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Sunday, October 20, 2019

BBcom Featuring: 3 Exercises for Better Biceps Peaks | Regan Grimes and Is It Silly to Want Abs after Age 40?

Image result for 3 Exercises for Better Biceps Peaks | Regan Grimes 

Not all biceps exercises are created equal. Here are 3 biceps exercises from IFBB pro bodybuilder Regan Grimes that can help you build bigger biceps peaks. (Video below)

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 We all have body parts and specific muscle groups we want to improve, but complaining about them doesn't solve the problem. If you really want to transform a weakness into a strength, you need a smart strategy that effectively targets the muscle you want to mold. This is especially true for your biceps peak. To build a towering biceps peak, you need to divide and conquer: "divide" in the sense that your biceps have two heads, and the long (outer) head is the one you see knotted up when you flex your arm, forming the peak; and "conquer," as in finding ways to directly target that particular head with exercises, subtle changes in hand position, and post-failure intensity boosters that initiate growth processes.

 | 3 Exercises to Build Bigger Biceps |
1. Single-Arm Preacher Curl
2. Lying Incline Bench Biceps Curl
3. Standing Cable Curls
4. Grimey Curl

Ask the Ageless Lifter: Is It Silly to Want Abs after Age 40?

Is chasing size better left to the young lifters? Is leanness a better athletic goal? Here's one elite strength coach's take after decades in the iron game.
Ask the Ageless Lifter: Is It Silly to Want Abs after Age 40?
Q: I'm a regular lifter who focuses on, well, lifting. But recently I had the urge to lean out. Maybe see an ab or two. Is that silly for someone 40 or beyond? Should I just focus on holding onto what strength and muscle I have?

A: There's nothing wrong with being lean—or wanting to be lean—just for appearance's sake. It can also be a good idea if your long-term health is a big priority for you. (And to be clear, leanness and restrictive dieting are not the same thing in this conversation.)
Yes, it can be hard to get lean and stay lean as you get older. You don't need a PubMed citation to know that! But from where I stand, I think it deserves to be in your athletic priorities. Look, I know it's cool to be big and jacked, but, if you examine the bulk of research on body weight and health, it's quite clear that staying within more or less normal BMI values is probably a good idea.
I know some people aren't fans of BMI, and I understand why. For example, I'm not a big guy at 6-foot-2, 188 pounds, but amazingly enough, my BMI is 24.1, which is at the very upper end of normal. You can calculate your BMI here.
I could get bigger, if I wanted to. But I'd have to eat differently, train differently, and honestly, live differently. And after a certain age, it's OK to ask if that's really such a good idea anymore.
Should Size Always Be the Prize?
One observation I've had—especially as I get older—is that, much the same as women often feel pressured to adopt narrow, socially-dictated body standards, men also fall prey to the idea that the only appropriate goal is to carry a lot of muscular bulk.
Yes, that's just part and parcel of being immersed in the bodybuilding and lifting world. And I love being immersed in that world. But there's another world as well, where large sections of society don't ascribe to this standard at all, and in many social circles, looking conspicuously jacked isn't considered either cool or healthy. Keep reading......

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