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Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: 13 Blissful Benefits of Orange Essential Oil | How to Use Orange Essential Oil and Aromatherapy skin care products – do they work?

Image result for 13 Blissful Benefits of Orange Essential Oil 
The Truth About Cancer presents: 13 benefits of orange essential oil!

There are few things better than the aroma of someone peeling an orange. That zesty, fresh, tangy scent makes your mouth water and sharpens your senses. Such is the power of aromatherapy!

Orange is well known for its mood-lifting, immune-stimulating, antibacterial, and cleansing properties. But orange essential oil is amazing for so much more! Watch this video to discover the true power of orange essential oil… PLUS how to use orange essential oil for face, natural health tips, and more. (Video below)

Aromatherapy skin care products – do they work?

By: Orson Dixon

Aromatherapy for skin care has been in use since ancient times. It is believed that Cleopatra blended several secret perfumes that she used on her skin, both for the purposes of beauty and seduction. Egyptian priests had also observed a surprising connection between plant oils and the healing of skin problems. Plant oils were later used to heal skin wounds, blisters and limit scarring. As you can see, the ancients had laid the foundation of aromatherapy for skin care, long before Gattefossé stumbled upon the healing properties of pure lavender oil.

Organic, natural products are the rage in the market these days. Today, as people become more and more conscious of the need to present a beautiful, flawless face to the world, these age-old skin care processes are becoming popular again. One of the reasons for the popularity of aromatherapy for skin care is that these products are 100% natural. That means, no allergies and no reactions.

Organic essential oils are the main ingredients found in aromatherapy massage oils. These plant oils have a number of different healing properties. Some of them can even be used for internal consumption and are generally very good agents of detoxification.

Organic essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, lemon grass and tea tree induce relaxation. Thus, they prevent the formation of wrinkles and stress-related marks on the skin. Many people have traditionally used these oils in ancient civilizations like India, China and Egypt. For instance, Chamomile has been used to beautify hair while Lemon oil is famed to help you fight cellulite. Patchouli is noted for its property of minimizing scar tissue that appears on the skin.

However, essential plant oils are highly concentrated in nature. Direct application on the skin will lead to strong reactions. That is why these organic oils are diluted and mixed with other oils and cream bases to form aromatherapy skin care products. Even when using these products, directions must be closely followed to avoid deadly side effects.

Even if there are precautions to take, the use of aromatherapy for skin care is a highly enjoyable experience. Essential oils are easy to use and the results they yield are quick and instantly perceptible to the eye.

Choosing the aromatherapy skincare product for your skin is a purely personal choice. Peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, patchouli and ginger have beneficial effects on the skin. Using aromatherapy products will give your skin a silky sheen and a soft finish.

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