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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

BBcom Featuring; Upper Body Superset Workout | Myree Bowden and ou're not eating enough protein and we can prove it!

Image result for Upper Body Superset Workout | Myree Bowden 

Tired of your usual training routine? Add something new! Check out’ athlete and former Harlem Globetrotter dunk phenom Myree Bowden's Upper Body Superset Workout.  (Video below)

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 | Upper Body Superset Workout | Myree Bowden | Each set will go in a continuous sequence For example: 
1st set 8/8/8/press 2nd set 9/9/9/press 3rd set 10/10/10/press 
1. Giant Set a. Lateral raise 8/9/10 reps b. Front deltoid raise 8/9/10 reps c. Rear deltod raises 8/9/10 reps d. Shoulder press 8/9/10 reps 
2. Cable Bicep Curls: 5 sets, 10/8/6/8/10 reps 
3. Cable Triceps Extension: 5 sets 10/8/6/8/10 reps 

Cool down: Stair steppers Protein shakes

From BodyrockTV: 
 You're not eating enough protein and we can prove it!

Think you're getting enough protein? You may need to think again. Recent research shows that most people aren't getting even close to enough of this vital micronutrient.  
Keep reading. In this blog, we're going to give you a run-down on protein consumption, its effects on our bodies  and how much protein you actually need to support optimal, vital health.
What is protein?
How protein works
How much protein do you need?
Protein calculator
Plant vs. animal protein

What is protein?

Protein helps construct your blood, bones, cartilages, skin and muscles. It also has a role in repairing and maintaining your tissues as well as in the creation of body chemicals such as hormones or enzymes.
Protein is considered a macronutrient, i.e. one of the big nutrients your body needs to survive (the other two are fat and carbs). And get this, your body weight is made up of 16% protein! 
Protein is comprised of different amino acids some your body manufactures itself while other ‘essential’ amino acids require that you get them from external sources (i.e. food). 

How protein works

Protein works within the body to repair and fuel muscles, stabilize blood sugar and support a strong immune system. Protein is present in every single cell in your body, and if you're not getting enough, you're more likely to be tired, sick and overweight. That's right: because adequate protein consumption stabilizes blood sugar while also helping to rebuild muscles, getting enough should be part of any weight loss routine.
Get a handle on all your macro requirements for fat loss. Our Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan gives you all the intel you need to start making informed, goal-oriented dietary choices for yourself that will guarantee results for life. This is one of our bestselling ebooks for a reason: there are no gimmicks, no deprivation. We empower you through education, so you can get the intel you need for make informed, smart choices. Get the guide now! Keep reading.................

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