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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Monsters aren't under your bed - they're IN it

Cancer Defeated Publications

Monsters aren't Under Your Bed —
They're In It

    If you've been wondering why you can't sleep well or feel bad in the morning for no reason, the trouble might not be with your sleep. It might be what you're sleeping on.

    The advertising for most mattresses makes you think of comfortable sleep, softness, and relaxation. But a cocktail of chemicals lurks deep within the mattress you sleep on. Keep reading and take these steps to protect yourself...

Continued below. . .

The Biggest Medical Revolution Ever?
    This new shift in emphasis is certainly one of the most far-reaching changes in scientific medical opinion since the development of the germ theory of infections. It engenders a whole new way at looking at how most diseases occur, how genes work and the importance of inflammation in our defences and in the process of aging.

    The microbes in our gut together encode up to about 10 million genes between them. These genes affect the way our body obtains and uses nutrients, detoxes chemicals, deals with food, breaks down polysaccharides, metabolizes hormones and scores of other functions.

    There, you missed it, didn't you? I just described the most amazing medical/biological discovery of all time; the one that is so stunning it's hard to believe! Read the next part of this sentence slowly and carefully: bacterial and other microbial genes from our guts tell our bodies what to do, just like human genes do.

    Get the full sensational story, starting from this page.

    There's antimony, which is a heavy metal similar to arsenic. You'll also find boric acid, a potent roach killer. To those two you can add toxins like the known carcinogen silicon, along with melamine, formaldehyde, decabromodiphenyl oxide, and ammonium polyphosphate. Memory foam appears to be the worst offender. According to some of our sources, it has more toxins than mattresses made from other materials.

    And there's a good chance you absorb these chemicals into your body every night.
Aren't you glad the government
is keeping you "safe"?
    Most of the problem comes from state and federal flammability standards that require all mattresses to stand up to a severe open-flame test of 2,000 degrees for 70 seconds. This means acutely toxic chemicals, many of which are known to cause cancer, are in or next to the surface of all mattresses. Most mattresses made after 2007, when the latest legislation was passed, are loaded with high doses of flame-retardant chemicals.

    Mattress manufacturers are just doing what the law makes them do. Yet they're sly about the way they do it. When you buy a new mattress, you'll never see a "Contents" list. It might say "Made in China" or "All New Materials." But that's about all you get. Believe it or not, this is legal. No labeling requirements exist for these chemicals, though many major mattress manufacturers have admitted to media outlets that these chemicals are in their mattresses.

    When I looked into it, I read several reports that said things like "the mattress industry has determined that the chemicals used to create a flame retardant product are completely safe." Well now. If that's the case, why not disclose that list of chemicals to the public?

    The Consumer Products Safety Commission boasts that flame-retardant chemicals in mattresses could save as many as 200 lives a year in bedding fires. I'm not impressed. In a nation of about 350 million people, that's a tiny benefit, compared to the danger posed to all of us by the toxins.

    They should analyze the risk of potentially poisoning millions, since those flame-proofing chemicals leach to the surface of our mattresses every night. That means we absorb them every night. Reports show you likely absorb .8 mg of deadly antimony and .08 mg of toxic boric acidevery day. An accumulation of antimony in the body is known to be acutely cancer-causing.

    That means you're carrying around a lot of toxins in your body just so you can avoid the risk of a mattress fire (that risk is about one in 1.111 million).
How can you tell if your
toxic mattress is affecting you?
    Caroline, a blogger from Minnesota, says her mattress sent her brain into a "toxic mess" for several weeks. Blurred vision, nausea, headache, and poor sleep quality are the most common symptoms people report.

    But depending on your level of chemical sensitivity, you may not experience these effects until a few weeks — or even a few years — after you begin sleeping on a chemical-filled bed. Symptoms can also include lack of energy, dizziness, muscle aches, and confusion.

    The worst reports link mattress chemicals to asthma, skin issues, fertility problems, hair loss, neurological concerns, and cancer.

    Workers in some mattress factories are complaining of early signs of illness. That should be a warning to the rest of us. But consider it took nearly two generations of asbestos-related illnesses and deaths before anything was done.

    The greater problem though is that if someone experiences these symptoms, or even if they've had them for years ... they probably don't think of blaming their mattress.
How to reduce your risk of chemical absorption
    At least there are a few things you can do about the problem. Start by smelling your mattress. If it still has a "new" smell, chances are tons of chemicals are leaching into the air and into your body. It's called off-gassing (sometimes "out-gassing"). There are a couple ways to lower your risk of absorbing these toxins:
  • Get a low-density, food-grade polyethylene cover. It's a safe plastic with waterproofing ability. Unlike vinyl, low-density polyethylene doesn't release dioxins and other toxic chemicals (at least that's what our sources indicate).Some people report success from wrapping their beds in sheets of polyethylene found at home improvement stores, but it makes for a noisy mattress, and you have to be careful to get the right thickness — at least 5 millimeters of clear, pure polyethylene. Sleeping on plastic isn't the most comfortable or breathable experience, so an organic cotton mattress pad on top is essential.
  • Don't assume a dust mite barrier blocks toxins. Though they protect you from dust mites and other allergens, they're not enough to protect you from toxic chemicals and gases.
  • Because toxic gases are heavier than air, they can only rise about an inch or two above the mattress. Consider buying a 3-inch organic topper for your bed that boosts you above the surface of the original mattress.
  • Vacuum often, and make sure you use a HEPA filter. Also, use a wet mop to reduce dust, which may be a hotbed of toxins that migrated from your bed.
  • Wash your hands frequently. Hand-to-mouth contact is one of the biggest sources for exposure to flame retardants.
    If you want to replace your current mattress, I don't advocate buying from a standard bedding store. But if you do, good ventilation is essential for off-gassing a new mattress. Some people report leaving new mattresses in the garage for up to two weeks to get rid of the smell. This certainly helps with the smell, but it won't completely rid your mattress of toxins. Others jump on the bed to push toxins up and out of the mattress (but where do those toxins go? Up into the air you breathe? This one has me scratching my head. I don't see that it can do much good).

    If the only concern is off-gassing, a mattress that's several months or years old is better than any new one you can buy. A used mattress or one from a second-hand store will release fewer gases. Any mattress made before 2007 is better in this regard. But again, this "solution" leaves me wondering, because a used mattress can be pretty filthy.

    Perhaps a used mattress from a friend or relative with VERY good hygiene is worth considering. Another option is to look for brands certified by GreenGuard Environmental Institute.

    Your best option is a natural or organic hand-made mattress. But I have to introduce another note of caution here: natural latex mattresses are often sold as allergen-free, but many people have a bad reaction to latex. I found out I was one of them, and my very expensive, all-natural latex mattress is now in the guest bedroom. I was unable to sleep on it.

    Here are some other tips:
  • Shop with the eye of a skeptic. Some new mattresses marketed as natural aren't the real deal. Manufacturers make this claim because they replace up to 15% of the petroleum base with soy or cedar oil. But that still leaves you with petroleum as a major component in the mattress.
  • Consider an organic mattress with wool fiber because of the natural fire retardant properties in wool. Just make sure to look for something with pure wool; some companies use chemically-treated wool to boost fire resistance.
  • Be wary about buying an "organic" mattress. Organic doesn't mean non-toxic in the world of bedding. The organic component may be cotton filling or surface padding. But if there's a vinyl covering present, there's a good chance chemical fire retardants are there.
  • Buy locally when possible. A local craftsman may be able to create a toxin-free mattress for you. Amish craftsmen are particularly good at this, I've heard.
    You can also purchase a natural memory foam mattress from Essentia, a company that was founded after a family member was diagnosed with cancer. Those beds are biodegradable and said to last 25 years.

    Essentia makes its mattresses n Canada, so they aren't subject to the same flame retardant laws as in the U.S. The company states, "… We only use mattress components that are either certified organic or confirmed VOC free. We use a Kevlar fabric which is one of the very few VOC-free fire retardants on the market." And if you dislike the idea of any flame retardant at all, including their nontoxic option, you can send them a doctor's note to get a mattress without the Kevlar fabric.

    Before you shop, it may be worth a try to contact the manufacturer of your current mattress and insist on a full list of materials. Some will give it to you, some won't.
What to do if you've been sleeping
on a toxic mattress
    But that begs the question … what about other mattresses? What about going on vacation and sleeping on a hotel mattress? Or even staying at a friend's house? The only solution I can give you is to do a regular detox. Use an infrared sauna. Take a hot Epsom salt bath, or a clay bath, and sweat as much as you can.

    Unfortunately, it's impossible to get off the grid in terms of toxins. We all have them in our bodies. They've even found traces of man-made toxins in polar bears up near the North Pole. So the best you can do is to lessen your risk, especially since you spend so much of your life sleeping. But after you've done what you can, let go of the worry that comes from knowing about these toxins. Worrying can be toxic, too.

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Firebirds Dealt Lopsided, 90-67 Loss vs. Bridgeport

January 30, 2013


WASHINGTON, DC – League-leading Bridgeport led from wire-to-wire as they handed the host University of the District of Columbia men's basketball team a lopsided, 90-67 defeat on Wednesday night in East Coast Conference play at UDC Gym.
With the loss, the Firebirds fell to 2-16 overall and 1-9 in the ECC. The Purple Knights, meanwhile, won their sixth straight game (10th triumph in 11 games), and improved to 13-8 overall and 9-2 in league play. Bridgeport remains half a game above LIU Post and Molloy for 1st place in the conference.
Junior transfer point guard Quasim Jones (Business Management – Philadelphia, PA/Johnson CC) notched his 2nd consecutive 21-point scoring effort to lead all District of Columbia scorers. Also, sophomore forward Florent Pontens (Business Management – Tarbes, France/Cheshire Academy) posted a season-high 14 points to go with five rebounds and two steals, and junior transfer guard Ralph Watts (Sociology – Peekskill, NY/UAlbany) netted 10 points.
Ivan Simic, Bridgeport's 6-foot-6, 220 lb. bruiser inside, was the key to the Purple Knights' quick start, as he registered 15 of his 20 points in the first half and helped UB race out to a 41-24 halftime advantage. Simic finished with a double-double, as he also pulled down a game-high 11 rebounds. The second half then belonged to senior guard Darian David, who knocked down 5-of-8 from three-point range to account for 15 of his game-high 24 points.
Bridgeport opened the game on an 8-2 run and forced a quick timeout by District of Columbia head coach Jeff Ruland. The Firebirds pulled within four twice (10-6 and 14-10), but that was as close as they would get all game. Over the next 11 minutes, the Purple Knights outscored the Firebirds 27-10 and mounted a commanding, 41-20 advantage. District of Columbia scored the final two baskets of the half and closed within 41-24 before intermission.
The Firebirds opened the second half on a 5-2 run, highlighted by a Watts three-pointer to close the gap to 43-29 almost a minute into the action when play resumed. Bridgeport countered, however, as David buried four consecutive three-pointers in a span of 1:31 to lead the Purple Knights on a 14-0 run that built a 57-29 cushion at the 16:34 mark. District of Columbia could never pull within 20 the rest of the way as the Bridgeport lead ballooned at 33 just before the six-minute mark. The Purple Knights went on to win comfortably, 90-67.
Bridgeport overwhelmed District of Columbia on the glass, 53-32 which resulted in a 56-28 advantage in points in the paint and a 22-9 disparity in 2nd chance points. The Purple Knights also out-shot their hosts from the field, 50-percent to 34-percent for the night, and they were much more efficient passing the ball (20 assists/14 turnovers to seven assists/ 12 turnovers).
The Firebirds will look to end their six-game losing skid when they visit ECC foe Mercy on Saturday, February 2nd at 3:30 p.m.

District of Columbia Struggles Down the Stretch in 53-51 Loss to Bridgeport

January 30, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC – The Firebirds erased a nine-point halftime deficit and twice took a one-point lead, including at the 2:40 mark, but they were outscored by Bridgeport, 5-2 in the final two minutes of regulation as they suffered their third straight loss, 53-51 in East Coast Conference play Wednesday night.
Senior guard Janelle Junior (Administration of Justice – Riverside, CA/La Sierra HS) knocked down a clutch jumper to cap a 4-0 Firebirds run which gave District of Columbia a 49-48 lead with 2:40 to play in the game. The Firebirds could have increased their lead when they forced a Bridgeport turnover on the ensuing possession, but they turned it right back over instead and sent UB's Priscilla Dodoo to the line to shoot two. Dodoo missed the first but made the second to force a 49-all tie with 1:55 to go. Dodoo then blocked a shot at the other end and assisted to Tanisha Carter for the go-ahead two-point jumper to make it 51-49 at the 1:40 mark.
The Firebirds' next three possessions resulted in two missed shots and then a turnover. Following the turnover (a steal by Aziza Patterson), the Purple Knights were able to run off five more seconds before District of Columbia could track down Carter and foul her to stop the clock. Carter then sank both free-throws to make it a two-possession game with just 16 ticks left, and the Firebirds could only manage a layup by junior Julissa Anderson (Criminal Justice – Greensboro, NC/Southeast Guilford HS) at the buzzer to make it a 53-51 final score.
Neither team shot well from the field, but District of Columbia was the better shooting team by far, making 22-of-64 (34-percent) compared to Bridgeport's 16-of-60 (27-percent). The Purple Knights, however, got to the free-throw line way more often and cashed in on 18-of-20 from the stripe compared to just 4-of-9 made by the Firebirds. UB also won the battle on the glass, 48-40 and turned 17 offensive rebounds into 20 second-chance points.
The Firebirds, who fell to 7-13 overall and 2-8 in league play, were led by junior forward Robin Keke (Biology – Bowie, MD/Bowie HS) with 11 points and four rebounds. Junior finished with 10 points, four rebounds, three steals and two assists, and sophomore Denikka Brent (Mechanical Engineering -Chesapeake, VA/Booker T. Washington HS) added nine points and a team-high nine rebounbds.
Bridgeport was paced by its two interior players, Priscilla Dodoo (14 points, game-high 17 rebounds) and ECC pre-season player of the year, Tanisha Carter (14 points, nine rebounds).
The Firebirds will look to end their three-game losing slide as they visit ECC foe Mercy College on Saturday, February 2nd at 12 p.m.


BOWIE, Md. - The visiting Trojans of Virginia State University broke a 16-16 tie with a 12-0 first half run and strolled to a 78-69 victory over the Bulldogs of Bowie State University. The loss drops the Bulldogs record to 8-11 overall, 4-6 in the CIAA and 1-3 in the North.

Junior Ray Gatling (Oxon Hill, Md.) paced the Bulldogs with 16 points and senior Branden Doughty (Upper Marlboro, Md.) added a double-double career-high of 15 points, 11 rebounds and added two blocked shots. Junior Carlos Smith (Baltimore, Md.) contributed 14 points in the loss.

“Shooting percentages really tell the story in this one”, said Bowie State fourth-year head coach Darrell Brooks. “We didn’t do a good job defensively … We’re just really trying to figure ourselves out at this late date defensively and we have to do it in order for us to be the team I think we can become.”

Bowie State got off to an early 9-3 lead in the games’ first three minutes. Virginia State got into foul trouble early causing the Trojans to sit two of its starters Mike Bynum (Norfolk, Va.) and Kenny Mitchell (Atlanta, Ga.).  The Trojans would quell the Bulldog's advantage after Allen Harris (Boston, Mass.) nailed a jumper tying it 16-16 at the 10:29 mark. Richard Hall (Bay Shore, N.Y.) gave the Trojans their first lead of the game at 18-16 with a jumper. Virginia State quickly pushed their lead to 21-16 after a three point play from Jacoby Wells (Emporia, Va.). Hall answering the bell again, draining a three-pointer from long range to give the Trojans an eight point lead with 8:02 left in the first.  

The Trojans used a 12-0 run to extend their lead to 28-16 before a jumper by Bulldogs senior Bryan Wilson (Upper Marlboro, Md.) ended the VSU run.

Bowie closed out the final 5:24 of the opening period with an 11-2 run to narrow the deficit to 33-29 at halftime.

Gatling cut the Trojans lead to two following a pair of free throws to start the second half, but that’s a close as the BSU Bulldogs would get the rest of the game.

Holleman triple and a layup by Alex Jackson (Baltimore, Md.), gave Virginia State some breathing room at 38-31.

The Bulldogs cut it to two points again, this time after a dunk by Smith. However Mitchell had other plans, rocking the rim with a dunk of his own on Virginia State’s next possession. Holleman knocked down yet another three-pointer and finished with 16 points to lead all VSU scorers. Virginia State (10-9, 5-5 CIAA, 3-1 North) never trailed the rest of the way and led by as much as 15 points.

Three other Trojans posted double-figures. Harris ended the night with 14 points while Bynum andJames Vann (Norfolk, VA.) scored 10 apiece. Defense, was no doubt the story of this game. Virginia State held a Bulldogs team that came into the contest averaging 83.1 points per game, to their second lowest point total of the season.

Virginia State held Bowie State to 35.4 percent shooting from the field, which included a season-low 18.2 percent (4-of-22) from three-point range. The Trojans shot 51.1 percent (24-of-47) from the field, an even 50 percent from three-point land (11-of-22), and 70.4 percent from the charity stripe (19-of-27).

Bowie State’s next opponent will be the CIAA Northern Division leading Vikings of Elizabeth City State University. The Bulldogs and Vikings will hit the hardwood on Saturday (February 2nd) in BSU’s A.C. Jordan Arena at 7:30 pm.


BOWIE, Md. - As was the case in their last victory this season, the Bowie State University women’s basketball team got a balanced scoring effort at home and upended visiting Virginia State, 75-66.

The Lady Bulldogs secured a much-needed victory in improving to 6-12 on the season and 3-7 in the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

Sophomore guard/forward Bria Robinson (Richmond, Va.) led the way with a team-high 18 points and 10 rebounds (all defensive) as she limited numerous second chances for the visiting Lady Trojans (9-11, CIAA).

Hagerstown, Md. native and Lady Bulldogs’ junior guard Alessandra Flores scored 14 points to go along with four rebounds.

Sophomore guard Channell Mackey (Clinton, Md.) chipped in 11 points and four rebounds and four assists while sophomore guard/forward Jasmine McIntosh had 12 points and four assists.

Sophomore guard Jasmine Jacobs (Baltimore, Md.) contributed an, eight-point, five-rebound effort while freshman forward Bronx, N.Y. native also had a solid four-point, five-rebound outing.

For the Lady Trojans, sophomore guard Da’Shae Jones (Norfolk, Va.) led her team with 20 points and five rebounds.

The Lady Bulldogs trailed, 3-0, after Jones hit the first shot of the game and never trailed for the for the next 39 minutes, 27 seconds as the Lady Bulldogs cruised at home.

Midway through the first half, the Lady Bulldogs had built a, 21-9, lead after a McIntosh layup. The Lady Trojans did manage to cut the Lady Bulldogs lead to, 36-32, after Jones hit a jumper with three seconds left.

Jones opened the second half with a three-point field goal to cut the Lady Bulldogs lead to just one, 36-35.

Over the next 1:30 of the game, the Lady Bulldogs went on a, 5-0, run to extend the lead to six after a made attempt by Robinson.

The Bulldogs increased their lead to, 58-45, nearly midway through the second half and never looked back.

Saturday afternoon the Lady Bulldogs will host Elizabeth City State at 5:30 p.m. at the A.C. Jordan Arena. 

You Won't Find This Health Info Anywhere Else

Cancer Defeated Publications

Very rarely do I fully endorse a health book...
But today, I'm going to make an exception.
That's because I don’t often come across a health
book as monumental in its significance - and
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to you.
It's a book that contains a compilation of
never-before-published alternative medicine
At first, I didn't believe the book would
really give me information that I hadn't already
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library of health books myself - including
encyclopedias of so-called "health breakthroughs"
and "miracle cures"...
So I thought this book was just another
run-of-the-mill assortment of health remedies
and cures.
Boy was I wrong!
With every ailment or disease I looked up,
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And that's just a few of the virtually unheard
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experienced in administering these breakthrough
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-What dosages are required in order to achieve
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And over 1,300 footnotes support the cited
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So what's the title of this book?
Go here to find out and discover the life-saving
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Wishing You the Best of Health.
P.S. While I'm in no way recommending this book
replace a one-on-one relationship with your health
practitioner, there's no denying this book is a
must-have resource for familiarizing yourself with
all the effective treatment options that even your
doctor has probably never heard of.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Body of Lies About Cancer Treatments in America

Cancer Defeated Publications
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Even worse, the powers that be aresuppressing natural cancer cures that are helping tens of thousands of people get well and live cancer-free—with little or no dependence on drugs, surgery and chemotherapy... and for pennies on the dollar.

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  • WHY mammograms harm 10 women for every one the procedure helps.
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Cancer Defeated Publications

Breaking News for DC area fitness enthusiasts and athletes

Hey my friend Himie Pickett, general manager of Fitness First Falls Church just informed me of a great deal that you can take advantage tonight!
$25 initiation fee and monthly rate as low as $25 per month
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger Aide Sues Lance Armstrong Over Steroids‏

468 x 60


Former Arnold Schwarzenegger Aide Sues Lance Armstrong for Steroid Deception

Schwarzenegger Aide Sues Lance Amrstrong Over Steroids
It’s difficult to believe Rob Stutzman is truly offended by Lance Armstrong’s deception about his use of testosterone and erythropoeitin (EPO). Stutzman has initiated a class-action lawsuit claiming he never would have purchased Armstrong’s book had he known the cyclist used steroids and PEDs. Of course, Stutzman didn’t seem to be bothered by his former boss’s use of steroids when he was the former deputy chief of staff for communications to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Even Former Crystal Meth User Andre Agassi Angered by Lance Armstrong’s Doping Deception

Crystal Meth User Andre Agassi Angry at Lance Armstrong
Andre Agassi was angered by Lance Armstrong’s lies about the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Agassi told reporters at an Australian Open press conference that Armstrong’s deception was “unconscionable.” Agassi knows what it’s like to lie about drug use in order to protect his career. While Armstrong was battling testicular cancer, Agassi was getting high on crystal meth. Agassi lied to coverup a positive test for crystal meth and kept it a secret from the public for a decade.

Anabolic Steroids Are Incompatible with Jewish Law According to Rabbi Chaim Friedman

Steroids Incompatible with Jewish Law
Rabbi Chaim Friedman believes anabolic steroids are incompatible with Jewish law based on his assumption that steroids are harmful to the body. In a lecture entitled “Winning at all Costs: Steroids in Sport”, the South Florida Center for Jewish Ethics addressed the issue of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) on the same day that Lance Armstrong admitted using testosterone and erythropoeitin (EPO) throughout his pro cycling career.

Boxer Przemyslaw Saleta Advocates Legalization of Steroids in Professional Sports

Polish boxer wants to legalize steroids in pro sports
AAS users are cheaters who use drugs to defy the limitations that nature has imposed. Unfathomable! But wait! How do we square this level of targeted indignation and hypocrisy with the fact that America has become a nation of performance enhancers ? Breast enhancement, sexual enhancement, cognitive enhancement are all about the American Dream of bigger boobs, better boners and brighter brains; bigger, better bodies, however, are simply not on the American agenda. Clearly some goals and methods for being all we can be are more accepted than others.

Lance Armstrong Tells the Truth About Drugs and the True Spirit of Sport

Lance Armstrong and Steroids
Lance Armstrong lied about doping. He finally admitted using erythropoeitin (EPO), testosterone and blood transfusions. Athletes dope. Always have. Always will. And they lie about it. This is practically a prerequisite for participation in elite sports. The far bigger lie is the one perpetuated by anti-doping crusaders, by sports journalists, by fans and by the general public. It s the notion that Armstrong s doping was an aberration, an exception, an oddity in the world of sports. It is the romanticized vision of sports competition free of doping.

Cheat This, Not That: Hypocrisy, Ethics and Performance Enhancement

Steroid Double Standard
AAS users are cheaters who use drugs to defy the limitations that nature has imposed. Unfathomable! But wait! How do we square this level of targeted indignation and hypocrisy with the fact that America has become a nation of performance enhancers ? Breast enhancement, sexual enhancement, cognitive enhancement are all about the American Dream of bigger boobs, better boners and brighter brains; bigger, better bodies, however, are simply not on the American agenda. Clearly some goals and methods for being all we can be are more accepted than others.
Read more