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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

CoachTube Presents Alabama Insider Featuring: Turning of the Tide: How Alabama’s 2008 season changed college football

The 2008 Alabama Crimson Tide team doesn’t have its name plastered across the walls of Alabama’s multi-million dollar football facility, but without the foundation built by that team, many of the championships that now decorate those walls may never have come to Tuscaloosa. It was a season that ended in bitter disappointment with a heartbreaking loss to the eventual national champions led by a legendary quarterback. That disappointment would become the fuel that drove Nick Saban’s program to its first national championship in 17 years. [Video below]

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 In this course, Rich Hargitt, the creator of the Surface to Air Offense, takes you through topics including:
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Welcome to Turning of the Tide, in which’s Sports Video team brings you an in-depth look at Alabama’s 2008 football season and how it set the stage for the decade to come in college football. This documentary, which has been years in the making, features interviews with players, coaches and other key figures who witnessed the transformation of the Tide first hand. In Part 1 of the series, we looked back at the arrival of Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa and how the coach’s first full recruiting class in February of 2008 transformed the program almost overnight. In Part 2, we took a look at a pair of early games against top 10 opponents took Alabama from being a college football dark horse to a full-blown contender for the national championship. And in Part 3, we look at the ultimate test that 2008 Alabama team faced and how losing that battle helped the Crimson Tide win the war.

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