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Friday, February 14, 2020

Police Activity on US Sports Net Presented by Tactical P.E. Featuring: Bodycam Shows Police Shooting Man After He Gets Out of Car With a Gun and How to Stop Domestic Violence

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Oklahoma City police released body camera footage of officer-involved shooting that occurred in a Northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood Monday, September 9, 2019.
Police officers fatally shot Quentin Broadus Monday afternoon after he had killed his wife, 33-year-old Caleea Broadus and led police on a three-mile chase. After the pursuit came to an end, bodycam footage shows Quentin exit the vehicle with a gun in his hand and that’s when six police officers fired at Quentin, striking him. No officers were injured and all have since been cleared in the incident. 

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How to Stop Domestic Violence

By: Delishia Davis

Domestic Violence is an issue for people of all walks of life. Regardless of social class, gender, economic background or ethnic group, domestic violence is prevalent. Current studies show that one out of every four women is a victim of domestic violence, and there are rising numbers in the male population. This takes the form of emotional, verbal and physical abuse.

As a domestic violence survivor, I am compelled to share the following commandments for interaction with domestic violence victims and survivors. This is not simply crisis counseling, but it is specialized with a systematic approach.

When interacting with the victim of domestic violence, it is important to govern yourself by the following commandments:

1.Thou shall not make the victim feel as if he/she lacks intelligence and common sense. While he/she chose the partner, he/she did not actively choose to be abused.

2.Thou shall not give unsolicited advice. During the decision-making process, the victim needs both the freedom to make choices and the support of a listening ear.

3.Thou shall not waste time talking about the perpetrator and his/her ill-fated future. Instead, time and attention needs to be directed toward the victim as a plan is developed for survival.

4.Thou shall not tell the victim that they helped to cause the problem. That is "perpetrator mentality" (Read "The Types of Domestic Abuse"). Nothing the victim has said and/or done provides justification for his/her suffering.

5.Thou shall encourage the domestic violence victim with phrases such as "You are an overcomer" and "You have our support". This is a crucial time and the victim will not want to feel alone in the transition.

6.Thou shall listen to the victim with an objective mind.

7.Thou shall locate a secure method of transportation and place of abode, to secure the victim and any other family members from the perpetrator. Do not provide the address and telephone numbers to others, especially during the first months of the transition.

8.Thou shall not have communication with the perpetrator in reference to the abuse, as a means of understanding or reconciliation. Studies will clearly show that perpetrators react in a more violent way towards the victim after he/she has shared it with someone else.

9.Thou shall connect the victim with resources for all needs, so he/she will have no reason to return to the place of residence after making the transition. (There are some stores that provide clothing, toiletries and food to domestic violence victims. Check with your local domestic violence shelter.)

10.Thou shall pray with the victim and direct him/her to scriptures for encouragement and empowerment. Continually emphasize a closer relationship with the Lord.

A time of tribulation with domestic violence is not a final determination on one’s life; it can simply be a turning point for greater things ahead. God bless you as you help others align with their God-directed destiny.

Pastor DeLishia Davis:

DeLishia A. Davis is a Methodist pastor in Northern Virginia. She writes inspirational books and articles for self-help and spiritual growth. She and her family reside in Fairfax, Virginia. 

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