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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Rugby Full Match-Ulster v Munster and How to protect yourself from injury while playing rugby

Ulster v Munster 01/01/2018 (Video Below)

How to protect yourself from injury while playing rugby

By: James Lloyd


Anyone who has played or even watched rugby knows that it is an extremely physical full contact sport. With so much physical contact between players there is sure to be a few injuries sustained by players in each match. To diminish the extent of these injuries and to ensure that the players are not going to be gravely injured it is important to invest in proper rugby protection gear.

There are several ways to protect yourself from serious injury while playing rugby and the easiest way to do this is to choose good quality protective gear. The best way to do this is to make sure that you buy your gear from a reputed retailer and that the rugby protection gear that you buy is manufactured by a know brand.

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Here are sometimes of rugby protection gear that you can invest in to keep yourself from being badly injured while playing.

Mouth guards:
Every player should have a good mouth guard as injury to teeth, the tongue and lips are quite common in the game of rugby. To avoid seriously damaging your teeth you should look for a mouth guard that is sturdy and one that is made of soft plastic. When choosing a mouth guard make sure that you select one that fits comfortably yet securely over your teeth and gums. If you are unsure as to how to choose a mouth guard that will fit, you can ask the retailer or even your dentist for assistance.

Head Guards:
Head guards are a common type of rugby protection gear as they provide protection for the players head and ears. Rugby is a sport where a player can sustain quite a lot of injury to their head due to hard blows sustained during games. Head guards help to absorb the impact of such blows that helps to reduce injury as well as cover vulnerable parts such as the forehead and ears. Head guards should be made out of lightweight materials what is resistant enough to absorb the shock from impact. Head guards should fit securely and comfortable over the players head. For added precaution you can check to see in the brand that you choose has the International Rugby Board seal of approval so that you are assured a quality product.

Forearm and Bicep Guards:
It is not just the head and mouth that sustains injury during a rugby game since rugby is a high impact sport areas such as the forearms and biceps can receive a lot of injury. To prevent such muscle tissue damaged caused during a game players should wear forearm and bicep guards to prevent and reduce the severity of injury.

These are just a few types of rugby protection gear are available to help prevent and lessen injuries. Since rugby protection gear is there to protect the player you should make sure that you invest in gear that is made by known brands using quality materials.

For more information about rugby protection gear, please visit the following link,

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