How Did Your Fitness Journey Begin?
I was a very passionate lacrosse player for about six years. My dream was to be recruited and play at an NCAA school. The summer of my junior year (2011), I ate as much food as I could to get bigger and stronger. When no NCAA looks came my way, I found myself lost and horribly out of shape due to my barbaric eating habits.

I found Kris Gethin's 12-Week Daily Hardcore Video Trainer and committed to it. I thought I would eat and train seriously for 12 weeks, but after losing about 20 pounds and 8-10 percent body fat, I was hooked. I've been eating clean and training hard ever since.
What Workout Regimen Delivered The Best Results?
My philosophy is to constantly change an aspect of the workout. If I consistently do the same weight, reps, sets, and exercises, I plateau because my body adapts to get through the workout. Progression is critical to add size. A spotter and a training log come in handy. I hit abs and calves for 15-20 minutes after every other workout.
I do drop sets on the last set of each exercise to break down muscle fibers as much as possible. My rest ranges from 30-90 seconds between sets. It's important to listen to your body. If something doesn't feel right or you think you may injure yourself, don't do it. Don't lift with your ego, lift with your brain.

How Did Your Passion For Fitness Emerge?
I love the extreme diversity in bodybuilding. There are hundreds of recipes, training methods, and techniques to create your dream physique. One week, I'll do heavy drop sets, and then I'll experiment with rest pause the next. My body responds differently to each method or diet. It's as if my dream physique is slowly being discovered.
The impact bodybuilding has on the community is huge. When people see someone transform, it makes a difference. Soon, they're cooking chicken and rice in bulk and training early in the morning and late in the evening. Then, that person inspires someone else. Before you know it, a chain reaction of positive life transformations is occurring in the community.
The mind-muscle connection that happens during training separates the powerful from the ill-hearted. Anyone reading this can relate. When a serious bodybuilder trains, they train hard. They're not there to socialize and talk about the weekend; they're there to transform their body and their mind. Pushing yourself to a new level produces newfound confidence. It transforms the mental and the physical state.
What/Who Motivated You To Be A Fitness Guru?
Kris Gethin had the most impact on my fitness journey. Without his daily video trainer I would've never transformed.

Where Did You Go For Inspiration?
Inspiration can stem from many areas. At first, I was inspired by fitness models in magazines. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. That drove me to complete a 12-week trainer. After a few months, I completed the trainer and my body began transforming. People at school asked me fitness-related questions. It was very humbling and inspiring. I had someone to hold me accountable of my actions. People were watching what I ate and started eating it themselves.
I'm inspired by my coach, Doug Casebier, debatably the most well-known and respected WBFF coach west of the Mississippi. He drove me to do things I would've never thought possible and opened up doors I could've never imagined. For that, I'm forever thankful.
What Are Your Future Fitness Plans?
I plan to compete in the first-ever WBFF teen competition in 2013. After that, my ultimate goal is to become a WBFF pro fitness model and compete on the international stage, all before I turn 22.
What Is The Most Important Fitness Tip?
Patience is the key to success in this sport.
Who Is Your Favorite Competitor?
I had the privilege to get to know James Ellis and David Kimmerle. They gave me incredible advice—not just in bodybuilding, but in life. They're my favorite competitors in the sport.
How Did Bodybuilding.com Help You Reach Your Goals?
The articles on nutrition and different training techniques helped me solve tons of problems. Bodybuilding.com helped me discover my passion for fitness. The site is an encyclopedia with answers to any question. When I began, I checked the Male and Teen Transformations of the Week constantly. They provided a ton of motivation and inspiration.
Competition History
I was lucky to be featured in the WBFF California Championships this past July. I say "feature" because the WBFF doesn't have a teen division. Two other teens and I were featured in the show as the first ever WBFF teen fitness models. It was an amazing experience. I owe thanks to my coach, Doug Casebier, Allison and Paul Dillett, and Chady Dunmore.