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Saturday, December 22, 2018

IHealthTube Featuring: One Mammography Does This?! Listen to This Safer Option!

You might not know exactly what just one mammography screening is doing to your body! Dr. Michael Nelson explains this and talks about a safer option that he uses. Find out the difference between the two and decide for yourself!

Personalized Breast Cancer Treatments and Other Survival Tool for Breast Cancer

By: Bobby Blackwell

Everyone knows a woman in their life who is suffering from breast cancer. I know of women who are going through the same ordeal and I know it is not only difficult for them but for their family as well. I have even talked to someone who admitted blaming God for the cross she has to bear. "Why cancer?", "Why me?". While I understand how such a unfortunate circumstance can bring someone to asking such an extreme question, the reality is that blaming God or asking "Why?" is a common occurrence amongst persons who experience tragedy.

What is most difficult is that despite the advancement of technology and the knowledge we have about breast cancer, we still haven't found "the magic bullet" cure for it. And while there are many different approaches to prevention, there is no one school of thought that has been validated as being 100% accurate. What’s more is that in the process of fighting breast cancer, we exhaust our energy, emotional strength and even our resources. It could take so much of us and our family and we don't deserve to suffer. Life goes on despite breast cancer.

Here are some of the things we should remember to avoid or prevent breast cancer:

1. Live A Healthy Life- although breast cancer can be hereditary or a result of some hereditary cancer cells, our lifestyle is still a factor to be considered. Living a healthy life is a must, especially in today’s world where we are presented with so many unhealthy choices.

2. Have Regular Checkups - this will not only help you detect breast cancer but will also help you detect other health problems. It is a fact that early detection of breast cancer can save your life. Everyone is at risk of getting this illness and no one is exempt. There is so much information out there that it is sometimes hard to decipher. There are however, lots of great information and on the internet. There are groups of women supporting one another by having mammogram parties, meeting for breakfast and sharing information by doing so. These are creative ways to keep up with your exams and have fun while doing so.

3. And most of all, if you should be diagnosed with breast cancer, know that this is an illness you have, not who you are. Read blogs, they will inspire you. Check medical options, they will enlighten you. Be pro-active to give yourself a fighting chance at overcoming this illness. Consider alternatives like personalized breast cancer treatments and other options. Know what medical option are available to you.

DirectHit Test for breast cancer treatment will help your physicians decide what will be the personalized breast cancer treatment for you. With personalized breast cancer treatments, you will access to the most effective and safe treatment while saving your financial resources.

4. Remain optimistic, for optimism is a choice - choose to be optimistic despite a breast cancer diagnosis. This will not only help your disposition, but will also help others people around you deal with breast cancer in a positive way. Constantly remind yourself that all is well and everything will be.

The whole point of this article can be summarized in four big words. PREVENT, DETECT, CURE and LIVE. You have access to the resources and support you need to make matters easier. And by having easy access to personalized breast cancer treatments, you will have a better chance at living a wonderful life while having life savings secured.

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