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Monday, May 31, 2021

Choose A Blessing and Kingdom Keys To Thriving In Times of Crisis Part 3


Choose A Blessing

  • Author Jacki Finney
Have you ever wondered how to receive God’s excellence? There are a couple ways of receiving from God, one is by a miracle, the other is by a blessing and most people don’t understand the clear distinction between the two, so let’s examine this and try to make a distinction and show you differences between a blessing and a miracle. In reality, a blessing is actually God’s best and blessings are controlled by natural and spiritual laws. 

 There are things that you have to do to cooperate with the natural laws that God created and the spiritual laws that God created. And a lot of people don’t like this because they just want to live their life completely contrary to the instructions of God, and then when they get in trouble, just pray for a miracle and you know what, you can receive a miracle! Most people believe in them, it’s happened to me, it’s happened to nearly every person, but that’s not God’s best. God wants you to learn how to do things in the natural and in the spiritual, so that you can cooperate with his laws and then you’re just so blessed that you never even have to deal with a crisis. A blessing is actually much greater than a miracle. If you need a miracle well then get one, there’s nothing wrong with that, but, don’t stay there.

 The only thing that can overrule or cancel out the blessing of God is your unbelief. God doesn’t give the blessings based on your goodness, your holiness. It’s not based on whether or not you’re doing everything right, its just based on whether or not you truly believe God. There are some laws that you have to learn to tap into but its not based on your holiness. You’ll never do everything correctly and you have to activate the blessing of God by speaking it. What are some of the blessings of God? What is it that we are supposed to be receiving. A common passage of Scripture says … my people perish for a lack of knowledge...and I think a lot of Christians are perishing because they just don’t know what God has really done for them. Sad to say that our mainstream religion today, has watered down what Jesus has done. I don’t know all the reasons, but its my opinion that the reason most churches don’t really preach total victory, is because that would put them on the spot and then how do they deal with it when total victory doesn’t come and basically most churches just go to a person when something doesn’t work and say, "Well it must not have been God’s will and they just blame it on God". But there are things that happen all the time that aren’t God’s will. It is not God’s will for people to be sick. It is not God’s will for you to be poor. It is not God’s will for you to get a divorce. God doesn’t will those things. He loves you.

 If you’ve done those things, or if you’ve had them happen to you God still loves you. God has ordained and commanded total victory for us. A lot of people don’t believe this because their life may represent and show a lack of victory so it’s a lot easier to say..."you know I just don’t think God does those things anymore, and God did this or allowed it to happen to teach you something." That’s not what the Word of God teaches. I believe God does want us to have total victory but not very many people are preaching it, so a lot of people don’t really know what our Rights and Priviledges are ...what the blessings are that God has spoken over us and if you don’t know what God wants you to have ...then you won’t receive it. Perhaps you need to be shown through the Bible, which are God’s promises to us anyway. Pretty safe to say, if you look up the concordance in the back of the Bible, you will find many passages to research under Blessings.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

US High School Soccer Teagan Leclerc - College Soccer Recruiting Video - Class of 2022 & Top 3 Soccer Passing Drills


Top 3 Soccer Passing Drills

There are plenty of components when it comes to playing a game of soccer. From dribbling to shooting, continuously practicing these skills can enhance your performance on and off the field. Some of these can improve individual performance, but passing can grow both individual and team skills as a whole.

Passing/possession drills can improve the team’s communication skills, attentiveness, first touch, and even their connection on and off the field. Being able to pass the ball accurately and precisely can affect the team’s performance and quality during practice and games.  If you watch professional soccer teams on television, you can see how the passing just flows so swiftly between the players. These players know precisely how and where to pass to their teammates, but they have also had plenty of practice and developed a connection within their team. Building a strong bond with your team, being focused, and lots of practice can help build strong passing skills during the game.

Coaches must implement passing drills during practices. There are plenty of drills to choose from, depending on your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and a range of variations within each exercise. With the continuous passing practice, each player will develop a new and vital skill as well as building upon that necessary team bond.

Teagan Leclerc, Graduation-Class of 2022
Seacoast United Core, Mount Washington Valley Soccer, Gorham High Shcool Varsity Soccer

There is a multitude of different passing drills to have your team work on. Here are three soccer passing drills that you, your team, and your coach can work on during practices to perfect passing:


1.4 Corners

Before You Start

      Equipment:                                                                                    The Set-Up:                            

            - 4 cones                                                                                        - place the four cones in a

            - 1 soccer ball (or more for variation)                                             10x10 grid, each player

            - 4 players (or more for variation)                                                   on each cone to start


How It Works

Begin with one player at each cone

One player starts with the soccer ball at their cone.

The player with the ball will pass it towards the cone either to the left or right of them (determines which direction you desire to start with. In the diagram above, the player is passing to the right).

The receiver is able to use either the inside or outside of their foot while receiving the ball from the passer.

The receiver may go behind or in front of the cone, shown as the dotted lines in the diagram above. The cone represents the “mock defender” in which the player is trying to move around.

The receiver, once taking their first touch behind or in front of the cone, then passes the ball to the next receiver, repeating this process around the square.


Switch It Up

- Number of soccer balls. Adding more soccer balls can create a quick drill to challenge your players’ attention and communication skills

- Number of players on each cone. Decreasing the number of players creates a faster-paced drill or increasing to build a better team connection

- Call out a change in direction during the drill. This can help the players work both left and right feet and test their reaction skills

More Tips

- Get the players to communicate! This is a great drill to work on the team’s communication skills. The players can say “Ball!” “Here!” “Left foot!” “Right foot!” and more.


2. The Pyramid

Before You Start

            Equipment:                                                                        The Set-Up:

                 - 3 cones                                                                              - Place 3 cones in a pyramid

                 - two players                                                                         shape, with two players on

                 - one soccer ball                                                                    separate cones


How It Works

One player is at the top of the pyramid with the soccer ball; the other is on either the left or right bottom cone (whichever one you wish to start with)

The top player will pass the ball towards the player when at the cone.

The receiver will take a touch, then pass the ball back to the top player.

After passing the ball back to the top player, the bottom player will then sprint to the next cone to receive the ball once again.

Repeat these steps until the time is up (approximately 1-2 minutes), switch roles from the top stagnant player to the moving bottom player.


Switch It Up

Number of touches. Switch from a two-touch pass to a one-touch pass for quicker, more controlled movement

- Number of players. Instead of sprinting back and forth between cones, there can be three players on the drill to pass in a triangle structure


More Tips

Make sure the receiver takes a light and controls the first touch. Do not want the ball flying around towards the opponent

- Communicate. Let the passer know which foot you would like to receive the ball on (“Left!” or “Right!”)


3. Over the River (Full Possession)

Before You Start

            Equipment:                                                                         The Set-Up:

                 - 8 cones                                                                           - Make a large 20x30 rectangle

                 - 12 pennies (8 one color, 4 a different color)                 - Create a 2x10 boundary in

                 - 12 players                                                                          the center of rectangle

                                                                                                          - 4 attacking players and 2                                                                                                                                              defensive in each box


How It Works

Soccer ball starts in either box with the offensive team (team with four players in each box). The defensive team has two players in each box, the rest of the team sits out for the round.

The offensive team must complete at least three passes within their box without the defenders taking the ball.

After connecting three complete passes, the offensive team’s objective is then to pass the ball to the other box without letting the defensive team take the ball.

The defenders are trying to take the ball away from the offensive team. If the defenders take the ball three times within the same box, the positions must switch (offense becomes defense, defense becomes offense).

The only way to switch roles is for the defense to steal the ball away from the offense.


Switch It Up

 - Limit the number of touches. Limit to one-touch passing for a high-intensity game

 - Adjust grid size. Make the grid smaller and tighter for quick passing or larger to work on long passes and time awareness

- Make the offensive team “loft” or “chip” the ball over the middle-dotted line area towards the other box after completing the three passes. This works on lofting skills and first touch out of the air.



Additional Videos on Soccer Passing:

Winning Soccer Vol. 5: Passing, Receiving, and Heading

Paul Riley's Soccer Moves, Skills, and Drills

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World Cup Soccer with Mia Hamm

Friday, May 28, 2021

The StrengthCast PowerShow A Heart Attack Is Just What This Warrior Needed To Be A Victor!

 At 530 pounds, Blake Gauthier ignored all the warning signs that he was headed for disaster. A heart attack turned his entire world around.

► Read Blake Gauthier's Transformation Story:
(Continued below......)

(....Continued....)In 2018, Blake Gauthier was reminded that life can change in a heartbeat. The 6-foot-7-inch Gauthier—who weighed 530 pounds at the time—literally dropped dead of a heart attack while walking down the street. Fortunately, he was brought back to life in time to realize that life is too short and too precious to take for granted. Two years and more than 200 lost pounds later, Gauthier has the heart of a 20-year-old and the body to back it up. His heart attack could have taken everything away. Instead, as he describes in his story of transformation, it gave him everything he needed to change.—H.E. At my heaviest, I weighed over 530 pounds. I am 6-foot-7, so I'm not a small guy by any means, but it's still no excuse. A couple of years before that, I was in fairly good shape. That was before I decided to renovate the houses my girlfriend and I lived in and sell them. Instead of doing the smart thing and working on them one at a time, we decided to do both at once. That meant we didn't have a kitchen to use, which is what caused the weight gain. Everything just kind of snowballed until I dropped dead. | Blake's Top 5 Transformation Tips |

1. Know What's at Stake

I had the mindset that if I didn't eat the right way,   Keep reading......

Got a transformation story? Inspire your fellow warriors by sharing it in the comment section below >>>>>>>>>

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Infrared Sauna Benefits and Examining Different Types of Saunas


Examining Different Types of Saunas

  • Author Kevin Schmiterson

Traditional saunas are what everyone thinks of when the word is mentioned. These types of saunas have been around for hundreds of years. The first saunas were basically a pit dug into the earth and lined with rocks. Then they covered it with hides or other covering. After creating a fire in the middle, the occupants would heat stones and then douse it with water for steam. Today, the design of traditional saunas has been refined. A typical Finnish sauna is made with wood and has a stove instead of an open fire. The concept of using stones and water for steam is still being used today.

Far infrared saunas are newer innovations of the traditional variety. About eighty years ago, the Germans began experimenting with heating the human body using infrared waves. The Japanese also began doing similar work in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1965, a Japanese medical doctor patented a ceramic infrared heater that was the precursor of the modern designs in use today. That heater came into the general market in 1979 and that started the wave of using infrared heaters in the modern sauna. It offers heating from the inside out and does not use the high temperatures that the traditional sauna requires.

Full spectrum saunas offer even more modern benefits than the far infrared kind. The first infrared heaters only worked on the far end of the spectrum. Today, you can get heaters that offer the full spectrum of infrared waves. This innovation helps to increase the health benefits offered by these heaters. Each end of the infrared spectrum works at different levels of the body. Studies show that full spectrum infrared technology works to detoxify the body, aid with weight loss, and help with pain management. These are only a few of the benefits you will enjoy with this technology.

Portable saunas are great for modern living. Portability is a great option for those who are renting or have a small space. Having a sauna in the house is a great option for those who want to experience the health benefits. Making them happen at the same time is the best of both worlds. A portable sauna will do this. It setups quickly and plugs into a regular outlet. Then when you are done, it breaks down and stores in a small location. This makes a great way to experience the benefits of the sauna without a more permanent installation.

Far infrared saunas are newer innovations of the traditional variety.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Concealed Carry Should I Carry With One in The Chamber?


Should I Carry With One in The Chamber?

One persistent question is, “should I carry with one in the chamber?” My answer is “yes,” but the reason may not be what you expected.

carry with a round in the chamber

Carrying a Glock 19 with one in the chamber in the AIWB position. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

A Round in The Chamber Question Divides Gun Owners:

I have been carrying firearms daily for over 15 years now, first as an off-duty police officer. I carried my duty weapon with a full magazine and a round in the chamber, so the idea of carrying my off-duty concealed gun with one in the chamber came naturally to me.

I quickly realized that the fundamental question of carrying an everyday carry gun EDC loaded divided concealed carriers.

I'm not here to bash people who disagree with my decision to carry my EDC gun loaded. However, if you don't, I want you to consider carrying with a round in the chamber. If you want to carry condition-one (round in the chamber) I want to provide you with a way of gaining confidence to carry concealed with a loaded gun.

should i carry with one in the chamber

Common Arguments Against Carrying a Gun With a Round in The Chamber:

You might have heard (or used) some of these arguments to support an opinion that carrying with a round in the chamber is unsafe.

  1. It is just too dangerous. The gun could go off inadvertently and cause injury or death.
  2. It does not take that long to rack the slide and chamber a round.
  3. I like single-action firearms. It is not safe to carry them loaded with the hammer cocked.
  4. My gun does not have an external safety, so it is unsafe to carry with a round in the chamber.
  5. One of the safety rules states, “Keep the weapon unloaded until ready for use.”

Let me begin by addressing these concerns. ......Read the full article here.......

Monday, May 24, 2021

The Rock Almighty Devotional, Praise, and Worship with One Bad Pig Feat. Johnny Cash



In these end times, some people wonder if God’s grace is relevant to them on a personal level. Relevancy is defined as being pertinent, applicable, connected with the matter at hand, and appropriate to the time or circumstances. Most people think grace is just a generalized concept, which may be why they don’t know how to receive it for themselves and apply it to their situation. Grace is Jesus Christ, Himself; when we look at what’s going on in the world today, we see that wherever Jesus has been banned or shut out, chaos and confusion are found.

God isn’t the God of chaos and confusion, but of peace; He holds everything together, and by Him all things consist. When we’re struggling with an issue, we must ask ourselves how much relevance we’ve given Him in our lives. God’s Word is quick, powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword in discerning the thoughts and intentions of our heart. In a world where we can drown in a sea of vague, irrelevant information that doesn’t apply to us, Jesus is always willing to address the specific problem we need help with.

What we see around us may be haphazard and lacking any cohesiveness; God is just the opposite.  He shows unmerited favor to each of us individually and in different ways, not indiscriminately. He adds beauty to our lives not by painting in broad brush strokes, but by fine-tuning exactly what we need and bringing it to us in up-close, personal ways. God’s grace is as relevant as you can get.

He isn’t a God of the distant past who no longer applies, but our refuge and strength now, and a very present help in trouble. Neither is He only relevant when we die and face either heaven or hell; He’s exactly where we are in the present. God wants us to have life, and have it more abundantly. He provides relevancy right when we need it.


Lord, You definitely apply and are relevant in every and all situations I may face. You pull everything together and give it meaning. Thank You for Your presence in my life; it’s just what I need. In Jesus’ name, amen.


1 Corinthians 14:33

Colossians 1:17

Hebrews 4:12

Ephesians 4:7, AMPC

Psalm 46:1

John 10:10

Sunday, May 23, 2021



by Creflo Dollar | 

Good health is something many of us take for granted and never think about—until we get sick. When that happens, we’ve gotten in the habit of reaching for medication or seeing a doctor for relief. There’s nothing wrong with that, but believers must not forget the origins of true healing. A sound mind and a healthy body keep us operating at peak efficiency; these are blessings from God.

Wise doctors ask the Great Physician to work through them because they know that there are some things that even they can’t fix. Healing is more than just writing prescriptions and performing surgery. The world’s medical and psychological communities now admit to the powerful effect the mind has on healing. This is confirmed in God’s Word. “A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the body, but envy, jealousy, and wrath are like rottenness of the bones” (Proverbs 14:30, AMPC).

While we should use the keen, intelligent minds God gave us to believe in His healing power, some people use their minds to think themselves into illness. We’ve all heard of cases where a person entertains such negative, angry thoughts over a long period of time that they eventually develop ulcers, or even clinical depression or mental illness. Periodically we hear of someone losing their will to live and dying of a broken heart after losing a loved one. The mind and the heart are connected, and God heals both. “He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3).

During His earthly ministry, Jesus healed those who believed He could do so because of who He was. Their faith connected them to His amazing power. “And, behold, there came a leper and worshipped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed” (Matthew 8:2, 3). Whether God touches us or we reach out and touch Him, real healing takes place by faith. “Now a woman, having a flow of blood for twelve years, who had spent all her livelihood on physicians and could not be healed by any, came from behind and touched the border of His garment. And immediately her flow of blood stopped” (Luke 8:43, 44, NKJV).

Without a heartfelt belief in the divine power of healing, there are things that all the medicine in the world can’t fix. God doesn’t want to see us sick; when we agree with Him on this, a marvelous power is unleashed. “And He came down with them and stood on a level place with a crowd of His disciples and a great multitude of people from all Judea and Jerusalem, and from the seacoast of Tyre and Sidon, who came to hear Him and be healed of their diseases, as well as those who were tormented with unclean spirits. And they were healed. And the whole multitude sought to touch Him, for power went out from Him and healed them all” (Luke 6:17-19, NKJV). Although Jesus was God in human form, He was always willing to come down to the level of ordinary people to perform healing. It was true then, and it’s true now.

Everything we experience in the natural world originates in the spiritual world, and God’s Word brings healing on many different levels. He restores our physical, spiritual, and emotional balance like no one else can. When God touches our minds and spirits, we’re healed and made whole again, with nothing missing and nothing broken.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

The Indoor Football League on US Sports Net Presented By The National Council on Strength and Fitness!



Heading into week five, al 12 teams will be in action for the first time this season. The Indoot Football League’s Game of The Week features the Arizona Rattlers (1-0) taking on the Sioux Falls Storm (0-1) inside the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center and will be aired live on Stadium.


Tucson Sugar Skulls open their 2021 season with a matchup against the Green Bay Blizzard on the road. This will be the first meeting against the Blizzard in franchise history.
Only two members of the 2019 offense returned to the Sugar Skulls, including running back Mike Jones and Tucson native Antonio Rosales. Jones earned first-team All-IFL honors in his rookie season with the Sugar Skulls, rushing for a league-high 711 yards and 25 total touchdowns, despite missing two games.

Joining the Sugar Skulls in the 2021 IFL season is former NFL first-round draft pick, Matt Elam. Elam played 41 games over three seasons for the Baltimore Ravens, totaling 131 tackles, one forced fumble and one interception. The electric talent is playing his first season in the IFL, after having played in both the CFL and the XFL in prior years.

While Friday's game will be Tucson's season opener, Green Bay has already played four games in the 2021 IFL season, sporting a 2-2 record. The Blizzard's rushing attack ranks the third in the IFL, led by running back Kerrion Moore. Of the IFL teams that have played so far, Green Bay currently ranks fifth in rushing, with the least efficient passing offense in the league.


The Frisco Fighters won their season opener against the Spokane Shock, 36-33, in a game that came down to the final possession.
The Fighters scored on a one-yard touchdown rush by running back Demarcus Felton to give the Fighters a three-point lead with only ten seconds remaining in the game. Defensive back Joel Dullary sealed the game with his second interception.

Like Frisco, Louisville also has a young team and a new coaching staff. This is both teams’ first season in the IFL, but the Xtreme are still looking for their first win as a franchise. Louisville is coming off a bye week and is armed with two veteran quarterbacks – Dalton Oliver and Bryan Hicks.

Oliver played the entire game in the Xtreme’s last outing against Green Bay. Oliver 19-of35 for 168 yards for three touchdowns and two picks. Oliver also recorded a rushing touchdown in the contest.


The Bismarck Bucks come into its week five matchup off their second victory over the Green Bay Blizzard, 58-45, and improved to 2-1 on the season.
Quarterback Glen Cuiellette got the bulk of the snaps under center for the Bucks. He threw 8-of-15 through the air for 98 yards and two touchdowns. Wide receiver Raheem Harvey caught both of those touchdowns along with racking up 90 yards.

Northern Arizona dropped its first game of 2021 and as a franchise to the Arizona Rattlers, 51-20.


The Iowa Barnstormers started the 2021 season on the road with a dominant win over the Sioux Falls Storm.
It saw the team put up 56 points, including seven touchdowns by the offense, en route to a 20-point, runaway win to open the season at 1-0.

The offense, led by IFL Player of the Week Daquan Neal, will return to Wells Fargo Arena for the first time since 2019 to battle the Duke City Gladiators. The heralded franchise is playing its first game as a member of the Indoor Football League.


Following their dominant season-opening win, the Arizona Rattlers (1-0) will visit the Sioux Falls Storm (0-1) on Saturday, May 22, setting up a matchup between the two winningest head coaches in arena/indoor football history.

On the heels of a 51-20 victory over the Northern Arizona Wranglers in Week 1, Rattlers Head Coach Kevin Guy earned his 212th career win in indoor/arena football, breaking a tie for second place on the game's all-time wins list. Guy had previously been tied with longtime Arena Football League head coach Tim Marcum at 211 wins entering the 2021 Indoor Football League season.

Sioux Falls Head Coach Kurtiss Riggs, who has spent the entirety of his coaching career in the IFL, is first all-time with 240 wins in arena/indoor football. Head-to-head, Guy leads the all-time series vs. Riggs, 5-3. The Rattlers topped the Storm in the 2017 United Bowl, while the Storm avenged that game with a win over Arizona in the 2019 United Bowl, leveling out the United Bowl Series, 1-1.

The Storm enter the game coming off losing their home-opener, 56-36, to the Barnstormers on May 15. Storm quarterback Lorenzo Brown threw 12-of-26 for 113 yards and two total touchdowns in his first game of the 2021 season. Featuring in the backfield with Brown, running back Nate Chavious had 11 rushes for 66 yards and three touchdowns.


For the first time in 665 days, the Massachusetts Pirates will return to action on Phoenix Field at the DCU Center as they host the Spokane Shock in the home opener.
Massachusetts allowed just 18 points and 109 yards of total offense in a season-opening win at Louisville, posted four sacks in a 40-36 setback in Green Bay and yielded just 1.3 yards per rush by Bismarck ball carriers in a 36 to 18 victory. The Pirates are coming off a bye week.

Pirates QB Alejandro Bennifield has been impressive in his three games. He has completed 54.5 percent of his passes (36 of 66) for 411 yards with seven touchdowns and just one interception. He has also scored seven rushing touchdowns which leads the team. Bennifield ran for a season-high of four touchdowns in a game vs. Green Bay and threw for another earning him IFL Offensive Player of the Week in week two.

This week they face the Spokane Shock who saw a three-point lead disappear in the final ten seconds in a 36-33 loss to the Frisco Fighters in their first game of the season.

Shock running back Davonte Sapp-Lynch led the team on the ground with 11 rushing attempts for 47 yards and two touchdowns along with quarterback Charles McCullum who also recorded a rushing touchdown. Through the air, McCullum threw 18-of-31 for 141 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.