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Monday, December 17, 2018

Strength Coach- The State of Dogma v. Maximum Velocity

Rob Assise -
Scene:  A courtroom near you.  Dogma is on the stand with Maximum Velocity questioning.
Maximum Velocity: Is it true that on October 29, 2018, you stated, “Maximum velocity is a parameter that rarely needs to be addressed” in regards to training basketball players?
Dogma: Yes.
Maximum Velocity: Is the reason for this because athletes do not reach maximum velocity while playing basketball?
Dogma: That is correct.
Maximum Velocity: So if an action is not performed during gameplay, it doesn't make sense to address it in training?
Dogma: Yes.
Maximum Velocity: Do your athletes perform barbell squats in training?
Dogma: Of course!  Ass to grass baby!
Maximum Velocity: Have you ever seen a barbell squat take place in a game of basketball?
Dogma: Well, uh, no...but…
Maximum Velocity: So you are fine with addressing a barbell squat in training when it does not occur in competition, but you do not extend the same courtesy to sprinting until maximum velocity is attained?
Dogma: Well, players squat during competition.  Bilateral jumps occur all the time, and squatting is a precursor to that.
Maximum Velocity: Are you saying that basketball players don't sprint in competition?
Dogma: Well, uh, no….They sprint, but they don't attain maximum velocity.
Maximum Velocity: When you train athletes in the squat, do you try to maximize the load they can move?
Dogma: Absolutely!  The more they move, with quality technique of course, the greater the training effect!

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