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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Chris Beat Cancer Featuring: Black raspberries are an anti-cancer superfood and Make Flavanoids Part of Your Daily Diet

Prepare to have your mind blown on the amazing anti-cancer benefits of black raspberries in this interview with Steve Dunfield of BerriHealth.

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Make Flavanoids Part of Your Daily Diet
By: Linda Byers

Flavanoids are polyphonic compounds that have a huge impact on our health.

A flavanoid is a natural compound which helps protect our bodies against disease. They also provide vitamins and enzymes, so they are just packed full of nutritional benefits!

They are found in fruits, vegetables and beverages like tea, coffee, beer wine and fruit drinks.

Flavanoids are very beneficial for our health, as they have antiviral, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and contain antioxidant properties.

Flavonoids function in our body as antioxidants.

They neutralize oxygen-containing molecules called free radicals that cause severe harm and injury to the cells and tissues within the body, and increase the body's vulnerability to diseases. Flavanoids are a group of plant pigments that are extremely potent, and effective free radical destroyers. Free radicals are the primary cause for abnormal growth in the body.

In other words, a flavanoid helps protect our bodies against disease.

They contain nutritional benefits and also provide our bodies with vitamins and enzymes.

A few things that flavanoids do for you body..

Help Prevent:

General inflammation in the body/joints

1.cancer 2.heart disease 3.strokes 4.asthma 5.hay fever 6.eczema 7.rheumatoid arthritis 8.gout 9.fibromyalgia

Signs of low levels of flavanoids:

1.Easy bruising 2.Frequent nose bleeds 3.Excessive swelling after injury 4.Frequent colds or infections

Foods that contain flavanoids:

Fruits and veggies! Flavanoids are found in the flesh of the fruits and in their skins.

Just a few of the flavanoid rich foods: apples apricots blueberries pears raspberries strawberries grapes oranges black beans cabbage onions parsley pinto beans tomatoes

Just a word about moderation:

Dark chocolate maintains the highest level of flavanoids. When it comes to chocolate,think the same way as you do about fruits and vegetables: dark is better. Just remember, dark chocolate is a good chocolate. BUT, it's still a high calorie food that needs to be eaten in moderation. There is no serving size established in order to obtain the health benefits it offers so use some common sense and know yourself.As far as I'm concerned, I can't have one chocolate. If I have one, I will eat the entire box!

Grapefruit juice and green( contains exceptional amounts of flavanoids) or black tea, and also red wine have a high content of flavanoids. Red wine can reduce the chance of heart attack in middle aged people if women consume one glass per day and men consume two. Again, moderation is the key-1 glass = 4 ounces.

You can also get extra flavanoids into your diet by taking supplements like grape seed extract, green tea extract and vitamin capsules.

Flavanoids are a great preventative nutrient, best from fruits and veggies if you can but quality supplements are always an option.They fight inflammation and glue you together; they help all connective tissues in the body resist aging.

Linda Byers, a nurse who has seen the ill effects of weight gain.

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