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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Health & Wealth with Lisa Harris: Episode 1 - Mark Everett Kelly and Naturally Cancer is Curable But Only Naturally

Lisa Harris interviews cancer survivor, sports radio host, 2-time Emmy Award winner, blogger, inspirational speaker and author of "My Scars Tell A Story" Mark Everett Kelly. To help Mark in his battle against the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and bone marrow transplant, please visit Mark's Patreon Page at

Naturally Cancer is Curable But Only Naturally

By: Alan Wighton

Cancer is a wake up call; it’s your body telling you that you’ve done something wrong so your focus has to be to correct the reasons which caused it to appear. We have been brainwashed today into believing that cancer has appeared because of chance or bad luck and must be removed quickly or it will spread. That is not true. What the body needs is to address the reasons why it grew in the first place and that can only be achieved naturally.

Over the years there have been many false claims about cancer, the biggest one is that it needs to be removed quickly, regardless of the side effects of the treatment. What you won’t be told is that you need to make some changes, especially dietary ones to stop it from spreading because that’s when it becomes a killer. Just removing it by surgery, radiation or chemotherapy won’t stop it spreading to another location and that’s why so many people are dying of the disease.

Learn about cancer, especially its causes because there can never be a real cure until you remove its causes. The best doctor you have is inside your own body and it’s called the immune system. It’s a known fact that all cancers are a result of an immune system that wasn’t functioning properly and allowed cancer cells to develop so that has to be your first priority. Strengthen your immune system.

Everybody except the patient is doing well now days in the business of treating cancer and the current methods are appallingly ineffective. The reasons being they focus solely on the growths themselves and the growths are not the problem. They’re only a symptom of the problem. The definition of a symptom is an indication that something is wrong and it’s the whole body where the problem is.

Our mainstream medical professionals don’t support natural treatments because they are trained by the pharmaceutical industry. These industries are one of the most powerful and profitable businesses in the world and because there is money involved, is the reason why you won’t be told about simple ways to heal the body of cancer naturally. Do you think these industries really want someone to come along with an inexpensive natural non toxic effective cure?

For years we have been told there is no relationship between nutrition and cancer whereas today we know with certainty that what we eat or what we don’t eat causes cancer. Good wholesome food based on a plant based diet will build up the immune system whereas unwholesome food or junk food weakens the immune system. The human body has the capacity to self heal when the immune system is functioning properly.

It’s poor diets, our sedentary lifestyle and a toxic overload which has caused the problem and there is never going to be a pill to solve that. You can’t drug the body back to health and burning the body with radiation won’t help either. Both of these treatments weaken the immune system. They may shrink some of the cancer growths but long term that doesn’t solve the problem.

The way to be cancer free is to get involved and learn about it so you can make changes, especially to a plant based diet which is packed with all kinds of anti cancer substances, many of them more powerful and effective than any drug. The body’s ability to heal itself is remarkable.

 Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist specializing in nutrition.

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