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Monday, March 31, 2014

Bowie State Track and Field Competes in Rain-Shortened Big Dawg Invitational

Bowie State Track and Field Competes in Rain-Shortened Big Dawg Invitational

BALTIMORE, Md. - Senior Brelyn Finley and junior Kayla Watson led Bowie State University in their respective events at the Big Dawg Track and Field Invitational hosted by UMBC on Saturday (3/29) at a rain-soaked UMBC Stadium. (Complete Results Attached)
The day was cut short, however, as the meet was called at 3:10 p.m. due to heavy rains and impending lightning in the Baltimore area.

Finley placed second overall in the women’s shot put (11.76m) and Watson also had a second place finish, crossing the finish line with a time of 26.98 in the women’s 200 meter dash. Watson also competed in the long jump, placing 7th (5.03m).

The Bowie State women's 4x100 meter relay team consisting of Rayshawn Penn, Michelle Palmer, Crishonda Coffey and Vernesse Thomas-Quickley combined for a time of 51.73 to finish in fifth place.

Coffey and Thomas-Quickley later placed 8th in the long jump (4.98m) and 400 meter hurdles (1:14.31) respectively.

Freshmen Alicia Grant and Asia Smith came away with a 7th place finishes respectively in the women’s javelin throw (21.33m) and shot put (10.61).

Shahirah Johnson rounded out the Lady Bulldogs’ top 10 finishers, placing 10th in the hammer throw (21.99m).

The men's 4x100 meter relay “A” team took to the track with Brian Tyler, Jonathan Harper, Dana Smothers and Travis Scarborough and finished in 4th place with a time of 43.93. The Bulldogs “B” team made up of Oluwadamilola Omotade, DeAndre Watson, Jarius Coates and Kadeem Bailey placed 6th in the same event, crossing the finish line at 45.64.

Scarborough was BSU’s lone top five male individual finisher, coming in 5th place in the 100 meter dash and clocking in with a time of 11.89.

Bowie State’s Christopher Allen competed in the men’s javelin throw and came in 9th overall (36.09m).

Channing Johnson came away with two top 10 finishes, placing 10th in the men’s discus throw (35.27m) as well as the javelin (35.13m).

Bowie State returns to competition on Saturday (4/5) at the Millersville (Pa.) Metrics.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

World's best malaria treatment kills cancer, too

World's Top Treatment for Malaria
Is Also a Potent Cancer Killer

Chinese healers have used the leaves of artemisia as a medicinal tea for thousands of years. Lately, even mainstream medicine has crowned it as a highly effective treatment for malaria. Now — even more exciting — the evidence confirms it can heal cancer, too.
And because it's an approved and recognized malaria treatment, there's a strong possibility that this safe remedy might find its way into mainstream cancer protocols.
It's time to take a close look at this herbal discovery…
Continued below…

Cancer-Killing "Smart Bomb" That Can
Easily be Found in Your Kitchen...
Dear Reader,
There is a cancer-killing nutrient in your kitchen, right now, that acts like a "smart bomb" against cancer cells.
It's called sulforaphane. Researchers are hailing it as a breakthrough that offers real hope for preventing and defeating cancer.
A new research study has shown for the first time how sulforaphane can selectively target and kill cancer cells and leaves healthy cells alone.
I'm Dr. Victor Marchione and I'm revealing this and 16 other amazing "healing foods" in my newest report that you can see here.
You'll also discover:
- A natural cholesterol fighter that brings bad levels down 30%
- A little-known, but effective method to lowering your blood pressure without prescription drugs
- A fruit that can fight Alzheimer's Disease
Victor Marchione, M.D.

Also known as sweet wormwood and mugwort, the Artemisia annuaplant has developed a Western fan base as a potent malaria treatment.
This occurred mainly because the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) as the standard global malaria treatment.
In fact, Wikipedia says artemisinin and its close relatives "possess the most rapid action of all current drugs" against the parasite that causes malaria. It's nearly unheard of for a plant remedy to receive that kind of ringing endorsement from the gatekeepers of the medical establishment.
Artemisinin is one of the extracts of the artemisia plant, along with artesunate and artemether. When manufacturers combine artemisinin with other drugs, it produces an effective and safe cure for uncomplicated cases of malaria. The WHO cautions against using it by itself because the malaria bug may develop resistance to it.
In the last few decades, scientific research proves we can also add "cancer killer" to the list of artemisinin's accolades.
Here's why some folks call artemisia
a "cancer bomb!"
Regular readers of Cancer Defeated know that apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death that your body uses to rid itself of aging or damaged cells.
Artemisia simply speeds up this natural process.
The plant contains two joined oxygen atoms that unhook when they're near iron. Both cancer cells and malaria parasites use iron to grow, so they horde it. In some cases they store as much as 1000 times as much as normal cells. In so doing, they make themselves a target for artemisinin.
When artemisinin comes into contact with iron, it causes a chemical reaction that produces free radicals. These charged atoms attack cell membranes—and in the case of malaria, they destroy the parasite.
When people with cancer receive an artemisia compound, the free radicals 'bomb' the cancer cells, causing them to wither and die!
So what kinds of cancer are medical researchers using to test its muscle?
Artemisia is no one-trick pony!
Chinese scientists invested a lot of time and money into researching medicinal plants in the 1960s. Their goal was to develop treatments that would free them from reliance on Western medicine.
Since then, Western researchers have picked up the torch and started conducting their own research on this amazing plant. The compounds it contains have been tested against several cancer lines. And so far they're proving to be champion cancer killers!
For example, two bioengineering researchers at the University of Washington have used artemisia extracts successfully to target breast cancer cells.
In an earlier story, I reported that research professors Henry Lai and Narendra Singh said the plant compound artemisinin is "highly toxic to the cancer cells, but has a marginal impact on normal breast cells."
In fact, their study results, reported in the 2001 issue of Life Sciences, describe how the extract killed just about all exposed breast cancer cells within 16 hours.
And that's not the only kind of cancer artemisia can beat down…
The September 2010 issue of Phytomedicine reported that compounds derived from artemisia root sped up liver cancer apoptosis. The compound was also found to be toxic to ovarian and cervical cancers.
And a case study reported in the Archive of Oncology reported that a man with cancer of the larynx was successfully treated with artesunate, another extract of artemisia. After just two months of receiving artesunate injections and tablets, the man's tumor shrank by about 70 percent!
Clearly the studies done so far indicate that it works! But you might be wondering…
Is it SAFE to use?
In a word, yes. Unlike chemotherapy, which damages both cancer cells and normal cells, the various extracts of artemisia annua are non-toxic.
More than 4,000 case studies prove that this species of artemisia is one of Nature's 'smart bombs' that damages only cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed.
And by the way, you may grow one or more species of artemisia in your garden. It's an ornamental plant with beautiful silvery leaves. I don't recommend that you consume these garden plants unless you do your own, thorough research and confirm they're edible. These pretty garden plants are NOT the species that's been proven safe and effective in malaria and cancer treatment.
The website Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Cancer reports that prescription drugs derived from artemisinin are available for malaria treatment. No major side effects have been reported when these substances are used to treat malaria.
Higher doses are needed to treat cancer, but the existing Phase I clinical trials have not been fully evaluated for safety at these dosage levels. I had hoped that U.S. doctors might legally be able to use prescription artemisinin off-label as a cancer treatment. But it appears this herbal "drug" is only FDA-approved when used in combination with other drugs as a malaria treatment. That's unfortunate.
Although you won't have access to pure artemisinin, the American Cancer Society website mentions that "thujone-free wormwood extract has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in foods and as a flavoring in alcoholic drinks." The herbal extracts also are available in capsules and liquid form to add to water. You can also use the whole herb to brew as a tea. I don't know whether any of these options are good proxies for artemisinin.
Wormwood oil, washes, or poultices are also available to apply to the skin.
So who uses it?
In our many interviews with alternative and integrative cancer practitioners, no one has mentioned artemisinin. This doesn't mean none of them use it, but it probably means few or none employ it as a first line treatment. Or it could mean they don't know about its anticancer properties. As readers of this newsletter know, there are many natural cancer treatments. Nobody knows about or uses all of them.
I also don't have any information about individuals who have self-treated with this herbal extract. (If you have any experience with it, by all means write me at I hope we learn more in the future so that cancer patients can tap into this natural health remedy backed by thousands of years of safe use!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hey Ex-Athletes! We can help with #3

The following is from a Buzzfeed post that i saw yesterday. It reminded me that there are way more ex-athletes than active ones.

From:  12 Things Ex-Athletes Have To Learn

This one goes out to all the athletes trying to make it in the real world.

3. How to workout alone.

12 Things Ex-Athletes Have To Learn
Where’s my strength coach yelling at me to run another lap faster? Where’s the workout plan for the day? Where are my teammates that I get to bitch about the workout with? I CAN’T DO IT ALONE.
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Friday, March 28, 2014

Big Train College Round-Up 3/28

03/28/2014 7:00 AM

By:Michael Natelli
David Del Grande (BT '13) was named WAC Hitter of the Week.
Out west, the Sacramento State Hornets went 4-0 on the week largely due to the hitting of David Del Grande (BT ’13). In the Hornets’ four games, Del Grande went 7/12 with two home runs, six RBIs, five walks, five runs scored and a stolen base, either driving in or personally scoring a quarter (25.71%) of the team’s total runs in that stretch. Chris Lewis (BT ’14) also picked up three walks and a stolen base this week. 
At San Diego State, Bubba Derby (BT ’13) continued to remain unbeaten on the mound, picking up his fourth win of the season for the Aztecs on Saturday. The right-hander gave SDSU 6.2 solid innings, giving up just two runs on nine hits and no walks while striking out five. After another solid week, Ty France (BT ’13) continues to lead the Mountain West Conference in batting average, and is currently the only player in the conference hitting above .400 (.409). He also leads the conference in doubles (12) and is tied for the conference lead in home runs (4). 
Down in Florida at Stetson University, Tyler Warmoth (BT ’14) picked up a pair of saves, pitching a combined four shutout innings while striking out three. Joshua Thornne (BT ’14) also contributed 1.1 innings without giving up any earned runs across two appearances, and the Hatters managed to put up a .500 record in the first four games of the week. They host the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles tonight at 6:30 PM. 
- See more at:

Coppin State will not renew Ron “Fang” Mitchell’s contract

BALTIMORE – Coppin State University announced today it will not renew the contract of head men's basketball coach Ron “Fang” Mitchell.

The all-time winningest coach in Coppin State men’s basketball history with 429 victories and six-time Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) Coach of the Year, Mitchell accomplished plenty during his 28 years at the helm of the Eagles. Overall, Mitchell won 656 games during his career, which included eight seasons at Gloucester County College.

He guided the Eagles to a share of nine of 10 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference regular-season titles during the ‘90s, equaling the most won by any NCAA Division I program in the decade, four NCAA Tournament appearances (1990, 1993, 1997, 2008), an upset of South Carolina as a No. 15 seed in the first round of the 1997 NCAA Tournament, two NIT bids, including a first-round win over Saint Joseph’s in 1995, six 20-win seasons, 11 straight winning seasons from 1988 to 2000.

This past season, the Eagles advanced to the semifinals of the MEAC tournament after upsetting No. 2 seed Hampton in the quarterfinals. Coppin State also defeated Oregon State on the road on Nov. 10, 2013. The men’s basketball program, under Mitchell’s direction, was one of three CSU athletic programs that had a grade point average of 3.2 or better during the Fall 2013 semester. The men’s basketball team earned a 3.263 term GPA, which was the second consecutive term that the men’s basketball team has earned above a 3.2 term GPA.

In addition to his own personal success, Seven CSU athletes have been named MEAC Player of the Year seven times under his watch, and 78 players have earned all-conference honors.

Mitchell, who served as a coach for the 1995 USA Basketball National Team trials, helped Coppin State garner a 107-11 mark in MEAC regular-season play during the 1990s.

“We thank Coach Mitchell for the time and service he dedicated to Coppin State,” Director of Athletics Derrick Ramsey said. “The University decided to move in a different direction with our basketball program. We appreciate his service and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Coppin State will immediately begin a national search to name Mitchell’s successor. 

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Millersville Softball Takes Two against Bowie State Lady Bulldogs

MILLERSVILLE, Pa. - The Marauders of Millersville blanked the Lady Bulldogs of Bowie State 13-0 in game one and captured an 8-2 victory in the nightcap in non-conference softball action on Thursday afternoon.

After a scoreless 1st inning, the Millersville bats came alive in the bottom of the second, roughing of Bowie State senior pitcher Mariela Hernandez (Del Rio, Texas) for eight runs on six hits to take a cushy 8-0 lead.

The Marauders added five more runs to the scoreboard in the bottom of the 3rd inning to take a commanding 13-0 advantage and ended the game in the 5th inning by way of the NCAA 8-run mercy rule. Errors played are part in BSU’s game one setback as the Lady Bulldogs committed four.

Bowie State freshman Stefanie Ray accounted for the only Lady Bulldogs hit in game one, with a single in the top of the opening frame. Hernandez (2-8) faced 30 batters, gave up 14 hits but struck out two in the loss.

Game two of the twin-bill started pretty similar to game one. Millersville scored one run in the bottom of the first and added four more runs in their half of the 2nd inning to take an early 5-0 advantage.

The Marauders pushed two more across the dish in the 3rd inning before Bowie State senior Adria Lewis (Cumberland, Md.) belted a solo homer (her second of the year) in the top of the 4th inning to make the score 7-1 Millersville.

A Heather Lutz two-out double scored Brittany Smith all the way from first to increase the Marauders lead to 8-1 after four complete innings.

Neither team scored in the 5th inning but Bowie State’s Erica Atkins (Burtonsville, Md.) stroked a single to right field, scoring Hayley Flint (Mesa, Ariz.) from second and cut the Lady Bulldogs deficit to 8-2.

The Lady Bulldogs defense kept the Marauders (12-8) off the scoreboard the rest of the way but couldn’t add to their run total either.

Lewis paced Bowie State with two hits in game two while juniors Cassandra Clayborne (Damascus, Md.), Kiara Washington (Bowie, Md.), Megan Windsor (Upper Marlboro, Md.) and Atkins added one hit each.

The Lady Bulldogs (4-18) will host its home opener on Saturday (3/29) against Virginia State in a conference doubleheader beginning at 1 pm, weather permitting.

Bowie State vs Millersville (Mar 27, 2014)  GAME 1

Box Score
Bowie State at Millersville (Game 1)
Mar 27, 2014 at Millersville, Pa. (MU Softball Field)

Bowie State 0 (4-17)

CLAYBORNE,Cassandra cf 
LUNA,Miranda 2b 
RAY,Stefanie ss 
LEWIS,Adria c 
ATKINS,Erica 3b 
FLINT,Hayley 1b 
HERNANDEZ,Mariela p 
LIZARDO,Victoria rf 

Millersville 13 (11-8)

Sheffield ss 
   Snyder ss 
DiFilippo 2b 
   MinayaVargas ph/2b 
Berry c 
   Ceritano c 
Cantiello 1b 
Lutz lf 
Smith dp 
Odell-Smith rf 
Spinosa 3b 
Hammond cf 
Kulp p 
   Wink p 

Score by Innings               R  H  E
Bowie State......... 000 00 -  0  1  4
Millersville........ 085 0X - 13 14  1

E - LUNA,M. 2; WASHINGTON,K; LIZARDO,V.; Cantiello. LOB - Bowie State 3; Millersville 5. 2B - Smith 2; Odell-Smith; Hammond. 3B - Smith. HBP - Lutz. SH - Berry. SF - DiFilippo. SB - Sheffield; Hammond 2.

Bowie State  
HERNANDEZ,Mariela L,2-8 
Kulp W,1-0 

Win - Kulp (1-0). Loss - HERNANDEZ,M. (2-8). Save - None. HBP - by HERNANDEZ,M. (Lutz). Inherited runners/scored: None.
Umpires - HP: Bob Lutzick 1B: Pete Andrasko 
Start: 2:30 pm Time: 1:16 Attendance: 34
Weather: Mostly cloudy, 42 degrees