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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Strength Coach Timing Ten Yard Dashes

Michael Boyle - 
Tony Holler's Record, Rank and Publish was a game changer for us at MBSC and got us timing both 10 yard dashes and, Flying 10's.
One subject that keeps coming up is “what is a good time”?
I can provide times for elite Professional Hockey, elite Women's Hockey ( US Olympians and NWHL) , and Elite College Hockey  (NCAA Division 1 men's and women's).
I can also provide comparative times for high school and middle school athletes.
However, in order to do so there needs to be a few parameters. Tony Holler's times for Flying 10's are taken in the 30-40 yard segment of a forty yard dash. We would refer to this as a 30 meter fly-in.
The length of the fly-in will obviously influence the time. A longer fly-in will yield a lower time. We experimented with 5, 10 and 15 yard fly-in's and every athlete gets faster as we add 5 yards.
We use a 10 yard fly-in due to space constraints most of the year. Although this may not be optimal, it is what we can do!
In addition, our times are from a standing start using the Brower start block ( not a starting block but, a block feature of the Brower Timer that records start at foot movement). This is a two point start.
The reason this information is important is so that we get an apples to apples comparison.
Here are our times from this past year. A reminder, 10's were done from a 2 point start with electronic timing. Hand held times will not be close and, hand start/ electronic finish will also not be close to our times.
Flying 10's were recorded with a 10 yard fly-in also with a Brower Electronic timer. For flying tens you will need two sets of sensors. These are best times, not averages.
Standing 10   1.2 sec       Flying 10 ( 10 yd fly) 1.04-1.07

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