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Tuesday, December 25, 2018


For more information, email Dr Johnson at Optimal Health Stem Cell and Wellness Institute 2000 S Memorial Dr, Suite 201 Appleton, WI 54915

My name is Dr. Michael L. Johnson and I am the author of 6 books and I am currently working on my seventh book.

I have been in private practice in Appleton, WI since 1983 and I specialize in difficult and chronic cases such as fibromyalgia, dizziness/vertigo, migraine headaches, cluster headaches, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, heart disease, lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica or leg pain, spinal stenosis, shoulder and arm pain, numbness/paresthesia, insomnia or an inability to sleep soundly, restless leg syndrome, RSDS, tinnitus or ear noises, dystonia, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chronic health conditions can include a host of other symptoms such as light sensitivity, increased sweating or hyper-hydrosis, irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, and an increased and/or irregular heart rate.

This site contains direct links to my books and all of my websites.

The natural protocols that I recommend have worked for thousands of patients. Currently, I have over 2500 doctors that have been through my program and just like me, they are committed to addressing these life-robbing conditions.

May God Bless you and I wish you the very best.

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