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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

BBcom Featuring: Program Overview | 30-Day Abs with Abel Albonetti

Image result for BBcom Featuring: Program Overview | 30-Day Abs with Abel Albonetti 
If you want visible abs, or have struggled to build abs in the past, 30-Day Abs is your solution. Train like athlete Abel Albonetti, and learn the secrets to amazing abs. (Video below)

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To build your abs, you'll need to train them just like you would any other muscle group. This program contains dozens of new and challenging ab exercises, providing just the right amount of variety and difficulty your muscles need to finally build that six-pack you've always wanted.

Here's an example of what your week might look like:
Monday: Chest and three heavy ab exercises
Tuesday: Back and one high-intensity ab circuit
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Legs and two ab supersets
Friday: Arms and three heavy ab exercises
Saturday: Shoulders and one high-intensity ab circuit
Sunday: Rest

Follow a different split? That's fine. You can make this program work with just about any split, or use it to replace the ab workout in any program in All Access. Just make sure you follow these cardinal rules: Do your hard ab training after big strength moves like deadlifts, squats, and military presses, not before. You need your abs to be ready to protect your back during those other moves! On something like chest day, or a shoulder day that doesn't have heavy standing presses, feel free to start with abs. Respect the rest days!

Why not train abs every day? Well, if you're training your abs correctly—i.e., hard enough to add muscle and strength—and you don't give your body adequate rest, you run the risk of burning out or sabotaging your other training. That's the same reason you'll perform these ab routines after your other training: so your other training doesn't suffer from all the fatigue! Since you're going to be using a lot of weighted movements in the next four weeks, you can expect to be sore on those rest days.

This is only a 30-day program, but if you'd like, you can run it back to back. Just take a few days or a week off from it at the end of a month, and then dive back in. You might find it's even more effective the second time around!

 | The Schedule and Split |
In this program, you'll hit abs about 4-5 times a week, following a schedule of two days on, one day off that's designed to work with your weekly split. To be clear, this is an ab-specialization program, not a comprehensive training plan, so you should still be working other muscle groups while you follow this plan. That said, to get the most out of 30-Day Abs, you should probably make it your biggest priority for this month. In other words, this isn't the time to sign up for a powerlifting competition or try to add three inches to your biceps.

 | Get Systematically Shredded | This two-on, one-off plan hits the sweet spot of both frequency and intensity. You'll do weighted work and supersets to make your abs pop, plus circuits for fat loss. These are short workouts to be attached to your current program, but you'll feel them the next day!

 | Meet Your Coach | Abel Albonetti has contributed countless workouts & full training programs to, making a name for himself with his brutal high-volume training style, killer abs, and relentless dedication and passion for fitness. From the beginning, Abel Albonetti had aesthetics in the forefront of his mind—and, of course, the will to be bigger and stronger than his friends. He began consistently training at home in his basement gym, and once he started seeing results, Albonetti had a self-diagnosed addiction to pumping iron. Over the years, he has built a career in fitness modeling and has appeared on the cover of several fitness magazines. The doors were opened to him to meet people all around the world and he now shares what he has learned from his own training and nutrition experiments on social media. Albonetti has contributed countless workouts and full training programs to, making a name for himself with his brutal high-volume training style, killer abs, and relentless dedication and passion for fitness.

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