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Monday, March 23, 2020

How To Practice Your Golf Game At Home Live On US Sports Net Presented by BBcom

From US Golf TV

How To Practice Your Golf Game At Home

Learn to Play Golf

By: Stevie Katz

Golf is a celebrated game among the elite (not necessarily as golf is enjoyed by many at many economic levels). Golf can be a very gratifying game but sometimes it can prove frustrating too. So unless a person has love or passion for the game of golf it is not easy to learn to play golf. People who want to learn to play golf are offered a cafeteria of choices to train themselves. But real practice sessions are a must while learning to play golf. The other options for learning to play golf include golf videos, golf books, interactive videos, golf articles in magazines and direct learning program for golf.

Some of the important thumb rules that are kept in mind when learning to play golf are
  • Learn to play golf gripping the club in the correct way
  • Learn to align the club face properly
  • Learn to have the correct swing and the art of back swing
  • Learn to have a controlled swing
  • Learn to master the move of one-piece takeaway
  • Learn to enhance of straight ball flight,
  • LearnĂ‚  to have a perfect impact
  • Learn to boost consistency
  • Learn to have increased distance
  • Learn to have the right hand action
These key areas of the game have to be concentrated upon so that the efforts put forth in learning to play golf bears fruits. Though a professional golf trainer is important to a great extent to learn to play golf, a lot more lies on the shoulders of the person who learns to play golf. Consistent and regular practice is a must to learn to play golf efficiently and effectively. Repetition of a skill while learning to play golf is a must to bring in self-confidence and victory. Allowing criticism also helps because a check comes for a fault from an outsider which a person learning to play golf will not be able to see for himself.
Learning to play golf might be a group activity with groups ranging from two to a maximum of eight. Persons learning to play golf can undergo these training sessions at any time of the year for it is available all through the year. Improvement is facilitated by allowing the persons learning to play golf to join in groups based on their levels namely- beginners, intermediate and advanced.
Getting the right equipment to learn to play golf is important. But investing on expensive equipment at the earlier stages of learning golf can be a waste.Ă‚  It is imperative to learn the rules and etiquette of the golf game while learning to play it. A basic level of competency in golf is a must when you play in a golf course. This can lift up your confidence levels which are also very essential while learning to play golf.

The three major problems that arise for golfers when learning to play golf are inconsistency, slice and distance. Even though ready made solutions are available on golf books and videos and no matter how much a person reads or discusses on golf, learning to play golf needs the person going to the range and doing it practically; for practice makes a skill perfect.

 Steve Katz is an avid golfer who dedicates his time to the improvement and the development of the game. You can read and learn more at BBcom Golf....

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