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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The MLB On US Sports Net: 2010 NLDS Game 1 - Phillies vs. Reds (Roy Halladay's Postseason no-hitter) | #MLBAtHome and Skyrocket Your Sports Performance With This 3-Week Workout Plan

Next up on our #MLBAtHome schedule, Philadelphia Phillies' starting pitcher Roy Halladay no-hits the Cincinnati Reds in 2010 NLDS Game 1, the first Postseason no-hitter since 1956!

Skyrocket Your Sports Performance With This 3-Week Workout Plan

Want to hit harder, cut quicker, jump higher, race faster and run longer? This intense workout plan will transform you from athlete to ath-elite.
I'm 5'5, I have asthma, and I… am an athlete.
Put me in the game and I'll flat-back receivers, pick pockets on the dribble, reject rocket shots in goal, pass people on the run, serve aces, win face-offs, and spike volleyballs in the faces over the net.
How does the short, scrappy guy with a puffer do the above? I train. I train specifically for maximum sports performance. It's not about gender or genetics; it's about conditioning. If you want to hit harder, cut quicker, jump higher, race faster and run longer, then I've got the program for you.

Fire Up Your Four Cores

It's designed to improve the key areas required for holistic and consistent performance: speed, agility, strength, and endurance. I call these areas the Four Cores. The goal of this program is to turn you into an ath-elite. By training the Four Cores, you can perform quickly, powerfully, and continuously.
In this program, you'll perform a variety of workouts using multiple training techniques to promote total body performance. As such, the program is dynamic enough to help you train for any sport. This is physical training, not skills training, so it's not sport-specific.
Eyes on the prize — a body that functions as well as it looks. And it'll look damn good.

Twisted Techniques

To train the Four Cores and ensure maximum response, you'll utilize the following training combinations:
  • High AND Low Reps
  • High Intensity AND Low Intensity Training
  • Heavy AND Light Weight
  • Individual AND Compound Muscle Movement
  • Explosiveness AND Endurance Training
Think of each combo as a spectrum - training both sides of each spectrum produces a body that can fulfill the requirements of multiple sport environments.
Before I take a puff off the ol' inhaler and we get to work, remember to follow these ground rules:
  1. Don't talk about fight club (duh).
  2. Always increase weight between sets and try to reach failure on the last 1-2 reps of every set.
  3. Do dynamic stretches and light warm-ups before training to prevent injury.
  4. Focus on proper technique for every exercise.
  5. Eat healthy: this means lean protein, complex carbs, and plenty of vegetables.
  6. Drink up: water, and plenty of it.
  7. No cheating! This is a full 3-week workout cycle, and every exercise has a purpose.
  8. Write everything down. Stats, weights, reps: record it all and then try to crush those numbers.
  9. Use codenames:

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