Growing up, eating fast food was both a necessity and a comfort for Jessica Fauver. Poor eating habits followed her into adulthood, causing her to put on more and more weight in her twenties and thirties.

After years of being bullied and picked on and told she was never going to lose weight, Fauver decided enough was enough. That spark of determination and an online bet was all it took to begin her weight-loss journey. Two years later and two hundred pounds lighter, Fauver competes onstage and inspires hundreds of thousands of followers every day.  

We sat down with Fauver to learn more about who she is and how she made this incredible transformation.  

BBCOM: You were over 300 pounds before you began your transformation. How did you get to that point?  

I grew up in poverty, so everything was cheap: fast food, fatty foods. I was also told I was ugly and fat. I was bullied, and I went through a lot of heartbreak. I turned to food as comfort. As I got older, my eating habits continued.

I'm a nurse, too, so I work 48-60 hours a week. A lot of times, dinner was processed foods or fast food. I would order Crunch Wrap Supreme, a 5-Layer Burrito, a taco, and get a dessert, and I would eat that all late at night after I'd worked a 16-hour shift or something.

The weight just kept piling up after I got into my 30s. It just kept coming on and coming on. I ended up getting to 354 pounds.  

What does it feel like to carry that much weight around?  

Carrying all that extra weight was hard. I was miserable, I was in a lot of pain. My back hurt, my neck, my shoulders. I felt like my body was starting to break down. I avoided going to the doctor, because I knew that there were some health issues going on.

I've tried to lose weight so many times. I've tried different diets, and I could never stick to any of it. I would crave something, and I would just binge. I knew if I didn't change my ways I was going to die. I didn't want to die.  Keep reading........