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Monday, February 10, 2020

Trending Sports News and Live Streams Featuring: Breaking: Mookie Betts headed to Dodgers after clubs re-work initial trade

After running into a snag concerning medical records this week, the Mookie Betts trade between the Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, and Minnesota Twins has been officially completed. Jim Bowden and David Samson join CBS Sports HQ to break down what the new deal looks like and how it impacts each club.

Bodybuilding Training And Dieting For Improved Performance In Baseball!

Bodybuilding is an activity that not only can be used for bigger musculature and less fat, but also for increased performance in sports. In this case … baseball. Use this detailed strength training program to improve your game!

Bodybuilding is an activity that not only can be used for bigger musculature and less fat, but also for increased performance in sports. In the case of baseball, bodybuilding training can be used as a means to increase strength and prevent injuries.
Strengthening the rotator cuff muscles as well as the core muscles, for instance, can not only prevent injuries but also allow for more overall strength that will allow for a faster pitch or for a stronger batting ability. In addition, increasing leg strength can contribute to a faster sprint from base to base.   Strengthening The Rotator Cuff
Can Allow For A Stronger Batting Ability.
The program that will be presented here will be the weight training component of your overall training program provided by your coach, which may consist of various isometric, isotonic and isokinetic exercises, sprints, stretching, plyometrics and many other drills.
Depending on the position you play, your coach may instruct you to emphasize different elements of your program and to specialize in certain body parts.
For example, catchers, infielders and outfielders need to emphasize wrist, hand and core abdominal strength as well as general flexibility (especially in the legs). Pitchers however need general strength, flexibility and endurance with emphasis on the rotator cuff muscles and shoulders.
The goal of this weight training program is to increase the overall strength of all major muscle groups. There are two components to the program:

  1. Off-Season/Pre-Season
  2. In-Season Training

Off-Season/Pre-Season Baseball Weight Training Program

Goal: Program Goal Is To Gain Strength and Balance Out Weaknesses

Weeks 1-3

Workout A: Monday/Thursday

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