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Monday, December 24, 2018

Tactical Bodyweight Workouts Present: What it takes to become a firefighter: Skills training, day 1 and Forestry Jobs - Technician

Firefighter training is underway in Lafayette. It's a rigorous course that combines both classroom and field testing. [Video Below]

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Forestry Jobs - Technician
By: Christopher Hunter

If you like the outdoors and are interested in using sustainability to invigorate forestry resources, you could be a forestry technician. As with any professional forester, such a specialist could either seek work in federal or state government agencies or with private companies. For those without specific training or education, a professional career could start with a job as an aide. Depending on the employer, forestry technicians may engage in many kinds of areas such as assisting in managing public woods, logging, mining, the railroad industry and much more.

Educational Requirements

High school graduates with the proper guidance as the aide of an experienced forestry technician can get some good pre-requisite experience and then seek such employment. A two-year associate’s degree in forestry, wildlife management, agriculture and other related studies may be helpful to get the position but not necessarily required; this field of study is often offered by junior and community colleges.

Available Jobs

There are different areas of work that forestry technicians handle:

  • Recreation – This job in the recreation field has the responsibilities related to the technical aspect of forest resources management including construction of such areas and public use applications.

  • Firefighter – This job is much more physical than many. Outstanding physical shape, stamina, rapid decision-making ability and team working are needed with this job. New hires will attend a basic firefighting school and will have to pass a final examination.

  • Timber Sales - There are times that forestry technicians are used in timber sales preparation to look for available timber, collect data on that information and prepare a site for a timber sale.

  • Paper and wood production – Responsibilities here might include evaluating and making land appraisals concerning the quality and potential yield outcome for an area of trees; advising fellers how to cut the trees and when is the best time to harvest the tree to get the maximum timber production.

  • Dispatcher - Just like a police dispatcher, a forestry technician dispatcher’s responsibility is to notify other such technicians assigned to firefighting duties. Besides the minimal training requirements, good communication and oral skills are very essential for the position.

  • Other Jobs - There are many other exciting jobs a forestry technician can perform: helping a helicopter crew extinguish forest fires; operating equipment such as grapple trucks; giving assistance in the building of new trails; assisting in ecosystem research; and many more.

  • Working conditions

    Forestry technicians frequently live where assigned and others live within a nearby commuting distance. A person may be assigned to work alone; with several other workers as part of a crew; or with other foresters. Depending upon the assigned tasks, technicians may have to travel farther into the woods, stay there and be away for several days. Average working hours required for this technician are usually forty hours a week but may become irregular due to factors such as weather and seasonal requirements.

    If working outdoors and particularly working in the woods has a large appeal, research more about this job and discover what other forestry jobs could fit your skills and education.
    Christopher M. Hunter is an expert in commercial specialty trucks.

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