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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Fellowship Of Christian Athletes Radio Comes To US Sports Network

05/26/09 Washington DC Nate Lewis President of the US Sports Network Announced today that they have added the Fellowship Of Christian Athletes radio program: Sharing The Victory to their ever-growing lineup of On-Demand radio and video offerings:FCA Sharing the Victory Radio Program The Sharing the Victory program is an informing and inspirational half-hour program that will be published once a week. The radio program includes interviews with recognized athletes and coaches in a segment called “Champions of Faith,” plus FCA President/CEO Les Steckel’s commentaries on issues relating to the heart and soul in sports in his regular feature, “Coach’s Corner.” A veteran coach who spent 32 years at both the NFL and college levels, Steckel gained wisdom and experience through coaching.Tune in to Sharing The Victory each week on US Sports Network by Clicking Here.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Enjoy this Holiday

Just a note from those of us at US Sports Network to enjoy this day of relaxations and fellowship. Also remember that the freedoms that we are enjoying today come at a price. That price was paid with the lives of dedicated and brave service men and women in our Armed Forces.
Regardless on where you fall on the subject of politics of war, there was someone in uniform willing to lay down his or her life to protect the freedom and prosperity that we enjoy today. So laugh, cry, cheer and relax today knowing that we are free in this country because of the Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Friends, that put themselves into harms way.

Have a great Memorial Day!

Nate Lewis
US Sports Network

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Divas/Nighthawks Tonight

The Divas (4-0) Take on the hard hitting Nighthawks (1-3) tonight at the Prince Georges Sports & Learning Complex. Tickets are available at the door or still online here:

Can't make it to the game. Live video with Us Sports Radio Audio will be availble. Click on the Widget to your right or below:
Saturday May 23, 2009 6:35pm EST D.C. Divas Football Vs. Baltimore Nighthawks Audio

Saturday May 23, 2009 6:45pm EST D.C. Divas Football Vs. Baltimore NighthawksVideo

Monday, May 18, 2009

Divas, Defense Dominate Another IWFL Foe

The D.C. Divas expect a tough football game every time they go to Brooklyn to face the Sharks who are in their 10th season of play. After a scoreless first half the Divas marched the ball 64 yards on the ground to begin the second half and grind out a 6-0 lead. Claudia Hogan’s 1 yard blast in her first carry of the game gave the Divas the lead.
The offensive line battled one of the better defensive lines in the league and opened holes throughout the second half. RB Okiima Pickett brought her career best effort of 117 yards on 22 carries. The Divas running backs ran for a season high 223 yards on the day. LB Alissa Imbragulio recovered a fumble that lead to the Divas first score of the 4th quarter. QB Allyson Hamlin’s 1 yard keeper made it 12-0 and RB Tiffany “Spaceghost” Matthews added the two point run for a 14-0 advantage. Hamlin then added an 8 yard scoring strike to WR Tara Kallal. Kathryn Hemlock added the extra point for a 21-0 lead that was insurmountable. The Sharks added the final touchdown with just less than 2 minutes to play.
In 4 games this season the defensive unit has only allowed 14 points. The Divas now hold a 3-1 series advantage since the teams began playing each other in 2007.
The Divas are now 4-0 on the season and host the Baltimore Nighthawks on Saturday May 23rd. Kickoff is at 7:00pm at the Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex and parking is Free in Fed Ex Field LOT B. Get your tickets today!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Divas Roll and our apologies

First let me personally apologize for the lack of the video feed of the Divas New York Sharks game. I will not bore you with the reasons just to sum up as logistical issues.

Divas in a strong physical showing in Brooklyn go to 4-0 on the year. Tough matchups with Baltimore, Philly, and the Sharks visiting DC coming up. This whacky league, anything can happen stay tuned.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Divas/Sharks tomorrow

No sleep 'til' Brooklyn fans! Divas in one big matchup after another. Saturday is a 'toughie' as the Divas in the past have not fared so well against the Sharks. Tune in live audio and video here:
Saturday May 16, 2009 2:35pm EST D.C. Divas Football @ New York Sharks Audio

Saturday May 16, 2009 3:15pm EST D.C. Divas Football @ New York Sharks Video

On our way up 95 let's chat later :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Okay so now you hate Manny?

Nate: So you feel betrayed by Manny?
Blog Reader Baseball Fan (BRBF): No not really
Nate: Don't you feel like many of the baseball writers and journalists that Manny has shamed baseball?
BRBF: Well....No
Nate: Many L.A. area baseball writers feel that the Dodgers must get rid of Manny what do you think of that?
BRBF: Uh...they don't sign the checks and cash the checks from the season ticket holders.
Nate: So if you were a Dodger fan would you 'Love' Manny
BRBF: Look! I loved Pamela Anderson! I love my brand new puppy! I love my family! Manny may help the Dodgers get to the World Series. I don't want him preaching at my church to the youth group.
Nate: Do you know of are you aware of what kind of PE's Manny was taking?
BRBF: Yeah something to help him have babies and hit home runs.
Nate: So what do we do now that it seems that all if not most of the top performers in baseball and possibly other sports are juicing? What do you say to the kids?
BRBF: Well I will tenderly say to my son or daughter "If I catch yo' A$$ touching any F*&^ing Juice I as you father will lovingly kick the living S&%t out of your F)*&ing butt and you better hope you are strong enough to survive it! and I love you very much!"

Okay so we went a little overboard on the last part, so let's get serious for a moment. I would like to challenge all of my fellow strength coaches, personal trainers, and fitness consultants to convey to at least one young athlete that there are natural alternatives to anabolic steriod illegal use and abuse. Many of my colleagues feel that I am waisting my time in trying to use my personal expertise in trying to tackle this problem at where I see the root. Obviously Bob Costas, Tony Kornheiser, Mike Tirico, and the scores of baseball writers out there cannot offer any alternatives. I do not hold any journalist to blame here, they are just doing their job. I also am going to do mine:
Many of you considering going on the juice will not want to read this but sorry 'Gotta' do it: (The linked text opens to a resource on the subject)
If you are not training and eating right you are waisting your time and syringes
Once you are training and eating right, there are safe and effective nutrtional supplements containing no illegal ingredients on the market today that can help you slowly catch up to and surpass the 'roiders'

I hope I am not the only strength coach putting this information into the right hands. I certainly welcome your debate and arguments. Anything before this minor drug problem catches up to the bigger problems of coacaine, meth, heroin, and many others.

Manny just being..well a real 'Manny!'

Well here we go again another star baseball player, possibly one of the best clutch sluggers in the game got caught 'red needled' in another chapter in the steroid ignoramus parade. Check the US Sports Network Blog Later today for some make sense commentary that may help ease your pain.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well not really if you are a Diva Fan. What I am talking about is that as good as they looked Saturday Night, the thought that they can get better is breathtaking! They are showing that intangible where if they don't beat themselves, they are hard to beat.
Also Saturday was our first live video feed of the game. The archive is on the US Sports Network widget to your right. Thanks and now New York in two weeks.