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Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: 4 Ways to Keep Your Lymphatic System Healthy and The Solution to Cancer, Treat the Cause And Not Just the Effect

Having a healthy lymphatic system is critical for your overall health and ability to fight cancer. However, many do not know of the lymphatic system. What's even more troublesome is that only a small percentage of doctors ever discuss lymph health with their patients.

Your lymphatic system provides a variety of immune functions that fight off infections, viruses, injury, and even cancer. Unlike blood circulation, the lymphatic system lacks a biological "pump," which means it relies on the body's movement of the musculoskeletal system to circulate. In other words, get your body moving! Keep watching the lymphatic system animation video to learn about these 4 easy ways to keep your lymphatic system healthy and properly functioning: Move your body! Particularly legs, arms, and/or torso. Diaphragmatic breathing benefits for the lymphatic system Rebounding for better lymphatic health Dry skin brushing a.k.a effleurage

The Solution to Cancer, Treat the Cause And Not Just the Effect
By: Alan Wighton
There is a solution to cancer and it doesn’t involve removing any cancer growths because the body can do that naturally and without any side effects. To remove cancer all you need is knowledge. The solution is to deal with the reasons why the cancer first grew instead of just treating the effect which is the growth. This system uses the powerful self-healing ability of the human body which everybody possesses.

Surviving cancer is all about gaining knowledge and learning how the body itself can fight the disease. It should make absolute sense to everybody that the body can cure itself as it does with many aliments we suffer from, if it is given the right support. The human body is an amazing item because it has a built in self-healing system and all you have to do is to correct the factors that first caused the cancer to appear.

Why aren’t we informed about this way of treating cancer? Treatments today are in place because they are all very good at making money. The reason why so many people are dying of the problem is because cancer is a deficiency disease and there is not a drug or a treatment to resolve that problem. It appears because of our modern way of living with our artificial food, the chemicals we use and our sedentary lifestyle.

One hundred years ago cancer was a rare disease whereas today in developed countries it is affecting every third person over their lifetime. Ask yourself what has happened over these one hundred years and the answer is our food has changed; we no longer get the exercise that the human body needs, and the chemicals we now unwittingly use. Those are the main causative factors that will bring on a diagnosis of cancer.

Many people believe that cancer develops without a reason but that is not true. All cancers are caused by the way we now live but because of our ignorance and the fact that we don’t have cancer prevention; we are kept totally unaware about the many products we use that are known to cause the problem.

Removing just the growth with the three mainstream treatments doesn’t solve the problem. Cancer will only develop when our immune system has been weakened which has allowed normal body cells to grow without control and become cancerous. The growth itself is just a symptom so the only way to solve the problem is to remove the cause of the symptom. When you do that the body will self-heal using the body’s natural ability to repair itself.

It is well known that cancer is a total body disease where the growth itself is merely a sign that something is wrong. Numerous studies have shown that a tumour that could not be cured 40 years ago still cannot be cured today with conventional treatments. The reasons why natural cancer treatments work so well is because they correct the root cause of the problem throughout the entire body. Once the causes are identified, reversing cancer is a simple matter.

If we were told the truth about cancer we could then make important decisions with our treatment options. Patients deserve to know the truth and to be able to make choices based upon genuine information. Sadly that is not the case today.

Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist specializing in nutrition.

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