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Monday, October 28, 2019

UTR on US Sports Net Presented by Game Planner Pro Featuring: BEST Two Way Player in the Nation ? Trent Simpson '20 | Mallard Creek (NC) Senior SZN Vol 1

Image result for BEST Two Way Player in the Nation ? Trent Simpson '20 | Mallard Creek (NC) Senior SZN Vol 1 
BEST Two Way Player in the Nation ? Trent Simpson '20 | Mallard Creek (NC) Auburn Commit Senior SZN Vol 1 (Video below)

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Presented on US Sports Net by Game Planner Pro!
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Now this from CoachTube Football!


Running Inside Zone in The NZone Spread Offense

by Nzone Football


Personality: When building the run game, the head coach and offensive coordinator need to be on the same page and open. Understand what you want to do. Do not add two back power if that is not your personality. Same thing can be accomplished by running slip/colt out of two back. Your offensive line has even more reps running inside zone (steps, and combos)....keep reading....


Position Analysis: WR Amari Cooper

by The Assistant Coach


Have you ever had a stud WR and didn't have enough ways to get him the ball? 
I think it's safe to say that between his time at Alabama to his time in the NFL now, Amari Cooper can flat out play! 
In week 5 of the 2019 season, Cooper and the Cowboys took on the Packers and had an incredible day! 
11 Catches for 226 Yards is one to remember! 
How did the packers not just stop him? 
This course takes a dive into the Cowboys playbook and breaks down each catch by #19!
Cowboys use motion and alignment in different formations to create matchups that work in their favor! Additionally, they use a combination of simple concepts for every down that every high school team in America can run and a few concepts that you can hold on to for when you need a big play! Keep reading.....


Linebacker and Defensive Back Drills

by Greg Toal


In this video course, Greg Toal and Nunzio Campanile share football training drills for your linebackers and defensive backs they use at Don Bosco to win multiple state titles. With this football instructional video you can implement their training methods. Keep reading..........

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