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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Savannah Matthews, class of 2019, OH/Opposite, volleyball recruiting video and How to Choose a College

Savannah is number 36 and she plays both left and right side. As a freshman, she has a 29 inch vertical jump, touching 9'10" in her approach jump. See NCSA website for her recruiting profile information and more video clips. [Full Video Below]

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How to Choose a College

By: Gloria Smith


Since education is closely intertwined with society’s "to do" for one’s success; going to college is one of the major decisions a person has to make in building a career and future. That is why choosing the right college that best fits one’s personality and interests is just as important.

Choosing a college because everyone is going there or because it belongs to the top-rank school listing does not take into account who you are, what you want and who you become. It is important to remember that what makes one school the perfect college for one may prove to be one you will regret. Nevertheless, there are essential factors that students should consider in how to choose a college.

Type of Institution. Schools are generally private or public. Public schools are primarily funded by the state where they are located. These colleges provide excellent education at a price much lower than private colleges. However, private colleges offer generous financial aids. It pays to consider both public and private colleges.

Academic Goals. This is a key factor in choosing a college. You need to consider what you really want to be trained in. Be sure to pursue a course or major that interests you, not just one that will lead you to a good career. If you are inclined to take up a certain course or major, take time to evaluate the college’s facilities and offerings in that area to make sure the school has adequate resources.

School Size/Population. Schools may range from a small college with just under 5,000 students or a large university with up to 50,000+ students. A large university usually offers a wide choice of course and majors including up-to-date facilities whereas small colleges offer smaller classes as well as bigger chances to participate in campus activities. However, facilities may be limited. Think it over – Will you be overwhelmed by a large population or be challenged to excel in such an environment?

Campus Setting/Environment. Enjoying college life will largely depend on one’s day-today existence in a college campus. The physical environment of the college may be a major factor. Some people prefer the modern lifestyle of a metropolitan city while others relish a more rural setting. The social scene inside the campus – extracurricular activities, fraternities and sororities, athletics and even the racial mix can have a significant effect on campus life. Where will you be most comfortable and happiest living the next four years of your life?

Financial Aid. A major hurdle in attending college to many is how to pay for it. Most colleges offer scholarship packages to students who have excelled in academics, the performing arts or athletics. Financial aid may also come in the form of grants from companies, study loans and work study. The latter is generally a job offered on or off campus.

Recommendations. A positive way to start the school search is to talk to teachers, counselors, friends and family especially your parents. These people will have sound advice and since they know you, will most likely recommend a school that they see will fit you.

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