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Friday, May 27, 2011

Get your Max Lifts In Now!

Your Strength Coach Right There In  Your Hard Drive!

Nate Lewis-US Sports Strength and Conditioning
Friday May 27, 2011 1:26pm EST
With a little over 3 months until training camp for most of you, Get your max lifts in now to set the bar for your heaviest lifts. Your summer 8-12 week training cycle should consist of endurance type lifts heavy enough to be challenging, but light enough generally to get multiple  reps and sets.

This will help get your body ready for the pounding of training camp and minimize the shock of the first days in pads. I will usually take the football players that I train through a boxing conditioning program that will consist of many typical lifts but obviously with the anaerobic threshold in mind. Here is a snippet from a workout I designed for a D-lineman in Texas:
SelectExercise Name Set and Rep Combinations
Warmup and Stretch

8 minutes 

10 reps @ 320 lbs,5 reps @ 385 lbs,
3 reps @ 445 lbs,2 reps @ 510 lbs,
4 reps @ 540 lbs,6 reps @ 510 lbs,
6 reps @ 510 lbs,10 reps @ 385 lbs 
Dumbbell Step Up

6 reps @ 70 lbs,6 reps @ 80 lbs,
6 reps @ 80 lbs  
Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

6 reps @ 70 lbs,6 reps @ 80 lbs,
6 reps @ 80 lbs  
Jump Rope General

3 Minutes 
Machine Leg Curl

8 reps @ 200 lbs,8 reps @ 200 lbs 
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (30 Degree)

6 reps @ 110 lbs,6 reps @ 125 lbs,
6 reps @ 125 lbs  
Push Ups (regular position)

68 reps,68 reps,
53 reps  
Push Ups (wide position)

51 reps,51 reps 
Dumbbell Arnold Press

6 reps @ 75 lbs,6 reps @ 85 lbs,
6 reps @ 85 lbs  

You can see the Jump Rope intervals after the leg portion of the workout. This is a good way for you to 'get your legs' conditioned for the grind of the season ahead.

This is just a portion of a workout for a specific player so please do not try this at home without your doctor's clearance and proper supervision. In other words don't be a knucklehead!

To get your own custom workout, speed, agility, and quickness program with a detailed nutrition plan go to and I will personally help you get ready to play!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here we go again time to get ready to play!

Well it seems to happen year-round, but I see it more this time of year. Top-notch football players wasting their time in the gym doing bodybuilding or even worse 'no intensity' style workouts.

Look it's OK to look good for the beach in May, but guess what? You are going to look real good in your uniform in September flat on your back, ball fumbled, games los,s because you weren't training for football but your best body contest.

Hey if you want to be the next Tyson Beckford then stay on your path, but if you want to get ready to win, talk to you trainer or strength coach immediately or your six-pack is going to look like a rusty tall boy if you don't get serious now.
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