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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

BBcom Featuring: Leg Day Booty Workout | Alyssa Polisano and a Brand new Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

Build a booty you'll love with this complete leg workout from Primeval Labs athlete and IPE Bikini Pro Alyssa Polisano. 
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Ladies, I understand the struggle: Building a booty you can be proud of is hard work! I wasn't genetically gifted with a round bottom, so I have to work my glutes extra hard in the pursuit of a bubble butt. 

Today, I'm going to let you in on one of my favorite workouts to target your tush. For this workout, your reps should be in the 10-20 range. If you're able to push out any more than 20 reps, bump up the weight you're using, or increase the difficulty. Make modifications if needed, but don't cheat yourself. Integrate this workout into your routine twice a week, resting a day between workouts. 

 Now let's build some buns! 

 | Alyssa Plisano's Leg Day Booty Workout |
1. Squats 
2. Lunges 
3. Stiff Leg Deadlifts 
4. Hip Thrusts 
5. Sissy Squats 

Get more "Bootylicous" tips and secrets................

Brand new Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

By: Nicole Gladwell

A whole new direction in home health and fitness is combining entertaining dance movements to get fit. Leandro Carvalho developed a hot innovative Brazil Butt Lift work out that's taking the country by storm. The Brazil Butt Lift workout works by using patented TriAngle moves that Leandro discovered that firm, round and lift up the butt quickly

Leandro Carvalho developed the fresh new Brazil Butt Lift workout program. Leandro, a Brazil native is a famous fitness instructor and personal training expert who lives in New York City. He moved to the United States to dance with a number of of the most prestigious dance companies in NYC. He then transitioned into incorporating dance techniques with fitness. He trained in physical fitness and received several certifications in the area and then began to teach his popular Brazilian Groove routines at Equinox. His classes ended up being an instant hit and he was awarded New York Magazine's award of "Best Fitness Class". His Brazil Butt Lift home work out DVD has just been introduced to the public and uncovers his secret booty lifting techniques.

We wanted to discover how the Brazil Butt Lift work out was more advanced than classic fitness workouts. His secret TriAngle Training technique combines Brazilian dance techniques with more traditional techniques to completely sculpt the entire buttocks. The technique is so proprietary that it is patented. Basically, this method is able to work wonders on all three angles of the butt from all around and each and every angle to firm, lift and create the most perfect butt. Leandro personally trains some of the most famous supermodels including a well known Victoria's Secret model.

If your bottom is not the ideal shape his program has a personalized "booty-transformation" plan for you. His program comes with a helpful illustrated guidebook that shows you pictures that will help you figure out your current butt shape. After this you take the results of the quiz and he tells you which of his workout routines to focus on for your specific bottom shape to get the fastest results.

The program includes three DVDs with five different booty workout routines on them. The first video is a introduction to the "Basics" and teaches the program basics and basic moves and techniques (approx. twenty or so minutes). He also reveals his patented TriAngle training techniques to completely transform your butt. The Brazilian name for butt is "Bum Bum" and that is the name of his 1st work out. This workout consists of both butt firming and fat burning cardio in 35 minutes. The 3rd work out is called "High and Tight" and is thirty-five minutes long. It is targeted on sculpting your butt with the resistance bands and is created to focus on stubborn areas. The fourth workout is called "Sculpt", a fifty-minute, full body firming workout using weights to get you beautifully shaped. The 5th work out is a fast thirty-minute work out called "Cardio Axe". This work out features his signature dance move called the "axe" and is effective for fat burning and slimming.

 His Brazil Butt Lift workout package also comes with some extras to get started. The "Booty Makeover Guide" is a personalized booty planner that walks you through how to find your current butt shape and gives you a personalized plan to follow to achieve the round, high, tight butt of your dreams. This guide can help you discover if your bottom is pear-shaped, too flabby, too flat, or just too big, then shows you which workouts to concentrate on for the quickest results. The work out calendar that comes with the guidebook has places you are able to customize and fill in your individualized work out plan to keep you on track. The kit also comes with a Fat Burning Food Guide, a Six-Day Supermodel Slim Down Program, TriAngle Training Workout Cards, a tape measure and measurement tracker card, Booty Resistance Band and a Booty test pencil to help you see your improvement.

 Get the perfectly shaped butt of your dreams. Discover the hot cutting edge Brazilian Butt Lift Workout that's the Supermodel's hidden secret to a perfect bottom

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