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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


HI! It's Lean Trim Diana here:)

Continuing my weight loss coffee journey and my results.
Tried my first cup of SlimRoast and I was not hungry all day at all!!! That is not like me. I am a stress eater, a movie watcher eater, a snacker, etc., etc., etc.,  I was always thinking about my next meal. NOT ANY MORE! My coffee curbs my appetite where I have cut my meal portions, I wasn't craving candy and sweets, I've been in a great mood everyday and have energy throughout the day even when I wake up at 5am in the morning. AND most important, I've lost 13 lbs. in a few short weeks and losing inches. It is real easy to talk to people about these products as everyone wants to get healthy in some way.  I'm putting people on the coffee and our other healthy beverages because people need to get healthy, lose weight, breath better and just generally feel good! I welcome anyone wanting to help me help people and there is a great income opportunity too. Take a look at my link, put in your information so I can get back to you, and try these products. You will also be able to read about each product and why they work. Just click on Learn More under each product. Let me help you get healthy. You won't be sorry.  Tomorrow I will talk about some people's results on these products:)
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