tongue.  As always, when taking this or any other supplement you should use as directed on the packaging.  We regret the error.

    When Eddie asked the doctor about alternatives, the doctor said, "I don't know anything about it, so I wouldn't recommend it." He decided to use alternatives, including laetrile (apricot seeds), resveratrol, and hawthorne berries. These alternatives helped him get rid of his cancer.
     Panelist Billy Lewter is a prostate cancer survivor. He'd decided to get surgery but changed his mind in favor of alternatives. His doctor was shocked and offended upon learning that Billy wasn't going to have surgery. He shook Billy by the shoulders and said, "You're playing Russian roulette! You have 12 months to live."
    Billy sought treatment at the Hippocrates Health Institute, a Florida clinic. Later he went to Germany for cancer treatment at the late Dr. Hans Nieper's clinic in Hanover. Dr. Nieper gave him Venus fly trap extract and other therapies. The doctor who once told him "you have 12 months to live" was dead wrong.
     Billy has survived for 19 years without conventional treatment. Unfortunately he was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, though he's not a smoker. He hopes to beat that, too.
The doctor was talking through his hat
    Panelist Florence Ferreira learned she had cancer 12 years ago. Like Julia, she found it herself despite a mammogram that was negative. Her doctor gave her "six months to live." She never believed him. She had a sense that he was talking through his hat.
     To outlive her doctor's death sentence, she used both conventional and alternative therapies. For her, this integrative approach has worked. But two years ago she had a setback. In September of 2010 she learned about two tumors growing in her spine, pinching the nerves going to her legs. This caused intense pain. She couldn't sleep at night. She was screaming. Steroids didn't help. When the pain kept on increasing she went on morphine.
     Dr. Martin Dayton of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, helped her get through the crisis. Florence calls him a "great doctor."
     To get rid of the tumors, she concluded that she needed extreme hyperthermia -- a treatment that's only available in Germany. So she got her passport, flew to Germany, and checked into the clinic of one of Germany's leading cancer specialists, Alexander Herzog, M.D. (I've personally interviewed Dr. Herzog and toured his clinic as well as the other top clinics in Germany. For more information, check out our Special Report German Cancer Breakthrough.)
    Florence needed wheelchair service to make it to Dr. Herzog's clinic. She had hardly slept for months. She was swollen just about everywhere. She had local hyperthermia on her spine the very first day, which gave her immediate relief. "It was pretty amazing," she said. On the third day Dr. Herzog gave her extreme whole body hyperthermia in which her core temperature was heated to 42 degrees Celsius (107.6 degrees Fahrenheit) for four hours under sedation. Healthy cells can take this kind of heat for four hours, but cancer cells can't.
Florence came back to America dancing and jumping!
    She said, "I came back to America walking, dancing, and jumping." Florence's oncologist couldn't believe it. Instead of looking into the German treatments he told her, "It HAS to be the placebo effect." What an ignorant remark!
     From the time Cancer Defeated first started in 2006, we've repeatedly and forcefully recommended hyperthermia. It's a treatment every cancer patient and everyone who might become a cancer patient (in other words, everybody) should know about. The best source of information is German Cancer Breakthrough.

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments

    The youngest panelist, Johnny Cathcard, was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 12. He started getting headaches in sixth grade, and they became worse in seventh grade. After an MRI, a doctor told his parents, "My gosh, your son has a fist-sized tumor in his brain. We've got to cut it out now!" The next morning he was on the operating table.
    After surgery, he got heavy doses of conventional treatments, including a "super dose of chemo" 11 years ago at Sloan-Kettering. The side effects were severe, including some damage to his hearing.
     Johnny's high school cross country coach once told him, "When you get to the end of what you can do, that's where faith begins." And Johnny holds onto those words as a metaphor for life. He says "bad things often happen, but life is all about how we deal with them. Life isn't meant to be easy, it's just meant to be worth it!"
     Johnny is wise beyond his years. He says faith got him through his many health crises: faith that tomorrow will come, faith that there will be a future, faith that he's going to get to the other side.
     The panel also included Jennifer Rozman, who became a full-time caregiver when her mother was dying of breast cancer. That experience revealed her mission in life: to help people be proactive with health. She started a juicing company and brings juice to people's homes. She teaches others that connecting the mind and the body is the path to true health.
     Next issue will feature our concluding report on Anne Fonfa's excellent conference.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Winston-Salem State 4 - Bowie State 1 (SOFTBALL SEMIFINAL)

(PETERSBURG, Va. - April 20, 2012) Once the Winston-Salem Rams got the lead, there was little debate who was going to get the ball.

It didn’t matter that Brittany Lane had just come off a 13-inning gem only two hours before. Her team ahead entering the third inning, Lane got the call.

And that was it.

Lane earned her second win of the day – she also picked up a save in the Rams’ first game of the day before noon – working five innings in relief as defending CIAA Champion Winston-Salem State punched its return ticket to the championship round after a 4-1 win over Bowie State.

Francesca Edgerton belted a tremendous two-run home run over the left-center field wall to push the Rams (28-17) to a 3-0 lead in the second inning, prompting Lane’s return to the hill in relief of starter Monet Daly, who worked two scoreless innings to start the game.

Lane, who finished the day having worked a staggering 20 innings, earned the victory in a thrilling 4-3 13-inning affair with Chowan in an elimination game just hours before taking on Bowie State, which lost for the second time in two games on Friday.
Bowie State's Haley Snyder and Kiara Washington led the Lady Bulldogs with a pair of hits each.  Haley Flint took the loss (5-6), lasting only one and a third innings and gave up three hits and three runs.
The loss ends Bowie State's season at 20-16.

Friday, April 20, 2012


(PETERSBURG, Va. – April 20, 2012)  A Jamisha Smith sacrifice fly to left field in the top of the second inning scored Virginia State pinch runner D'Auna Noggin from third to give all the Lady Trojans needed to top Bowie State 1-0 in the CIAA winner's bracket semifinals.  BSU's Lady Bulldogs were held to three hits while the Lady Trojans tallied eight hits.

Endya Bailey went 2-for-3 to pace Virginia State and Jessica Mattia picked up the pitching victory.  Mattia struck out six and snared a line drive back to the pitching circle to close out the bottom of the 7th inning Bowie State threat.

Mariela Hernandez (7-7) took the loss for Bowie State.  Justine Smith, Cara Nance and Amanda Ray recorded one hit each in the setback. 

The Lady Bulldogs will face the Lady Rams of Winston-Salem State at 5:30 pm today.  WSSU’s Lady Rams won a 13 inning loser’s bracket marathon, defeating Chowan 4-3.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bowie State 7 - Winston-Salem State 1 (SOFTBAL FINAL)

(PETERSBURG, Va.)  CIAA Player of the Year Cara Nance was 3-for-4 with two RBI as Bowie State clubbed defending league champion Winston-Salem State 7-1 to advance to the semifinals of the CIAA Softball Tournament.

League Rookie of the Year Cassandra Clayborne added two hits, as did Justine Smith as the Lady Bulldogs broke the game open with five runs in the top of the seventh inning.

Bowie State (20-14) chased Winston-Salem State starter Yasmin Lee (11-10) after four innings, then ripped All-CIAA pitcher Brittany Lane for five runs – four earned – on five hits in three innings.

Bowie State starter Shelby Snyder (8-3) allowed just one run on only three hits in the complete game effort.

The Lady Bulldogs will play Northern Division No. 3 seed Virginia State in the tournament’s semifinals at 12:30 p.m. on Friday on the campus of Virginia State. Winston-Salem State (25-17) will take on Virginia Union at 10 a.m. on Friday at the Petersburg Sports Complex.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

(Bowie State's) Nance and Clayborne Selected CIAA Softball Players of the Year

(HAMPTON, Va. - April 17, 2012) The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association, in conjunction with the CIAA Softball Coaches Association, has announced its selections for the 2012 All-Conference, All-Rookie Teams and Players of the Year.

Freshman sensation, Cara Nance tops this year's softball All-Conference Team as the coaches' selection for Player of the Year. Nance, of Bowie State University has logged 44 hits, 35 runs and has sent home 38 runners. At the catcher position, Cara has put out 147 opponents and has contributed 36 assists.

Four other Lady Bulldogs were selected to the All-CIAA Team: Cassandra ClayborneJustine Smith and Amanda Ray were First Team selections and Mariela Hernandez was named to the All-CIAA 2nd Team.

The All-Rookie Team is headlined by CIAA Softball Rookie of the Year, Cassandra Clayborne of Bowie State University. Joining Clayborne on the All-Rookie Team include teammates Nance and Haley Flint.

Clayborne's contributions to the Lady Bulldogs' squad includes 44 hits, 44 runs, eight RBI and 16 stolen bases in 32 games. Scotton leads the Shaw Bears with 29 runs, 32 hits, 16 RBI and 22 stolen bases.

The All-Conference and Rookie Teams will be honored at the 2012 CIAA Spring Sports Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, April 18 at 6:00 pm on the campus of Virginia State University.



10 Jessica Mattia VSU SO 5'5 Animal Science Accokeek, MD

1 Brittany Lane WSSU JR 5'5 Education Virginia Beach, VA


35 Cassandra Clayborne BSU FR 5'7 Biology Damascus, MD

18 Liz Hipple CU SO 5'6 Physical Education Chincoteague, VA

20 Sharron Lipford VSU GRAD 5'8 Sport Management Largo, MD

Designated Player

16 Lacey Wildeboer CU JR 5'5 Biology Castle Hayne, NC


12 Britney Cato WSSU JR 5'6 Sport Management Las Vegas, NV


17 Cara Nance BSU FR 5'10 Math Education Island Lake, IL

8 Dominique Johnson VSU JR 5'6 Psychology New Kent, VA

First Base

21 Amanda Ray BSU JR 5'9 Secondary Education Damascus, MD

Second Base

14 Megan Bass CU SR 5'5 Studio Art Edenton, NC

Third Base

11 Megan Wade CU JR 5'6 Psychology Dunnsville, VA

Short Stop

22 Justine Smith BSU JR 5'5 Sports Management Silver Spring, MD


17 Cara Nance BSU FR 5'10 Math Education Island Lake, IL




44 Mariela Hernandez BSU SO 5'5 Psychology Del Rio, TX

4 Tia Caldwell FSU FR 5'11 Biology Newport, NC


4 Alex Allen CU SR 5'4 Physical Education Clayton, NC

7 Ashley Bushrod VSU SR 5'7 Education King George, VA

4 Brittany Rich WSSU FR 5'8 Mathematics Randleman, NC

Designated Player

14 Andreya O'Brien WSSU SO 5'6 Accounting Kings Mountain, NC


21 Allie Kolezynski CU SR 5'5 Business Administration Strongsville, OH


5 Samantha Smith JCSU SR 5'1 Health Education Whiteville, NC

2 Shakia Mackey VUU SO 5'6 Psychology Accomack, VA

First Base

33 Artreya Jernigan WSSU JR 5'7 Exercise Science Apex, NC

Second Base

5 Ramadana Simmons SAC JR 5'7 Psychology Atlanta, GA

Third Base

10 Nikki Lynch WSSU JR 5'6 Nursing Wilmington, NC

Short Stop

23 Amber Matthews CU JR 5'6 Physical Education Aulander, NC

Hayley Flint, P BSU FR 5'7 Business-Marketing Mesa, AZ

35 Cassandra Clayborne, OF BSU FR 5'7 Biology Damascus, MD

17 Cara Nance, CAT BSU FR 5'10 Math Education Wauconda, IL

2 Leigh Ward, OF CU FR 5'2 Physical Education Driental, NC

4 Tia Caldwell, P FSU FR 5'11 Biology Newport, NC

7 Stacey Peralta, P JCSU FR 5'8 Elementary Education Brooklyn, NY

12 Jasmin Harris, OF JCSU FR 5'6 Criminology Stone Mountain, GA

7 Taylor Walters, 3B SAC FR 5'6 Liberal Studies Douglasville, GA

13 Courtnee Kelly, 1B SU FR 5'9 Psychology Antioch, CA

8 Monet Daly, 2B WSSU FR 5'2 Computer Graphics Lithonia, GA

4 Brittany Rich, SS WSSU FR 5'8 Mathematics Randleman, NC

13 Bria Jones, CAT WSSU FR 5'6 Political Science Fayetteville, NC

35 Cassandra Clayborne, OF BSU FR 5'7 Biology Damascus, MD


                (BOWIE, Md. – April 16, 2012)  Junior Justine Smith went 8-for-9 and added six RBI to help lead Bowie State to 27-0 and 15-4 rout of Washington Adventist University. The Lady Bulldogs end the regular season with an overall record of 18-14 and enter the CIAA Spring Championships as the No. 2 Seed in the North.

            Bowie State recorded a season-high 28 hits in game one and Smith led the Lady Bulldogs in the opener with four hits.  Six other Lady Bulldogs had at least three hits in the first game shutout.  Sophomore Mariela Hernandez allowed just three hits and struck out three, improving her pitching record to 6-6.

            Washington Adventist had major trouble fielding the ball, committing eight errors, five in the second inning alone.

            The second game of the afternoon saw Washington Adventist improve at the plate.  The Shock tallied eight hits overall with five coming in the top of the second inning.  In the second, Washington Adventist plated four to take a 4-2 lead. 

            Bowie State’s Lady Bulldogs tied the game at 4-4 in the bottom of the second and forged ahead to take an 8-4 advantage through three innings.

            The Lady Bulldog scored seven runs in the bottom of the fourth inning to break the game open at 15-4.

            Bowie State cranked out 19 hits in the nightcap and sophomore Shelby Snyder (7-3) picked up the victory in the circle.

            Smith and freshman Raenelle Taylor paced the Lady Bulldogs in the final regular season home game with four hits apiece and freshman Cassandra Clayborne added three hits.

            Bowie State will now prepare for the conference Spring Championships (April 19-21) in Petersburg (Va.).  The specific opponent and game time for Thursday’s (April 19th) will be announced.

US Sports Strength and Conditioning News

16 April, 2012
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What is your immediate goal?

If you don't have a ready answer then chances are good that your motivation is low and it has resulted in a lack of results.

I know from firsthand experience that operating without a goal will get you nowhere. Sure, you may still be exercising regularly and eating mindfully but without that concrete goal your efforts will yield little results.

1. Setting your goal 

You want to be in "better shape" but that's so vague. Dig deeper.

What specifically do you wish you had now that you don't?
  • To drop 3 dress sizes.
  • To lose 2 inches of arm fat jiggle.
  • To melt 4 inches from your waist.
  • To be able to run 3 miles without stopping.
2. Define your timeline 

Now that you've determined exactly what part of your body isn't up to par, tie that goal in with a specific timeline. When you have a timeline to measure your progress against, you'll find that achieving your goal becomes an easier process.
  • To drop 3 dress sizes by August 20th vacation.
  • To lose 2 inches of arm fat jiggle by October 13th wedding.
  • To melt 4 inches from your waist by July 7th pool party.
  • To be able to run 3 miles without stopping by June 16th city 5k.
3. Name your prize 

It's time to take your motivation to the next level. Now that your specific goal is set and your timeline is clearly defined, let's add a prize that you'll receive once you've accomplished your goal. This prize shouldn't be anything related to your unhealthy habits – so no junk food or extra large meals. Make the prize an item that will reinforce your slimmer body, like a nice piece of clothing.
  • A couple new outfits for your August vacation.
  • A sleeveless dress for the October wedding.
  • A new swimsuit for your July pool party.
  • A new pair of running shoes for your June 5k.
4. Picture it 

You know what you want, when you want it by, and the reward you'll get by achieving it. Now spend time picturing your end goal. Find a comfortable, quiet corner, close your eyes and see a mental movie – starring yourself – enjoying your reward with your new and improved body. Play your mental success movie several times throughout the day.
  • See yourself enjoying an afternoon of your vacation, wearing your new clothes with confidence.
  • Imagine how you'll feel walking down the aisle baring your toned arms.
  • See yourself lounging by the pool in your swimsuit, carefree and happy.
  • Imagine the feeling of accomplishment you'll feel as you cross the finish line.
5. Recipe for success 

The steps that you've taken above have prepared you to mentally take on the challenge of motivating yourself through this transformation process. All that remains is a solid exercise and nutrition plan to push you through to your new body.

This is where I come in.

I'm fanatical about propelling each and every one of my clients through their own personal body transformation.

Call or email today and I'll get you started on a program that will make your goals a reality.
Advanced Article on Slow vs. Fast Barbbell Squat Training
By Morrissey MC, Harman EA, Frykman PN, Han KH (1998), Early phase differential effects of slow and fast barbell squat training.
To examine the importance of resistance training movement speed, two groups of women (24 years old, +/- 4 years, 5 ft. 4 in. tall +/- 2 in., 130 lbs. weight +/- 15 lbs.) squatted repeatedly at 1) 2 seconds up, 2 seconds down (slow); or 2) 1 second up, 1 second down (fast), doing three warm-up sets and three eight-repetition maximum sets, three times per week for 7 weeks. Tests included force platform and video analysis of the vertical jump, long jump, and maximum squat, and isometric and isokinetic knee extensor testing at speeds from 25 to 125 deg/sec.
The groups improved similarly in many variables with training but also showed some differences. In the long jump, the fast group was superior in numerous variables including knee peak velocity and total-body vertical and absolute power. In the vertical jump, fast training affected the ankle and hip more (e.g., average power), and slow training mostly affected the knee (average torque). In isokinetic testing, the fast group improved strength most at the faster velocities, while the slow group strength changes were consistent across the velocities tested. Although both slow and fast training improved performance, faster training showed some advantages in quantity and magnitude of training effects.
Super Soup
Soup is a wonderful meal to enjoy when you're focused on losing weight – with a few guidelines.
  1. Never choose soups that have a cream base. These are filled with more calories and fat than you need.
  2. Avoid soups that have noodles or rice.
  3. Make sure that your soup has a lean source of protein, such as lean turkey or chicken breast. Try the Turkey & Veggie Soup recipe below.
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The starting point of the program is based on an initial fitness level. With feedback, the actual progression of the program will follow the body's unique adaptation process to exercise. Fine tune the program to include all the exercises that feel thebest! 

If following both the strength training and the running programs, success will be guaranteed!
Here is a sample of one of the 3 day a week workouts of the Armed forces PFT program:
Week 1 - Day 1 (Monday) of your ProgramWeek Difficulty: Medium
  View Printer Friendly Version

Click on an Exercise Name to view a description of that exercise
SelectExercise NameSet and Rep Combinations
Warmup and Stretch
8 minutes 
20 reps @ 240 lbs,20 reps @ 240 lbs,
15 reps @ 240 lbs  
Dumbbell Step Up
15 reps @ 40 lbs,12 reps @ 40 lbs 
Stretch Deadlifts
15 reps @ 150 lbs,10 reps @ 135 lbs 
Dumbbell Bench Press
15 reps @ 90 lbs,12 reps @ 90 lbs 
Push Ups (regular position)
34 reps,34 reps 
Push Ups (close position)
16 reps,16 reps 
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Turkey & Veggie Soup
This soup has everything going for it. The base is broth, not cream. It doesn't have any added carbohydrates in the form of rice or noodles. And it's filled with lean ground turkey.
Servings: 12

Here's what you need...
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 bunch of carrots, chopped
  • 2 onions, chopped
  • 1 bunch of celery
  • 1 fennel bulb
  • 1.3 lbs lean ground turkey
  • 4 cups veggie broth
  • 1 (14.5oz) can stewed tomatoes
  • 1 (15oz) can white kidney beans, drained and rinsed
  • 4 ears of corn, kernels sliced off
  • 3 Tablespoons tomato paste
  • 2 teaspoons dried basil
  • dash of salt and freshly ground pepper
  1. In a large skillet heat the olive oil. Add garlic.
  2. Add chopped carrots, cover for 5 minutes.
  3. Add onions, celery and fennel. Sauté until soft.
  4. In another skillet cook the ground turkey over medium heat until fully cooked, stirring often. Drain off excess fat.
  5. Transfer the veggies to large soup pot and add the remaining ingredients, and the cooked turkey. Cover and cook over low heat for 40 minutes. Add extra water as desired.
Nutritional Analysis: One serving equals: 119 calories, 1 fat, 336mg sodium, 10g carbohydrate, 3g fiber, and 15g protein.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012


                (MURFREESBORO, N.C. – April 15, 2012)  The CIAA Northern Division crown was up for grabs when the Chowan Hawks and Bowie State Lady Bulldogs met in the regular season conference finale for both teams.  At the end of the afternoon, Chowan defeated Bowie State 12-4 and 7-1.

             Allie Kolezynski and Leigh Ward combined for 11 hits and Amber Matthews tallied three hits over the two game sweep.  Kolezynski and Ward went 4-for-4 and 2-for-4 respectively in game one for the Hawks.

            Bowie State freshman Cassandra Clayborne went 3-for-3 in the opening game and junior Justine Smith along with sophomore Adria Lewis went 2-for-3 each.

            The Lady Bulldogs cranked out four first inning hits to open a 2-0 lead only to have the Hawks tie the game at 2-2 in the bottom of the first. 

            Bowie State (16-14, 14-2 CIAA) took a 3-2 lead in the top of the second, but Chowan put seven on the scoreboard in their share of the second and never looked back for the remainder of the first game.

            Bowie State sophomore Shelby Snyder pitched two and two-thirds innings, giving up ten hits and nine runs.  Sophomore Mariela Hernandez gave up five hits over the final two innings.

            Kolezynski (11-10) earned the five inning victory, allowing 10 hits and struck out four.

            Chowan (23-24, 12-4 CIAA) broke a scoreless tie in the bottom of the third inning of game two, plating three and added one in the fourth inning and one in the fifth inning to extend their lead to 5-0.

            Bowie State’s lone run in the nightcap came via an RBI single by Lewis in the top of the sixth inning.  Freshman Cara Nance hit a two out double and Lewis followed with her single.

            The Hawks added two more runs on three hits in the bottom of the sixth to seal the 7-1 victory.  In total, Chowan accounted for 12 hits with Ward leading the way with three. 

            Freshman Raenelle Taylor paced the Lady Bulldogs in the final game of the twin bill, going 3-for-3.  Freshman Haley Flint (5-6) took the loss, striking out three over six innings in the circle.

            Bowie State will close out the regular season hosting Washington Adventist University in a non-conference on Monday (April 16th).  First pitch of the doubleheader is 1 pm.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


            (PETERSBURG, Va. – April 10, 2012)  Bowie State University picked up two divisional wins at Virginia State University, sweeping the Lady Trojans 10-1 and 15-6.  The victories improve the Lady Bulldogs record to 15-11 overall, 11-1 CIAA and 6-0 in the North.  Freshman Cara Nance went 6-for-9 and sophomore Haley Snyder went 5-for-9 to lead Bowie State back into first place in the division.

            Virginia State’s Makia Noble put the Lady Bulldogs on the scoreboard first in the bottom of the second inning with solo homer to left for a 1-0 lead.

            Through four innings, Bowie State managed just two hits with those coming in the first inning.  The Lady Bulldogs got their first base runner since a two-out, first inning single by Cara Nance, when Amanda Ray reached on a throwing error by VSU’s shortstop in the top of the fifth inning.  Virginia State pitcher Jessica Mattia got Haley Snyder to ground out and struck out Raenelle Taylor and Mariela Hernandez to get out of the jam.

            The Bowie State Lady Bulldogs’ bats came alive in the top of the sixth inning.  Heading into today’s game, the Lady Bulldogs were the conference leader in batting average (.344).  Justine Smith tied the game at 1-1 in the top of the sixth inning on a double to left that scored Kiara Washington.  Nance singled, scoring Smith and Adria Lewis followed with a single of her own to give Bowie State a 3-1 lead.  Ray stepped up and single, advancing Nance to third.  Snyder kept the hot bats going with a three-run home run to left, increasing the Lady Bulldogs advantage to 6-1.

            Bowie State padded their lead at 10-1 in the top of the seventh via four hits and two Virginia State errors.  The opening game victory was Bowie State’s ninth consecutive CIAA win. 

Hernandez (6-5) pitched all seven innings, striking out one, walked three and allowed only four hits.

Smith, Nance, Snyder and Washington led Bowie State with a pair of hits each in game one.  Lewis and Snyder drove in four RBI each for the Lady Bulldogs.

Mattia took the loss for Virginia State, giving up 11 hits (nine in the last two innings).

The second game was a slugfest in the first three innings of action.  Virginia State plated four in the first inning to jump out to a 4-1 advantage.

Bowie State’s early run was unearned when Cassandra Clayborne scored on a passed ball in the top of the first inning.

Virginia State’s Ashley Bushrod laced a double to center field, pushing Mattia for the Lady Trojans first run in their half of the first.  Endya Bailey doubled as well, scoring Jamisha Smith and Bushrod.  Dominique Johnson stepped to the dish and hit a shot through the left side of the BSU defense, allowing Bailey to score.

The Lady Bulldogs tied the game at 4-4 in the top of the second on three hits and two Lady Trojans errors.

Bowie State took a 6-4 lead in the top of the third inning, banging out three more hits.  Haley Snyder hit a leadoff double and Taylor reached on a throwing error, putting runners on second and third with no outs.  Washington walked and Smith followed with a single scoring Snyder and Taylor.

Virginia State (16-18) squared the game at 6-6 in the bottom of the third on four hits.  The damage could have been much worse as the Lady Trojans stranded three to end the inning.

Shelby Snyder (5-2) relieved BSU starter Haley Flint back in the second inning and seemed to find her groove as the game progressed.  Snyder sat Virginia State down in order in the fourth and fifth innings and allowed just two hits in the bottom of the final inning.

Bowie State broke game two open in the final three innings, scoring two runs in the fourth and fifth innings respectively and five runs in the fifth to have the called off early via the NCAA 8-run rule. 

Nance led Bowie State in game two with four hits in five plate appearances and recorded a game-high four RBI.  Lewis and Ray wrapped up the nightcap with three hits in four at bats each.

As a team, the Lady Bulldogs recorded season-highs of 41 at bats, 21 hits and 15 RBI against Virginia State, all in game two.

           Bowie State will make stop three of their four-team road swing at Elizabeth City State (4/14) and closeout the southern (divisional) swing at Chowan (4/15).

Thursday, April 5, 2012


(MILLERSVILLE, Pa. – April 4, 2012) Amanda Ray went a game-high 5-for-6 which included two doubles, but the Lady Bulldogs fall short on the road at Millersville University. The setback pulls the Bowie State record even at 11-11.

Millersville pitcher Alicia Hughes sat the Lady Bulldogs down in order in the first inning of game one. The Marauders struck first in the bottom of the frame on a single by Gabbie Berry, scoring Allison Chew. Chew, Millersville’s leadoff batter, reach base after being hit by a Hayley Flint pitch.

The Lady Bulldogs threatened in the top of the second inning but Ray and Raenelle Taylor were left on base. Ray, got Bowie State’s first hit of the afternoon and Taylor reached base safely after an error by the Marauders’ first baseman.

Millersville (13-21) increased their lead to 4-0 in the bottom of the second following a two out, three-run homer by Ally Homa.

The Marauders missed an opportunity to add to their lead in the bottom of the fifth inning. With the bases loaded, Flint got Jamie Mosko to pop out to third.

Flint (3-4) experienced control problems, hitting five Marauders, walked one and struck out two in six innings.

Hughes (4-9) went the distance facing 26 batters, allowed only four hits and struck out eight.

Ray led Bowie State in hits in game one with two in three plate appearances. Taylor hit her seventh double of the season and Kiara Washington was responsible for Bowie State’s final hit in the Lady Bulldogs’ 4-0 opening loss.

Chew scored Millersville’s first run of game two as well, reaching via a Lady Bulldogs error. A bunt single by Homa advanced Chew to second and Berry followed with a walk to load the bags. Prior to Berry’s free pass, Homa and Chew pulled off the double steal, giving the Marauders the early 1-0 lead. With one out, the Bowie State defense recorded a double play. Emily Sneeringer hit a sacrifice fly to right that allowed Homa to score (2-0), but Berry was thrown out at the plate by Ray.

Berry led off the bottom half of the third with a single and was moved up 60 feet on a sacrifice bunt by Ashley Cantiello. A Danielle DiFilippo double followed by a Sneeringer single pushed Berry across the dish. The Marauders made the score 4-0 after a Sarah Bertoni single scored DiFilippo from second.

Cara Nance grounded out to short to begin the fourth inning. But Adria Lewis doubled and Ray followed with a two-run homer. Haley Snyder walked and Taylor laced a double, scoring Snyder to cut the deficit to 4-3.

However, Millersville scored four runs in their portion of the fourth on only two hits to open an 8-3 lead.

Trailing by five heading into the top of the seventh inning, the Lady Bulldogs were able to add one more run to the scoreboard. Down to their last out, Cassandra Clayborne hit a single and Nance followed with a double, scoring Clayborne. Lewis added a single but the Millersville left fielder threw Nance out at third to end the game at 8-4.

Lewis went 3-for-4 in game two and Ray went 3-for-3 in the final game to pace the Lady Bulldogs. As a team Bowie State recorded 10 hits but committed three errors.

Millersville starting pitcher Sarah Bertoni not only performed well in the circle, but also led the Marauders at the plate as well. Bertoni pitched all seven innings, striking out five and went a perfect 3-for-3 at the plate.

Bowie State returns to action on Friday (April 6th) traveling across town to face Washington Adventist University in a non-conference doubleheader beginning at 12 noon.

A Comprehensive Nutritional Supplement Review Of MusclePharm: The Athlete's Stack.

From: AnabolicMinds

WHAT IS Recon™?
RECON™ is a unique, high-performance POST-WORKOUT REFUEL, REPLENISH, REBUILDING formula. RECON™ was designed to maximize the most important phase of the athlete’s total training program – the post-workout phase, what those in our game call the “anabolic window”. RECON was designed to provide hard training athletes with everything necessary to nourish recovery and growth from all angles. Every facet of reconstruction nutrition is accounted for in this, the most comprehensive recovery formulation. There is nothing like Muscle Pharm’s RECON™.

The brutal truth is, the harder you push your body, the better your results will be, given the proper tools to fuel recovery and growth. Your training program is only as good as your post-workout protocol. RECON™ Reconstruction Matrix leaves no stone unturned in the name of recovery and growth.

RECON™ allows hard working athletes to push harder, and recover quicker from the rigors of high-intensity training by supporting the body’s internal environment.

• REFUELING Muscle Energy Stores
• REPLENISHING Vital Nutrients Lost During Intense Training
• REBUILDING Muscle Tissue by Providing Critical Growth Enhancing Nutrients
• REGENERATING - Scavenges Cellular Pollution and Remove Metabolic Waste
• RELOADING Muscle Cells by Stimulating Hyper-Loaded Nutrient Uptake
• RECHARGING - Blocks Stress-Induced and Post-Workout Catabolism
• FEEDING RECOVERY - Boost Immune and Recovery Mechanisms.

RECON™ combines 7 natural Matrices specifically formulated to fuel the body’s muscle-building, repair and recovery systems to maximize post-workout growth and repair and optimize the “anabolic window”.
RECON™ is hyper-loaded with glycogen-replenishing, muscle-loading specific carbohydrates (Carb-Max blend), stress hormone regulators and cellular detoxifiers to prevent catabolism and promote cellular health, and immuno-modulators to maximize health and recovery. RECON™ also target key anabolic and recovery pathways within the body to support muscle growth, fuel recovery and maximize the body’s adaptive response to hard training.

Careful combination of the key ingredients in RECON™ result in the most comprehensive POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY AND MUSCLE-BUILDING formula-ever!

RECON™ Muscle Reconstruction Matrix contains:
• RECOVER Matrix:
• The most abundant amino acid in the body, glutamine, is known for its immune boosting and muscle building properties. RECON™ has over 7 grams of glutamine per serving, along with several other powerful, recovery-inducing agents.
• REBUILD Matrix (Anabolic Primer):
• Research has proven time and time again Essential and Branched Chain amino acids to be critical components of the muscle building process. Especially in immediate post-training “window of growth”, BCAAs and EAAs are critical components of muscle repair and rebuilding. RECON™ contains 6 grams of EAA’s and 6 grams of BCAAs
• REFUEL Matrix (Muscle Extender):
• Beta Alanine and Citruline Malate have been shown to help replenish cellular energy, to fuel ongoing muscular contractions for harder, more intense training sessions. RECON™ REFUEL Matrix will facilitate cellular energy replenishment and prepare the muscle cells for the next training session.
• REGENERATE Matrix (Muscle Toxin Remover):
• RECON™ is hyper-loaded with key herbal extracts and phytochemicals specifically included for their role in recovery, regeneration and rebuilding. The REGENERATE Matrix also contains several cellular detoxifiers, free-radical and cellular pollutant scavengers, specifically designed to remove metabolic waste for improved recovery and cell health.
• RELOAD Matrix (Insulinogenic):
• Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body, bar none. RECON™ contains several proven nutrient “drivers”, insulinogenics and insulin mimetics, specifically included to help thrust recovery agents from the bloodstream into the muscle cells. RECON™’s RELOAD Matrix acts as a hyper-loaded nutrient delivery system, formulated to stimulate rapid nutrient uptake for maximal muscle growth and repair.
• RECHARGE Matrix (Anti-Stress-Adaptogen):
• Cortisol and free-radicals are the two primary opponents to cellular health and recovery. RECHARGE Matrix contains several specific compounds included to control cortisol, the stress-response / growth-inhibiting hormone.
• REPLENISHMENT Matrix (Carb-Max™ blend):
• Carb-Max™ blend is a scientifically formulated combination of specific carbohydrate sources, each specifically chosen for its unique energy-yielding properties and recovery enhancement capabilities. The Carb-Max™ blend contains 3 different mono- and polysaccharides, combined to yield rapid, sustained cellular replenishment.
What makes RECON™ such critical nutrition for hard-training athletes?
RECON™’s powerful, comprehensive formulation contains active ingredients scientifically proven to address all key components of the post-training recovery process; and most-importantly, RECON™ contains sufficient quantities of all key active agents to make RECON™ the most impactful and one of the most important products for athletes today. There is no other product like RECON™.

• Maximizes Post-Workout Growth and Repair
• Optimizes the Post-Workout “Anabolic Window”
• Refuels Muscle Energy stores
• Rebuilds Muscle Tissue
• Replenishes Vital Nutrients
• Boosts Immune and Recovery Mechanisms


ASSAULT™ is a combination of several powerful, clinically proven, naturally occurring substances brought together for their specific performance-enhancing, endurance-boosting and strength-building properties.
These key ingredients work synergistically to provide your muscles with true increased energy at the cellular level, to dramatically improve performance:

ASSAULT™ has been scientifically proven to:

No other supplement in existence today does what this unique formulation has been shown to do.

40,000mg of hardcore active ingredients per serving! – TWICE THE DOSE of other brands! ASSAULT™’s specific anti-fatigue, muscle-fueling formula boosts performance by utilizing the power of the following ingredients:

• 5 GRAMS OF CREATINE (CEE/CREAPURE/KREALKALYN) – ramp up volume, pump and ATP production
• 3 GRAMS OF BETA ALANINE – increase muscular contractility and crush fatigue
• 2 GRAMS CITRULLINE MALATE – fuel aerobic energy pathways to enhance performance, delay the onset of muscular fatigue and maximize muscular energy production
• 3 GRAMS OF ARGININE – enhance volumization, nutrient delivery and cellular oxygenation to feed performance, recovery and growth
• SUMA ROOT – The “Russian Secret” – Russia’s best-kept secret is ASSAULT™’s Secret Weapon! Suma is a plant-based steroid-alternative that has been used for years by Russian Olympic athletes.

ASSAULT™’s clinically proven formula combines the vital “powerhouse” active ingredients above with several key synergists into 3 “MATRICES” specifically formulated to maximize performance enhancing impact. With more than TWICE the active ingredients per dose of other major brands, no other product can stand up to the power of ASSAULT™!

• Muscle Explosion NO Matrix: Powerful volumizing compounds, hydrogen ion scavengers and anti-fatigue agents work synergistically to keep muscles jamming, full and tight, with more contractile power than Mother Nature ever anticipated. This component of ASSAULT™’s aggressive formula will keep you training until the lights go down.
• Strength Domination & Recovery Matrix: Ramped up ATP, increased cellular volume and nutrient uptake – these are the keys to impacting muscular strength, power and feeding accelerated recovery for ongoing growth. The Strength Domination & Recovery Matrix of ASSAULT™ fuels energy pathways, feeds cytoplasmic expansion and enhances nutrient delivery into muscle cells, where they feed anabolism.
• Mind Connection Matrix: The three powerful neuro-support agents, taurine, pyroglutamic acid and tyrosine, are naturally occurring brain support chemicals. ASSAULT™ Mind Connection Matrix contains a unique and potent focus formula, designed specifically to improve alertness and concentration capabilities. More than just another caffeine-based jitter product, ASSAULT™ feeds the body, and razor-sharpens mental function without increased cardiac stimulation.
• Suma Root – Russian Anabolic Secret: ASSAULT™’s secret weapon! Suma Root is called the “Russian Secret” because was used by Russian athletes as an alternative to anabolic steroids. Suma is actually a South American herbal derivative with several adaptogenic properties. Suma gets its muscle-building properties from its high levels of anabolic-type phyto-chemicals including beta ecdysterone and other ecdysteroid glycosides.
Suma is known to:
• increase nitrogen retention and support protein synthesis
• improve cellular oxygenation and enhance energy pathways
• regulate hormone levels
• boost immunity
• increase libido
• enhance recovery and improve energy

Why is ASSAULT™ a better choice than other brands?
2. EFFECTIVE LEVELS of all performance-boosting ingredients
4. Preferred pre-workout of top UFC and NFL Stars


We WHAT IS battle fuel™? 

BATTLE FUEL™ is a unique, high-performance Anabolic Support formula. BATTLE FUEL™ was formulated to provide hard training athletes with comprehensive support for hormonal, muscle building, and recovery systems. BATTLE FUEL allows hard working athletes to push harder, and recover quicker from the rigors of high-intensity training by supporting the body’s internal environment.

Fueling high-performance training can place undue stress on the body’s internal mechanisms. The body systems that govern muscle building, recovery and growth, and the immune system are all taxed during hard training. BATTLE FUEL™ was designed to help keep the body’s hormonal system ANABOLIC, while facilitating health, recovery and growth to maximize performance and training results.

• Maximize Testosterone Output
• Modulate Estrogen
• Support Anabolic Processes
• Boost Immune System
• Support Cellular Oxygenation and Fuel Endurance
• Natural Detoxifier/Free-Radical Scavenger
• Dramatically Enhance Recovery
• Enhance Aggressive Mental Focus

BATTLE FUEL™ combines several natural compounds that have been shown to impact the body’s hormonal, recovery and immune pathways. BATTLE FUEL™ is a comprehensive system of 5 “MATRICES” each specifically formulated to target key anabolic and recovery pathways within the body to support muscle growth, fuel recovery and maximize the body’s adaptive response to hard training.
Careful combination of the key ingredients in BATTLE FUEL™ results in one of the most powerful Natural Performance Enhancers ever formulated.

BATTLE FUEL™ Natural Anabolic Stack:
• TESTOSTERONE BOOST Matrix – Maximize Anabolism
BATTLE FUEL™ meticulously combines several herbal hormonal support agents in proven quantities included to boost testosterone and free testosterone levels. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) is the Testosterone control switch within the body. BATTLE FUEL™ contains LJ-100 to counter SHBG, to “free” testosterone from this binding protein.

• ESTROGEN SUPPRESSION Matrix–Modulate Estrogen/Support Anabolism
Supporting maximum anabolism includes modulating estrogen, without completely eliminating this powerful hormone. BATTLE FUEL™ contains a precise combination of DIM, di-indole-methane and the potent free-radical scavenger/ estrogen-modulator, Trans-Resveratrol to keep estrogen levels in check, for a harder, drier look, without eliminating the anabolic components of this powerful hormone.

• MUSCLE BUILDING BLOCK Matrix–Maximize Anabolism and Recovery
BATTLE FUEL™ contains an anabolic support matrix comprised of several botanicals that have shown strong impact on energy production and recovery from muscular fatigue. Herbs including Suma root and extract, also known as The Russian Secret, and Maca extract, have demonstrated endocrine support, increased cellular oxygenation, quicker recovery and greater endurance.

• OXYGENATION / ENDURANCE Matrix - Anti-Fatigue / Unending Endurance
BATTLE FUEL™ contains two key ingredients that help support cellular oxygenation, combat fatigue and help support ongoing muscular endurance. Di-methylglycine (DMG) has been shown to help with oxygen utilization at the cellular level, functions as an anti-oxidant, and boosts the immune system. Suma root, the Russian Secret, has been shown to help support cellular oxygenation among a myriad other performance-enhancing benefits. Together, these two powder keg additives combat fatigue and help with cellular respiration for greater on demand energy yield.

• INTERNAL SUPPORT MATRIX – Immune Support / Cellular Health
Fueling high-performance training can place stress on the body’s internal mechanisms. Metabolic, biochemical “pollution” builds up, and can impact performance, recovery and immune function. BATTLE FUEL™ contains a carefully formulated herbal matrix specifically designed to scavenge free-radicals, detoxify and cleanse internal organs, enhance recovery and bolster the immune-system. The Internal Support Matrix contains specific adaptogens, anti-oxidants and detoxifying agents that work synergistically to preserve the internal health of the hard-training athlete.

Why is BATTLE FUEL™ a better choice for athletes?

1. Naturally Maximizes the Anabolic Environment by
- Increasing Testosterone Production
-Maximizing Free Testosterone
-Modulating Estrogen
2. Increases Performance by
-Reducing Fatigue and Increasing Strength
-Increasing Cellular Oxygenation
-Enhancing Aggressive Mental Focus
3. Supports Faster Recovery for Greater Training Gains by
-Cleansing Internal Systems with Specific Adaptogenic and Free-Radical Agents
-Boosting Immune System 
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