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Thursday, September 11, 2014

To belt or not to belt? Always a question

Yes, there are many who abuse weightlifting belts. There are times as well when it is a smart move. Here is a guide:
The necessity for a weight lifting belt is dependent on the kind of resistance training you're doing and how much weight you are lifting. Weight lifting belts help support the torso during heavy lifting--especially in squats and deadlifts. As a general rule, if you are performing a lift that requires significant torso stabilization and using more than 75 percent of the total weight you can lift just once, you may need the extra support a belt offers.
The downside of depending on a weightlifting belt continually for support, is that this can result in a weakening of the abdominal and lower back muscles that are so important to body stability. If you're going to use a weight lifting belt don't neglect strengthening your abdominals and back extensors.
A weightlifting belt should be about four inches wide and fit snugly around your abdominals and lumbar region.
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