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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: Detoxifying (& Cheap!) Epsom Salt Bath Benefits and 10 Easy Ways to Help Beat Stress

Did you know that Epsom salt baths are a great way to destress and detoxify the entire body?

Unlike most naturally occurring salts, Epsom salts are formed from a pure mineral compound containing magnesium and sulfate. The human body has more than 325 enzymes that require magnesium to function optimally. 

Epsom salt baths benefit those suffering from inflammation or pain by pulling out the harmful toxins. You should NOT take Epsom salt baths if you are pregnant, have exposed cuts or burns on your skin, or are severely dehydrated. Plan on taking the Epsom salt bath for at least 40 minutes for optimal effects. Use roughly 1/2 cup of Epsom salts per 50 pounds of body weight. 

10 Easy Ways to Help Beat Stress

By: Elizabeth Boardman

There are many ways to defeat stress - here are some ways to do so!

The number one way to fighting stress out is bathing with bath salts. Too much of stress and even adrenalin are believed to drain magnesium in our body; which works as a natural stress reliever. Magnesium regulates adequate amounts of serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for elevating our mood. The chemical within the brain creates the feeling of relaxation and well-being. While it increases your body's magnesium levels, Epsom salt will also deliver sulfates in your body, which are very difficult to get through food but can be directly absorbed by the skin.

The second way to fight stress, don't do too many things at once. Focusing on too many things at once brings you too much of stress. The best solution in this case, is you must focus on one thing at a time.

The third way to defeat it is avoid pushing too hard. If you push too hard to get the desired results, you will only damage your performance.

The fourth way in fighting it is, you must not ruminate. Meaning, you must avoid thinking about the negative things that had happened in your life during the past.

The fifth way is by just letting things flow. Just go with the flow, because being stressed will just bring you in creating some kind of unseen force. Besides, without any force, stress is absent. Thinking of the problems that already happened in your life will just put stress in you with force. That is why you just need to let it go and think that, "what's done is done".

The sixth way in defeating it is by taking control slowly. It is just like the second way of fighting stress, because if you do things in a rush thinking that there are so much work to follow, will just lead you to errors and will bring you a lot of stress.

Seventh way is putting things into perspective. Stress occurs when you believe that it is your fault when you are incapable of dealing with a bad situation.

The eight way is developing a release for the stress. When you are starting to feel like you are getting stressed, find a way to channel that energy in another way. You can either go to the gym, play sports, share problems and stories with your friends, or you can write it in a diary.

The ninth way is by adopting a process to get through a stressful time. It is one of the best ways to overcome stress. When everything is out of your control, you must learn to have a mindset, which is process-oriented.

The tenth way to defeat stress is to use Aromatherapy. Light some candles, incense, or take a bath (see #1) in scented salts. Aromatherapy products contain natural minerals and ingredients which helps people in reflecting and meditation in order to help them focus on their current state or problems.

 The San Francisco Bath Salt Company's slogan is "Relaxing The World One Bath at a Time". The company specializes in luxury bath salts for skincare and relaxation with the overall goal of improving health through bathing. The website is a powerful resource of information about bathing and contains many more articles and the daily bathing blog. For information visit or visit the complete resource section on bathing go to

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