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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Victims Fight Back, Robbers Getting Owned Presented on US Sports Net By Tactical P.E. and Martial Arts Quotes

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Victims Fight Back, Robbers Getting Owned (Video below)

Martial Arts Quotes

By: William Nicholas

"A black belt is nothing more than a belt that goes around your waist. Being a black belt is a state of mind and attitude."

This is one of the many martial arts quotes by Rick English that defines Martial Arts in one sentence.

What is martial art?

Martial Art is a tradition of combat, practised for various reasons like self-defence, competition, etc. More importantly, it is a tool for physical, mental and spiritual development. Even though it is known as a combat technique, martial arts also draws upon breathing and relaxation techniques called Systema.

Different countries and cultures have different variations of martial arts. While gatka is a Sikh weapon-based martial art, aikido is a Japanese martial art which is rooted in the Zen philosophical beliefs.

The era of massive fields of cardio equipment and warehouses of strength training machines may still be dominant in extreme-fee globo-gyms, but people have been rapidly discovering the problems inherent in these membership-driven agendas.

Moving freely and powerfully like the mythical John Henry, without machine control, we develop true functional fitness through movement, not merely muscles. This is how in our system, we’ve ELIMINATED injuries in federal agencies, where injuries are usually high, and where physical conditioning is an absolute job requirement.
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Practising martial arts has various benefits. This is also reflected in the martial arts quotes by famous people. It is a technique which requires a high level of concentration and focus along with stamina. During martial arts training, the whole body is exercised and gives a boost to the strength, flexibility and movement of an individual.

Apart from the physical benefits, martial arts also have many mental benefits. They improve self-esteem, control and emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual. If one goes through the martial arts quotes by the people who have learnt them for ages will reflect a focus on the physical as well as the mental and spiritual well-being where the main objective is to fight with a sword.

One of the many martial arts quotes by Bruce Lee reflects how it is important to empty one’s mind and be formless and shapeless, like water.

One martial arts quotes says that if you cannot beat your computer in chess then try kick-boxing which clearly highlights the importance of martial arts to the mind, body and spirit.

Variety in Martial Arts:

Centuries before Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan popularised martial arts in the West, there were some forms of Martial Arts already entrenched in their culture. Archery, wrestling, sword fighting and boxing are some of the martial arts forms that originated in the West. Ed Parker was a popular martial arts trainer in America. He was responsible for some of the most famous martial arts quotes in the West.

Martial Arts can be divided on the basis of traditional or contemporary; by application; regional origin and by the techniques taught. There are certain weapons-based and hand-to-hand combat martial arts too. The hand-to-hand combat is taught in the armies.

It is interesting to note that all the martial arts quotes by several people who have practised it for various years reflect the use of weapons as commanding one’s own ego rather than the enemy. In fact, many martial arts quotes reflect how the sword was considered similar to the mind.

Martial Arts Industry:

Taekwondo, judo, karate and various forms of martial arts have become popular. People who teach them have flourished and it has also become a sport. Judo, boxing and archery are some of the sports that are a part of the Olympics.

Not only is the art, but the equipment that goes with it has led to an industry coming up. However, one may master the art but a true person who knows martial arts, also knows how to control his or her mind. One of the martial arts quotes by Duk Sung Son states that only 5% with the TaeKwonDo training stick with it till they get the Black Belt. About 80% stop there.

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