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Thursday, February 28, 2013

How a Nobel Prize Winner’s Discovery Led To a Breakthrough In Eye Health

Cancer Defeated Publications

Studies show it does what lutein,
zeaxanthin and beta carotene cannot do.
If you suffer from vision problems, here’s amazing news.
Thanks to a Nobel Prize winner’s observation, scientists have discovered a new vision-enhancing nutrient that lets you see clearer and focus more easily. In fact, latest research shows it’s at least 11 times more effective at trapping free radicals than beta carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C. It’s even more potent than lutein and zeaxanthin.
In 37 years of practicing medicine, I’ve never seen anything like this for protecting and nourishing your eyes.
In this compelling video, I’ll reveal the proven science behind this amazing nutrient and give you the full story on how to:
  • Unleash a surge of energy in your eyes (and say goodbye to eye strain) 
  • Soothe burning eyes caused by sitting in front of the computer
  • Sharpen vision so you can read fine print on a prescription label
  • Rediscover your confidence when driving at night
  • Win back your independence and freedom
If you delay in watching this, you might forget or the video might be taken down and you'll have missed out. But spend a few minutes watching this now and you can see for yourself the difference improved vision can make in your life.

Last Casting Call of the Season at the Anold Sports Festival Friday, Satuday & Sunday in Columbus Ohio.

Last Casting Call of the Season at the Anold Sports Festival Friday, Satuday & Sunday in Columbus Ohio. 
Press Release click here.
Bruce KiVo with Renzo, James Jefferson of Warrior Island on MMA Confidential
Bruce KiVo with Renzo, James Jefferson of Warrior Island on
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Tollie Plested Warrior Island tryout for Global Proving Ground
Tollie Plested Warrior UK
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Sharp shooting from Bowie State University and a 25 point performance from senior All-CIAA selection Byron Westmorland (Baltimore, Md.) propelled the Bulldogs to a 78-56 victory over the Chowan University Hawks on Wednesday evening in the Time Warner Cable Arena. 

Bowie State University (13-13) entered the contest as the #4 seed out of the Northern Division, while the Hawks met up with the Bulldogs as the #6 seed in the North. With the win, Bowie State advances to the quarterfinals against Lincoln (PA), the top seed in the North. Tip-off is slated for 9:00 pm on Thursday. 

Bowie State Head Coach Darrell Brooks stated, “We’re really excited about tonight’s game and about the win tonight.  We just came into it like this is our first game and we just have to win.  We have to earn every game from here on out.  It’s not guaranteed and we have to earn our next game and we have to get ready for tomorrow.”

Quinton McDuffie got the Hawks on the board first in the contest with a jumper.  McDuffie drew a Bulldog foul and sank two free throws allowing Chowan to take an early 4-0 lead. 

A dunk by Bowie State senior Najee White (Jamaica Queens, N.Y.) put the Bulldogs on the board at the 17:49 mark.  The Hawks answered back with a three pointer from Kyree Bethel and a lay-up from CIAA Rookie of the Year Kortez Smith to earn an early 9-2 advantage. 

The Bulldogs battled back with a 10-3 run capped by a jumper from senior Bryan Wilson (Upper Marlboro, Md.) with 13:53 clock to tie the game 12-12.   A White free throw gave the Bulldogs their first lead of the game.  Ashante Ross hit a three pointer to shift the lead back over to the Hawks a 15-13 lead with 11:06 left in the first half. 

Westmorland sealed off a 7-0 run for the Bulldogs, drilling a three pointer to secure the 22-15 lead with 9:21 left in the first half.  Bowie State extended their lead to 10 points at the 5:41 mark following another three pointer from Westmorland. 

The Hawks struggled to keep Westmorland under control, as he scored 18 points in the first half alone, and eight out of the team’s 12 points in the last five minutes before intermission.  The Bulldogs took a 39-25 lead heading into the locker room at halftime. 

Westmorland and Bowie State stayed hot after halftime as the Bulldogs continued to use the long ball to build a commanding lead over the Hawks in the second half.  Bowie State pushed their lead to as many as 20 points at the 15:15 mark after a basket from senior Branden Doughty (Upper Marlboro, Md.) made the score 48-28. 

Chowan (7-20) battled back to pull within 10 at the 6:19 mark after a three pointer from Greg Alston, but sharp shooting from the Bulldogs proved to be too much for Chowan to handle as Bowie State maintained a double digit lead for the remainder of the contest. 

In addition to Westmorland’s offensive production, senior Dameatric Scott (Hagerstown, Md.) added 14 points while Doughty and White each added 11 points in the contest. 

McDuffie ended his career in a Hawks uniform with 24 points in the contest.  Rickey Lamb chipped in 13 points in the loss.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shauna-Kay Creary Announced a 2013 Division II Indoor Track & Field Championship Participant

INDIANAPOLIS – Junior Shauna-Kay Creary of the University of the District of Columbia, has been announced as a participant for the 2013 NCAA Division II Women's Indoor Track & Field Championships in the Long Jump event. Student-athletes qualified for the championships by reaching the automatic and provisional standards established for each event.
"I'm elated with the announcement that Shauna-Kay is part of the Long Jump field for the NCAA Championships," head coach Alton McKenzie said. "She's had a fantastic Indoor season on the track and in the field, and the Long Jump will be the perfect event for her to show the nation what she can do."
Creary (Accounting – Kingston, Jamaica, St. Andrew HS), who was just named USTFCCCA Division II Female Athlete of the Week after leading the Firebirds to a historic inaugural East Coast Conference Championship victory, was selected to participate as a result of her No. 12 national ranking and season-best 5.77M jump on Saturday, February  23rd.
The championships will be held March 7th-9th in Birmingham, Alabama at the Birmingham CrossPlex as part of the 2013 NCAA Division II National Championships Festival. The Gulf South Conference and the City of Birmingham will serve as co-hosts of the championships.
"We are looking forward to Shauna-Kay going to Alabama and continuing to perform at a high level…she's ready," McKenzie said.

Sweating is good for you (and not sweating is dangerous)

Take Advantage of Sweat to Release
an Avalanche of Toxins from Your Body

    The ability to sweat a lot isn't what most people call a talent, or even a benefit. We live in a culture that doesn't want to see it and doesn't want to smell it.

    But sweat, it turns out, can save your life.

Continued below. . .

Poof! 20 million cancer cells--GONE
    Wake Forest University researchers simply called him "Mighty Mouse."

    Imagine, after being injected with 20 million of the most vicious cancer cells on earth, this tiny creature never showed a single sign of the disease.

    There wasn't a single trace of cancer in the mouse.

    Buried deep in its genes was a stunning natural ability to beat cancer. Not only that, but all of Mighty Mouse's offspring had this unbelievable power as well.

    And now, as you're about to see, one world-renowned M.D. has discovered a way you can do it too. This is the most promising cancer breakthrough in the past 150 years...and it's shockingly easy.

    Please don't miss this lifesaving special presentation.

    The word is out! Already-this breakthrough video has been sent to over 2 million people (and counting). THIS is your chance to see the original source before hearing about it second-hand. You don't want to miss this.

The reality of sweating
    When you sweat, there's a lot more happening than just the visible signs of perspiration.
    Your sweat glands — nearly two million of them — are dispersed throughout almost all the skin on your body. They're found in the layer known as the dermis. Nerve cells within the dermis control sweating.

    Most people think of sweat as a way to stay cool when you overheat. But in fact, your body sweats continuously. Or at least, that's the case if you're healthy. The amount of sweat you produce is heavily affected by several things. These include not only air temperature and your activity level, but also — a surprising one — your emotional state.

    Sweat itself is made up primarily of water. It also contains minerals, lactic acid, ammonia, urea, and sugar. Sweat levels increase for most people when they exercise, when the weather (or room temperature) is really hot, or when they're particularly angry or upset. Sweat levels can also increase when you're ill — a fever being the obvious case.

    Sweat comes in two varieties: Active and passive. Active sweating happens when you exercise, and it invigorates your body. Passive sweating, which has more of a therapeutic effect, happens when your core body temperature rises (usually because the air around you is hot, as in a traditional sauna or a steam room). The more advanced far infrared saunas are something else. They induce a passive sweat by heating the body directly, not just the air.

    In both active and passive sweating, your breath quickens, your circulation improves, and your metabolism speeds up. This combination of responses contributes to getting your body back to a normal temperature.

    In fact, temperature regulation is the most important benefit to sweating. On average, you burn approximately 2,500 calories in a single day. That means your body generates enough heat from oxidation to boil somewhere around 25 quarts of water. Since your body can't tolerate that kind of heat, you have a built-in cooling system. Sweating slows down the rate at which your body burns calories. It also helps blood vessels within your skin dilate in order to release heat. Sweat brings your body temperature back to normal.
8 more healing benefits of sweat
Beyond temperature regulation, your body benefits from sweating in several other ways:

    Energy boost: Sweating through exercise releases endorphins that prompt an energy boost.

    Immune system boost: The theory is that as your body heats up, you generate more white blood cells. In turn, this strengthens your immune system.

    Cardiovascular benefits: Along with increasing the dilation of your blood vessels, your heart gets a workout each time you sweat. Your heart is a muscle, after all.

    Stress relief: Sweating is also relaxing. It's an effective stress reliever and helps get rid of fatigue in your body brought on by muscle tension.

    Pain relief: As the body heats up and starts sweating, circulation improves and those energy-boosting endorphins are released. But endorphins are also a natural pain-relieving chemical and help limit any discomfort you might feel from sore muscles or arthritis.

    Healthier skin: The November 5, 2001 issue of Nature Immunology, an online publication, cited work from Eberhard Karls University in Germany on the contents of human sweat. One ingredient the researchers discovered is something called dermcidin, an anti-microbial (antibiotic) peptide. Dermcidin plays a role in limiting the spread of disease-causing bacteria that lead to skin infections like impetigo. Also, some experts say heavy, regular sweating can slow the early signs of skin damage and aging.

    Weight loss: Sweating doesn't necessarily speed weight loss in the way many people think. What it actually does is force you to lose water, which does indeed result in a temporary weight loss. But even if the numbers on the scale change, you need to replace that water loss by drinking water — otherwise, you risk dehydration. But sweating does contribute to the weight loss process. When you exercise and your body heats up, water-soluble fat leaves your body through sweat.

sauna-therapy.gif 150x168    Detoxification: According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, author of "Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing," cells that are damaged by toxic metals and other chemicals tend to be weaker than normal cells. When you heat these weaker cells, you speed up their death. This hastens the removal of metals and chemicals that may have been trapped in those damaged cells.

    Detoxification through sweat plays an important role in disease prevention and treatment. Toxins, we know, cause a host of problems — cancer being one of them. Regular sweating helps you reduce this toxic load. In fact, as much as 30% of your body's waste gets removed through sweat. We see a lot of other cultures use this principle as a healing technique (think of Native American sweat lodges, for example). The second someone starts to feel ill, they're sent to a dry sauna. There's an old saying that a good sweat has the power to stop a cold in its tracks.
Jumpstart your ability to sweat
    It's not common, but some people have a very hard time sweating. That puts their health at risk, because they're more disposed to become overheated and have a harder time getting rid of toxins.

    If you engage in a physical activity and your face turns beet red while those around you sweat, it's a reason to be concerned. Sometimes a thyroid problem plays a role, so if you have considerable trouble sweating, it's worth asking a doctor to test your thyroid function.

    Dehydration is another reason for limited sweating. Drink at least the recommended eight glasses of water a day to get your body back on track.

    If you've already got these things in check, there are a few ways to jumpstart your ability to sweat. I'm fond of saunas, especially if they're far infrared, because infrared has the ability to heat the body directly, instead of just heating the air, thereby giving you a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level where toxins reside. Wet saunas are another proven way to help your body release toxins through sweat.

    Here at Cancer Defeated, we're long-term fans of infrared saunas. (Learn more in Issue #263. ) The detoxification and health benefits are proven, they're used in many reputable clinics, and you can even install one in your home if you wish. Sunlighten is an excellent, cutting-edge manufacturer that offers clinically backed full-spectrum infrared saunas. Visit their website or call 1-877-292-0020.

    Another way to work up a sweat is to soak yourself for 20 minutes in a warm detox bath with epsom salts. Wrap up in warm towels after you step out of the bath.

    Or put cayenne pepper and fresh lemon juice in your water. Drink it throughout the day to get your blood flowing and induce sweat. This is a time-honored detox secret (cheap, too!) I've used it myself.

    You can also chug bentonite clay, a supplement known to help induce sweating. I haven't tried it myself, nor know anyone who has, so this one is your call. From what I can learn on the Web it appears to be safe.

     A lot of people these days also report amazing benefits from hot yoga — essentially, the practice of regular yoga but at temperatures as high as 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Be careful not to overdo it — and do keep yourself hydrated.

    Don't give up if you can't break a decent sweat on the first try. I've heard reports of very ill people having "breakthrough sweats," where they try something like a hot sauna for several days without effect, until one day — maybe after as many as six days of trying — sweat will suddenly start pouring out of them. Think of it as getting yourself unclogged.

    Take note — a cancer diagnosis might actually increase the amount of sweat you produce. Some medicines and cancer drugs prompt this reaction as well. If that's the case, listen to your body and let it sweat.

    And of course, any time you induce yourself to sweat, you want to make sure to replenish your body by drinking lots of water and taking mineral supplements.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Winston-Salem State continued its exceptional play of late in the CIAA Tournament, upending Bowie State 73-56 in a women’s first-round game at Time Warner Cable Arena on Wednesday.

The Lady Rams, seeded third in the Southern Division, were efficient in ousting the Lady Bulldogs, seeded sixth in the Northern Division.

It was only two weeks ago that the Lady Rams (15-12 overall) stunned the nationally-ranked Lady Bears, the defending Division II national champions, in Shaw’s own gym by eight points (68-60). That victory happened during the month of February when the Lady Rams have played their best ball. They have won six of seven games this month including their third straight victory after beating Bowie State (7-18 overall). The loss was at the hands of nationally-ranked Fayetteville State, and that was by four points.

The win streak comes after a five-game losing skid to end the month of January, with many of the losses going down to the wire. The win over Shaw served as the catalyst for the Lady Rams, who defeated the Lady Bulldogs for the second time by double digits this season on Tuesday. A balanced offensive attack keyed the win over Bowie State for the Lady Rams, who were led by 16 points from Dionna Scott. Taylar Wells came off the bench to add 12 points as seven players scored six or more points.

Keyrra Gillespie and Vanessa Weston both contributed eight points for the Lady Rams, who also got seven points apiece from Jovonah Graham, Schatavia Gray and Somalia McKenny. The Lady Rams asserted themselves late in the first half when the score was tied 20-20. Weston capped an 18-6 run with a jumper right before halftime as the Lady Rams pushed ahead 38-26.

The Rams maintained their double digit lead in the second half. The Lady Bulldogs did manage to trim their deficit to 10 points but the Lady Rams pulled away again with the margin reaching 21 points at 70-49 with less than two minutes remaining.

The Lady Rams will play Shaw for the third time this season. In the first meeting, Shaw won by 12 points in Winston-Salem, N.C. The Lady Rams returned the favor in the rematch in Raleigh, N.C. The fact that the Lady Rams are one of a handful of teams to beat Shaw and are peaking at the moment make this a highly anticipated contest.

The Lady Bulldogs can only think of what might have been if not for injuries this season. The major blow was a neck injury to junior guard Brooke Miles, a preseason All-CIAA selection. The Lady Bulldogs were so nicked up that they struggled to find consistency this season.

Depth hurt the Lady Bulldogs in both losses to the Lady Rams. Only one player on the Bowie State roster is over six feet compared to two players for the Lady Rams. But the Lady Rams also have five players who are nearly at the six-foot mark while the Lady Bulldogs have shorter guards on their roster.

The Lady Rams took advantage of their long bench of taller players, outscoring the Lady Bulldogs 28-18 in points in the paint. They also controlled the boards 45-29 and got to the free-throw line 29 times, making 19, compared to 10 attempts for the Lady Bulldogs. 

“WSSU ran at least four, if not five bigs at us and we have just one post,” Bowie State Head Coach Renard Smith said. “We’ve had just one post all season long. So to outscore us 28-18 in the paint says a lot about this team because we really only have one person on this team that is over six feet tall.”

Smith went on to say, “I think everybody has bigger players. I think every team has about four or five NCAA Division I transfers and we’re building. And due to those injuries, the depth in the post and in the paint definitely had an impact on how well we performed, but I take nothing from the effort of every young lady, and of every Bulldog on this team. They rebounded and playing hard at both ends against some of the bigger teams in the post. We’re going to get better and we’ll do that.”

Despite the loss, the Lady Bulldogs fought valiantly. They continued to attack offensively despite being behind but shot 36 percent. Senior Jasmine Jacobs and sophomore Jasmine McIntosh both paced the Lady Bulldogs with 12 points and senior Cortney Baynard added 10. Sophomore Channell Mackey chipped in nine points.

Winston-Salem State 73 - Bowie State 56 (CIAA TOURNAMENT WOMEN'S Bb FINAL)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A tough Bowie State women's basketball season comes to an end, falling 73-56 in the opening round of the CIAA Tournament to Winston-Salem State. The Lady Bulldogs were led by senior Jasmine Jacobs and sophomore Jasmine McIntosh with 12 points each.
Complete story to come later

How to dissolve dangerous artery plaque and unclog your arteries

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one of the 960,000 Americans who will be killed by a clogged artery this year

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And now, this once-savage killer is as harmless as a teaspoon of sugar.

John discovered an amino acid so safe that the United States Food and Drug Administration has approved it as an additive to baby food.

Almost immediately, it entered his bloodstream, seeking out, arresting and neutralizing the rogue calcium deposits that had super-glued this plaque to his artery walls.

Then, in an act of supreme irony, the very blood the plaque had once blocked quickly swept it to his kidneys, where it was unceremoniously evicted from John's body as a component of urine.

And then a miracle occurred for John...
Brain cells that controlled memory were rejuvenated!
Painful joints were soothed!
Eyes, ears, sexual organs returned to normal function!
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Skin—once thin—smoothed and regained a youthful glow!
Heart—once in grave danger—was revitalized!
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Yours for healthy living,

Michael Cutler, M.D.
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Monday, February 25, 2013


FRANKLIN, Va. - The Bowie State University women's tennis was swept 9-0 at Chowan University on Saturday in the first official match of the season.

The Hawks shutout the Lady Bulldogs at No. 1 and 3 doubles and defeated BSU 8-2 at No. 2 doubles.  Bowie State junior Iyabode Sodipo and freshman Antonique Johnson fell to Chowan’s Nata Kamenshchikova and Holly Egnor at No. 1 doubles and the BSU duo of Mieke Allen and Diara Mackey were blanked at No. 3 doubles by Breanne Johnson and Brittany Moser. In No. 2 doubles, Bowie State junior Kassandra Bishop and sophomore Channae Manning lost to Jessica De Backre and Straffai Cleveland of the Hawks.

Chowan (6-4) continued their dominance in the singles matches, shutting out Bowie State 8-0 at No. 1, 3, 4 and 6. Bowie State’s Johnson won three games at No. 2 against Chowan’s Johnson. Allen of the Lady Bulldogs dropped an 8-2 decision to Cleveland at No. 5 singles.

The Lady Bulldogs return to action on Sunday (2/24) at Elizabeth City State University. Bowie State will play their first home match of the season (3/2) against Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. Match time is slated for 1 pm against the Lady Lions.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Charlotte, NC…The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association has released its pairings for the 2013 CIAA Basketball Tournament as determined by the Basketball Tournament Committee. Both men’s and women’s games begin on opening day, Tuesday, February 25 at Time Warner Cable Arena. Men’s semifinals and finals games will be televised on Bounce TV and ESPNU. All games and post game press conferences will be streamed live online. To follow visit:
All Bowie State Mens and Womens Matchups Will be broadcast live on Us Sports Network 
Tournament tickets are still available for purchase by visiting the CIAA Tournament website: or Single day tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday only, are available for purchase at the Time Warner Cable Arena box office. $25 general admission; $10 students with ID. For an official schedule of events visit
Game Times and Seedings:
Tuesday, February 26,
#4S St. Augustine’s vs #5N Chowan 11:00 am
#3N Virginia St. vs #6S Livingstone 1:00 pm
#3S Winston-Salem St. vs #6N Bowie St. 3:00 pm
#4N Lincoln (PA) vs #5S Johnson C. Smith 5:00 pm
#5N Virginia St. vs #6S Fayetteville St. 7:00 pm
#5S Shaw vs #6N Chowan 9:00 pm

Wednesday, February 27
#2N Virginia Union vs 3N/6S 11:00 am
#1N Elizabeth City St. vs 4S/5N 1:00 pm
#1S Fayetteville St. vs 4N/5S 3:00 pm
#2S Shaw vs 3S/6N 5:00 pm
#4 S St. Augustine’s vs 5N/6S 7:00 pm
#4N Bowie St. vs 5S/6N 9:00 pm

Thursday, February 28
#2N Elizabeth City St. vs #3S Johnson C. Smith 1:00 pm
#2S Winston-Salem St. vs #3N Virginia Union 3:00 pm
#1S Livingstone vs 4S/6S/5N 7:00 pm
#1N Lincoln (PA) vs 4N/6N/5S 9:00 pm

Friday, March 1
1:00, 3:00 pm
7:00pm, 9:00 pm

Saturday, March 2
Women’s Final- 5:00 pm
Men’s Final- 8:30 pm