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Monday, October 21, 2019

BBcom Featuring: The Ultimate Green Smoothie | Quick Recipes

Image result for The Ultimate Green Smoothie | Quick Recipes 
Packed with superfoods kale, avocado, and hemp hearts, this truly is the ultimate green smoothie recipe. Enjoy as a post-workout recovery snack or as a healthy waist-slimming breakfast. (Video below)

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Bananas, peaches, and honey bring a no-sugar-added burst of natural sweeteness, while a scoop each of Signature Creatine Monohydrate and Glutamine promote better recovery. 

| Macros | 300 Calories 45g Carbs 11g Protein 8g Fat
| Ingredients | 
1 cup 1" pieces, loosely packed kale ½ cup, mashed banana ¼ fruit, without skin and seed avocado ½ cup frozen peaches 1 tsp honey 1 tsp lemon juice 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1 scoop Signature Creatine 1 scoop Signature Glutamine 1 pinch table salt 2 tbsp hemp hearts 

 | Directions | 1. In a blender, combine all ingredients and blend until completely smooth. Taste and add a little more honey for sweetness, if needed. 2. Pour into a tall glass and serve.

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Pumpkin Banana Smoothie Recipe

Recommended by Kailan Kalina, content editor

Pumpkin Banana Smoothie Recipe
I'm one of those people who will put off feeling "ready" for fall for as long as possible. One reason is definitely the pumpkin-spice-flavored-everything train. Why am I not getting on board? A lot of that stuff just doesn't truly taste like pumpkin.
However, when there's a recipe that includes actual pumpkin, I can definitely get excited. So, I turned to the recipe collection to find some real pumpkin recipes that get me excited for fall and keep me on track with my diet, and the first one that caught my eye was this: pumpkin banana smoothie. Perfect!
If you're someone like me who isn't ready for a huge meal right after a hard workout, a smoothie like this can get you the nutrients you need without rushing to stuff a meal down. I can sip my liquified pumpkin and protein and enjoy! Festive and effective—and delicious.
Here's a little tip: If you don't want the smoothie to turn out as thick, use a fresh banana and less yogurt. Keep it gains-friendly by adding a scoop of whey protein. (I highly recommend Signature Whey Protein in oatmeal cookie!)................keep reading................

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