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Monday, January 31, 2022



  • Author Ain Thaqifah
The term “Intermittent Fasting” (IF) may have been heard by almost all people around the world. Nevertheless, many of us tend to ignore this awesome method because we think that IF was designed for obese or those who want to lose their weight. If only we know the incredible benefits of IF, we will never miss the chance to adopt this method.

(Video) Lets review an amazing new paper from researchers in Europe about how intermittent fasting helps with fat loss and cardiovascular disease risk reduction. Support your fasting lifestyle with Berberine HCl & Alpha Lipoic Acid by MYOXCIENCE Nutrition:

What is Intermittent Fasting? IF is an eating pattern that regulates the cycle of eating and fasting. There is no specific food that we need to consume, how much calories intake and all. Basically, we can eat anything during that eating period but once we start fasting, we can consume only a small calories food or nothing at all. Not to worry, we can still drink water or zero calorie water like a black coffee or green tea during the fasting period to avoid hunger.

There are so many ways to practice intermittent fasting. For example,16:8 method, alternate day fasting, 5:2 diet and so on. But, the most prominent practice is 16:8 method, where we need to fast for 16 hours and eat for the next 8 hours. For example, if we start fasting at 8 p.m. today, then we can have our very first meal at 12 noon of the following day and the cycle repeats. You may think that 16 hours fasting period is too long but bear in mind that these 16 hours period is also comprised of 6-8 sleeping hours. Hence, we are fasting for around 8-10 hours only.

There are too many reasons on why most people love intermittent fasting. Firstly, it comes with several method. As mentioned earlier, IF can be done in various ways. We can choose any type of IF method that perfectly suit us. Most people love 16:8 method because it is simpler and easier to practice daily, as compare to alternate day fasting also known as every-other-day diet. This approach requires a-day-fasting for several days per week while eating what we want on non-fast days, which might be harder to follow. Thus, we can choose any method we prefer.

Furthermore, IF is flexible and not restricted to a fixed method. For instance, while practicing 16:8 method, but there is a family party or dinner invitation by friends, we can happily join them without worrying our IF schedule. This is because we can cover it back with 24 hours fasting on the following day to keep us back on track.

In comparison to other diet type such as high protein diet, we may need to spend a lot of money to buy those high protein foods which normally quite pricey. With IF, we can just eat anything that we have in the kitchen. It does not matter what kind of meal or dishes i.e., our mother cooks, our own DIY recipe or food given by others. We can just eat them all.

After all, what are the benefits and good purposes of intermittent fasting? As a normal human being, we always do something to gain back something better. We will never sacrifice ourselves for something useless right? So first and foremost, of course IF has been acknowledged to successfully contributed to losing one’s weight.

Moreover, intermittent fasting also play a role in reducing risk of diseases. Intermittent fasting will keep us away from many diseases for example diabetes mellitus and any heart problem. These are among the top chronic diseases in Malaysia. Back to our eating and fasting cycle, noticed it or not, we are reducing our calories intake. In contrast to our normal daily life, we may consume an excess carbohydrate, fat, protein, salt and so on.

Excessive carbohydrate will cause a condition named as ‘insulin resistance’ which may lead to the diabetes mellitus. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the action of carbohydrate in our body in the form of glucose. If we have excess glucose, insulin will convert them into a molecule named glycogen to be stored in the body cells hence reducing our blood glucose level. Thus, reduced the risk of diabetes mellitus. If we consumed a lot of carbohydrates or sugar, these insulin would become resist, likely they become inactive and could not do their work properly, causing high glucose level in blood. Hence, we will be diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Moreover, fasting will reduce the bad cholesterol level in the body and as a result will not cause any harm to the heart.

Besides, there are several studies that run experiments on rat or mice to observe their brain performances while getting IF practice. They found that intermittent fasting will keep the brain active and healthy because IF will increase brain hormone, namely Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) that is vital to the survival, growth, and maintenance of neurons in the brain. Hence, IF will keep the brain to stay healthy and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

In the similar setting experiments, the results also showed that the fasting mice or rat survived a bit longer than the other mice. Hence, we could say that IF may extend our lifespan if we practiced IF since our early age.

As a concluding remark, always keep in mind that intermittent fasting is just another way to live a healthy life. It works differently on different people. Above all, there is no harm in trying. Initially, we may face some difficulties to adopt a new lifestyle, but just keep it going and train our mind to see the best and beauty of it. If the method suits us well, then embrace it. Contrarywise, do not push ourselves too hard. There are a lot more ways for us to give a try. Just remember that everything is going to be fine. All the best for your journey in finding a healthy lifestyle that suits you!

I'm Nur Ain Thaqifah, a second year medical student from University Science Islam Malaysia. Here is my contact details:

Name: Nur Ain Thaqifah Mohd Yusof

Contact number : 0199256512


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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Are strict gun laws making people safer?



There is a lot of debate surrounding strict gun laws and their impact on public safety. Some people argue that states with stricter gun laws are more dangerous, while others claim that these laws make communities safer. So, which is it? Myth or fact?

strict gun laws

We know these signs do not protect law-abiding people but are they even legal?

Because so many variables determine a state's overall crime rate, it is foolish to simplify it to the percentage of gun ownership. What if we looked more closely at the data people throw around to justify a position one way or the other? Would the data support the unmistakable correlation between death and gun laws we have in our minds?

Let's take a closer look.

Annual Gun Law Scorecard —

If nothing else, the gun control lobby does a fantastic job of conveying its message compellingly. Their arguments appeal to compassion and kindness. But unfortunately, the pro-gun argument is often boiled down to “screw you; it's my right.”

An example of this is the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence website. In addition to excellent public relations and messaging, they publish an Annual Gun Law Scorecard. The scorecard rates each state's gun laws and then shows where it ranks in “gun deaths” against other states.

The data is presented smartly in a way that quickly relays what the organization wants you to take away- states with strict gun laws have fewer gun deaths and are safer. 

But does the data support that takeaway? Here is a screenshot of just one of the many graphics on the page. This one shows my home state of Ohio selected.

Ohio gun laws

For the person looking for information on the topic, it doesn't take but a few seconds to conclude that states with stronger gun laws are clearly safer.

gun laws more or less crime

Most people won't take a second look into the data behind the chart. So let's do that now.

Fewer guns equal fewer gun deaths —

No one should be surprised to find that fewer people own guns in states where guns are highly regulated. So fewer guns DO equal fewer deaths where a firearm is involved. However, it isn't entirely because there is less crime. Around least violent crime to most deaths each year in the United States involve a firearm. That number includes homicides, suicides, accidental deaths, justifiable homicides, and indeterminate reasons.

Sixty-one percent or roughly 24,500 of these deaths each year result from suicide.

Of the remaining, 35% of gun deaths are homicides.

And one percent of gun deaths are accidental.

In one respect, Gifford's graphic is accurate, but not for the reasons people take away from viewing it.

As someone personally affected by suicide, I don't think we can overstate the condemnation of man's progress reflected in climbing rates of suicide. But to correlate strict gun laws to public safety, wouldn't it be better to link it to the rate of violent crime rather than any death related to a firearm?

I suggest that we look at the data in this way because law-abiding citizens want to carry guns because of violent crime, not just because of the number of homicides and suicides in their state. I mean that people don't want to be killed by an attacker with a firearm, but many people are killed and maimed by attackers who don't have guns.

weapons used in homicides

FBI UCR: Expanded Homicide Data Table 8

Top 20 States Ranked in Violent Crime —

Let's look at the top 20 states from highest to lowest regarding violent crime and note the grade Giffords gives them.

  1. Alaska – F
  2. New Mexico – C
  3. Tennessee – D
  4. Arkansas – F
  5. Louisiana – F
  6. Missouri – F
  7. South Carolina – F
  8. South Dakota – F
  9. Arizona – F
  10. Michigan – C
  11. Montanna – F
  12. Nevada – C
  13. Oklahoma – F
  14. Alabama – F
  15. Texas – F
  16. California – A
  17. Delaware – B
  18. Illinois – A
  19. Kansas 0 F
  20. Colorado -C

How the top 20 states break down is 12 states graded “F,” 1 “D,” 4 states with a “C” grade, 1 graded “B,” and 2 states that Giffords gives an “A” for their strict gun laws.

Said another way, the top 10 states in terms of violent crime have “C,” “F,” and “D” ratings. States ranked 11-20 in terms of violent crime include 5 “F” rated states, 2 “C” states, one “B” grade, and 2 “A” graded states.

Looking at the statistics this way shows that violent crime is prevalent in states with lax gun laws, but it isn't exclusive to those states.

Grades of the top 10 “safest” states —

Let's look at the data one other way. Let's list the top 10 states from least violent crime to most. If gun laws were the most significant factor related to public safety, we should see it bear out here. To check this, I'll include the grade Giffords gave them.

  1. Maine – F
  2. New Hampshire – F
  3. Vermont – C
  4. Connecticut – A
  5. New Jersey – A
  6. Virginia – B
  7. Rhode Island – B
  8. Wisconsin – C
  9. Idaho – F
  10. Hawaii – A

gun law and crime

I saved this list for last because I think it underscores the presupposition that a state's crime rate is affected by much more than how strict or lenient their gun laws are. Therefore, it is essential for people on both sides of the debate to consider all the data. That means the data that supports their position, as well as the data that refutes it.

When we look at the “safest” states, the first two have “F” ratings from Giffords. In fact, the top 10 break down very evenly across the spectrum in terms of grade. 30% received “F” grades, 30% received “A” grades, and 20% earned “B” and “C” grades.

Guns: deterring crime and saving lives —

cori bush

Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.)

Even the most gung-ho gun control advocate acknowledges that a firearm is an invaluable tool in a self-protection strategy. Accordingly, lawmakers who support laws that limit the average person from possessing firearms carry guns themselves. They also surround themselves and their children's private schools with armed security.

I can cite numerous examples of this hypocrisy, but I'll direct to one recent incident that comes to mind involving Mrs. Cori Bush. In 2021, while advocating defunding the police, she spent $70,000 of her $174,000 annual salary on private security. Contrary to the accepted narrative, defunding the police has never been popular for people living in progressive-led cities where violent crime is amazingly high. They realize that police with guns are the only thing keeping their cities from being completely overtaken by criminal elements.

So when people asked the obvious question – isn't it hypocritical to advocate taking away people's right to defend themselves and defunding the police, who are the last defense for people who can't afford private security? Bush responded by saying, “You would rather me die? Is that what you want to see? You want to see me die? You know, because that could be the alternative.”

A conservative estimate on the number of times people use firearms to save their life or prevent serious injury is roughly 1.67 million times per year. We can't overlook this number.

Even though this is the conservative number of many different estimates, let's pretend it is double the actual number. That leaves us with 835,000 incidents where people use firearms to save a life potentially. Compare this with roughly 39,700 annual deaths involving any use of a firearm.

People use firearms roughly 42 times more often in a beneficial way rather than in some form of “gun violence.” In no way does pointing this out mean I don't care about suicide and homicide victims. It's disingenuous to say that and diverts any real conversation on the topic.

In Closing —

I clearly have an opinion on the topic. But my point of writing this isn't to persuade you one way or another. Instead, I hope people on both sides of the argument will critically think about how they cite statistics in arguing their side of the debate.

If you like this content, consider subscribing to the Concealed Carry Podcast, where we discuss various topics helpful to the ethical and mindful gun-owning self-defender.

hosts of the concealed carry podcast

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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Prayer: Petition versus Manifestation and Rock Almighty Voices Featuring: Stryper Michael Sweet Interview- New Album, Documentary, Soldiers Under Command Listening Event Info


  • Author Dee Richards

Our ancestral, human father, Adam, delivered us and our world to satan’s hordes. So, our spiritual Father, God, patiently waited for the right time to provide the now-risen Jesus as the only effective ransom payment. But, we must individually choose to be redeemed. And, our re-alliance with God upon accepting Jesus as our Savior is referred to as redemption. It is a redemption because Jesus paid for our lives with His blood. Upon redemption, and returning to the Family, we have the rights, through Faith, to ask Abba (Strong’s concordance, G5) Father for any good thing we desire – we are family. In fact, we have a covenant agreement (Strong's concordance, H1285) with God, both as a Father and as a pledge between God and Man, a treaty, and as alliance of divine origin. The covenant allows us to pray as we wish, including for those good things which are petitions (requests, entreaties).

Even when asking for something from another human, generally one speaks in a respectful manner. Such a reverent, respectful manner (Strong’s concordance, H3374) should be characteristic of your petitions to God. However, there is nothing about our covenant relationship with God that implies that you should always be in a prone position, prostrate and begging. Contrarily, God is most generous and ready to respond favorably and abundantly. However, God has no need to foolishly waste resources upon prodigal sons and daughters who would repeatedly squander their abundance (Luke 15:11-32), to let His abundance fall as seeds onto stony ground that will never subsequently flourish (Matt 13:1-8) or to have His abundance wasted as might a lazy worker (Matt 25:14-30), hiding resources under the rock of his/her own pleasure only, not applying it to the Great Commission (Matt 28:16-18).

Some Christians are so confused about abundance and prosperity that they allege they would rather not receive it while on Earth. Some even say such things as "I would rather have Jesus than all the riches in the world." They believe themselves to sound more righteous and pious than others by making such statements. But, all the gifts given to the toddler Jesus by Wise Men, after his birth, made His family wealthy (Matt 2:1-11), although there is no Biblical evidence that they subsequently lived ostentatiously. During His ministry Jesus was prosperous enough to have a treasurer (Judas Iscariot). He paid taxes, funded the travel, board and lodging for large ministerial groups, and so on.

God allows Believers to live as paupers if such is your wish or you refuse to learn to work in the earthly systems (Hosea 4:6). But, unless you presently have spiritual gifts that allow you to turn five loaves and two fish into enough to feed more than 5,000 and yield leftovers (John 6:1-14), then you won’t be able to reach out and help others as you may wish (such as following hurricanes Katrina, Irma and Jose). So, if for no other reason, petition for wisdom, skills and knowledge development, as well as abundance even if only to assist others.

Manifestation, as referred to here, is the appearance in this world of that for which you prayed. Many are unwilling to acknowledge God’s generosity, such as expressed in John 10:10 and 3 John 1:2 because of fear and doubt (opposing their belief), or because they feel that they have yet to experience positive manifestations in their own lives, in those of their congregations, or among others close to them. People often overlook daily, simple grace and mercy they regularly experience, being most aware of miracles not yet materialized and pending responses to supplications. As you also consider others’ lives, you cannot know what they actually believe versus that which they say and demonstrate as public behavior and rhetoric.

In spite of earthly ne'er-do-wells and detractors, we are the Redeemed. Our covenant with God allows us to pray as we wish, with good petitions, to be satisfied abundantly, to develop tremendously with all manifested while we are corporeal. Of course, we will all be ultimately satisfied in Heaven. And, if at that time your memories of the past are intact and you remember a prayer-related disappointment, ask "God, why did you not…?", even if apparently lacking the wisdom to understand the response.

Monday, January 24, 2022

PROJECT ANGEL TREE 2021 RECAP and 7 Day Devotional Introduction with Todd White



Last month, World Changers Church International continued it’s annual Christmas tradition of reaching out to the community. Not only did we bring back Project Angel Tree, but we also held a Christmas Fun Event for the children of WCCI and the surrounding area. WCCI members were encouraged to Bless a Child for Christmas by visiting the virtual Angel Tree and choosing a featured child to purchase Christmas gifts for. Children’s Ministry and Teen’s Ministry staff selected children and teens in need to ensure this Christmas would be a merry one for them. In place of the traditional Christmas tree positioned in the World Dome lobby, the Creflo Dollar Global Missions website hosted the children’s names and wish lists. Members and friends of the ministry logged on, chose a child and viewed their wishlist, then purchased the presents! The gifts were sent directly to the WCCI College Park campus, and all of the children picked up their gifts from the church. (Continued below.....)

Encounter Jesus and walk in freedom through righteousness as you join us on this 7-Day Warriors Arise devotional series with Todd!


(....Continued....)According to Minister Ken Terry, Director of WCCI Ministry Affairs and Outreach, “We organized this for the purpose of being a blessing to the families and children. During the Christmas season, people give. It’s just that season, but we go deeper. It’s about Jesus. It’s about exemplifying the love of God and showing others that we care. It’s about helping those that might not be as blessed, but we can be a blessing to them. That’s what the Christmas season is all about. The ‘Christmas season’ is something that was created commercially, but it’s always been about Jesus, and Jesus was always about giving.”


Pastor Ken went on to say, “We have this event annually, and annually we look forward to seeing the look on people’s faces and the joy that’s in their eyes. We look forward to seeing kids being kids, the little ones and the big ones. This event brings my heart back to the place, the basis of all Christians, which is giving. Trying to make something better for someone else, showing and exposing the goodness of God so people can see that God is a good God. Hopefully this event has been a blessing to other people, as well!”


Immediately before the gifts were distributed to the selected children, their families, as well as families from the WCCI and surrounding community, made new holiday memories at our Christmas Fun Event. Darien Tilmon was our on-site surprise Santa this year. He has been coming out every year since 2014 and said that he absolutely loves it. “Bringing joy to everybody and putting a smile on their face helps me to do it at my house!”


WCCI volunteers ensured attendees had plenty of activities from which to choose. There was air hockey, foosball, and skee ball. Those with skills could hoop it up with the basketball arcade game. It began to look a lot like Christmas when kids of all ages showed off their creativity by decorating gingerbread houses with frosting, sprinkles, and candies. There was even a cookie decorating station! No one could deny the magical feeling of Christmas with the festive holiday d├ęcor, a plethora of ugly Christmas sweaters, balloon art, and Santa’s holiday bubbles in the air. There was even a Christmas train outside!


Jorry and Messiah Taylor were first-time Christmas Event attendees, but not new to WCCI. They loved celebrating the holiday and experiencing the spirit of Jesus at the event. “Please come out and volunteer!” she said, “Pastors Creflo and Taffi Dollar, I am so thankful that the Lord brought you into our lives because you have made such a difference by teaching the Word of God for us to apply in our daily lives.” Toko Gage and her husband, new WCCI members, attended the event for the very first time. She said, “This was a very nice precursor to the holiday experience.” Their daughter and granddaughter were in town visiting, so they brought them to this event; it was a hit with their household! Donald Lemon, a pre-teen attendee, wished everyone a Merry Christmas. He was glad to gather because COVID-19 prevented the event from happening last year.


WCCI extends a heartfelt thank you to every member, partner, and volunteer for being the angels of Project Angel  and helping us to bless children for Christmas this year. It is always a blessing to impact a child’s life during the holiday season. Proverbs 22:6, ESV, says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Because of your hearts of service, we make a considerable impact by showing love to young people so that they can replicate it in their own lives and become a blessing to others. When they are old, they’ll still have the giving hearts of service we’ve invested in them. We are a village; we are a family; we are World Changers!