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Monday, December 17, 2018

HItchFit- Muscle Building Superfoods

Top 5 Muscle Building Superfoods
Top 5 Muscle Building Superfoods
Muscle can be cultivated from a variety of food sources, giving our Hitch Fit Athletes quite an array of choices in their meal plans. However, if forced to choose, here are our best five foods for building muscle through the appropriate nutritional channels. These foods not only help when you want to build muscle, but they also aid in the maintenance of muscle over time, ensuring you don’t lose it!
Salmon has long been touted as the best option for body-building individuals who want get in as many nutrients as possible. Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and B12 are just a few of the essential compounds one benefits from eating salmon. This fish is one of the few options that don’t maintain a real “fishy” taste to it, making it very appealing to a large range of people. To really pump up your vitamin intake, squirt lemon juice over the salmon before baking, packing in some extra vitamin C to your already healthy meal.
This nut makes a fantastic on-the-go snack for anyone! With protein and fiber squeezed into these tiny packages, the healthy fats they also contain help give you energy, satisfy hunger, alleviate joint pain, and even boost cognition! Pack these in small containers ahead of time to ensure you can easily grab a handful of these whenever hunger strikes. It allays junk food options, and can help with that midday slump.
Eggs have been argued by individuals for and against, and back again, for years. But, despite the inability of nutritionists to decide whether eggs are good or bad for cholesterol, they still contain key nutrients for muscle building. With seven to eight grams of protein per egg, these omega-3 fatty acid containing ovals can be used as breakfast or dinner! Scrambled, sunny-side up, over easy, on a sandwich, or made into an omelet, there’s an egg for everyone.
This crunchy and delicious fruit contains just the right amount of carbs, fiber, and electrolytes to make them one of our top 5 mucle-building superfoods. Low-calorie and slightly sweet, they are the perfect snack, after –workout food source, and midnight munch. Make sure to keep these around as an on-the-go food.
Sweet Potatoes
This isn’t just for babies, mashed up in glass jars. Sweet potatoes are the most nutritious choice in a starchy carbohydrate, and can be used in just about any meal. Looking to hide it in a meal without noticing? Shred it up with a cheese grater, and mix it in. Slice them up for a quick sweet snack, or make a main dish out of them, getting in the vitamin A and B you need to keep building that muscle.
Now that you are more familiar with top muscle building superfoods, what’s on your top 5 muscle building superfood list? We’d love to know! Keep up to date with Hitch Fit and find out what makes our style so unique – and successful – for our athletes.

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