No Time
We’ve all got crazy schedules, but there are plenty of ways to squeeze in a quick workout every day. You’ll not only benefit your body, but also your efficiency and energy level throughout your daily routine!
  • Grab a quick walk on breaks from work, or in between your errands. A 10 or 15 minute walk is still beneficial! If you can manage a few sprinkled throughout the day, you’ll be well on your way to a more fit future.
  • Make your walks or exercise routines a family affair! Saturdays are the perfect day for rock climbing, bike rides, or trips to the pool.
  • The easiest, and at the same time more difficult, way to squeeze in a stellar workout to your already jam-packed day is to just wake up earlier. By getting up only 30 minutes earlier than your regularly scheduled alarm, you can fit in a great workout. Try it twice a week at first, and gradually add more days as you need and as you become accustomed to waking earlier.
No Motivation
Hitch Fit has all the motivation you need! Check out our website often to hear the latest on fitness trends, recipes, and encouraging blogs. Whether you are just too lazy to get those bones moving, or find exercise workouts incredibly boring, we’ve got some motivation for you.
  • Choose more interesting activities! Don’t like the treadmill? Get in on a group exercise at your local gym, or try out some rock climbing. As long as you just start moving, you’re in the clear.
  • Grab a partner. Friends, relatives, co-workers, you name it! Anybody you can get to work out with you is qualified. Teaming it up gives you more energy and excitement to complete the task, while also giving some accountability when one of you doesn’t show up.
  • Pick a new activity for each workout. By varying up the routine, you’ll not only be more excited to go to something different, but you’ll also give your body the chance to work different muscles each day.
  • When all else fails, grab this book and be inspired by each day’s words of wisdom and encouragement.
No Energy
After a hard day at work or with the kiddos, the last thing you want to do is run a marathon – at least, that’s what your 30-minute workout feels like when you’re tired. There are alternatives!
  • We say again – use your morning wisely! Instead of setting your alarm 10 minutes early so you can push snooze a few times, set it 30 minutes early and exercise yourself into an energized state of mind.
  • Lunchtime is also a great way to get that fitness out of the way before the end of the day. Go for a walk or bike ride instead of sitting in the lunchroom gabbing about the weather.
  • Keep a gym bag in your car so you are always prepared for a last minute workout! Anytime you can squeeze some movement in – do it.
No Self-Confidence
This is perhaps one of the most common obstacles to fitness that people just don’t talk about. You are doing your body an incredible service by pursuing a healthy lifestyle!
  • Start workouts on your own, like a dvd or video game exercise. If you simply can’t tolerate the thought of a group workout, then stick to the solo machines, and get in the zone with some music.
  • Focus on the future. Your body will be in much greater health, giving you a much happier day-to-day life, so get out there and work it!
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