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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Madison Egan Class of 2019 Tennis Video (Rogers High School- Tennis Recruiting Video) and How Roger Federer Keeps Fit?

Madison Egan is currently a junior at Rogers High School and will graduate in the class of 2019. She has a dream and goal to play college tennis. For more information on Madison email Chris Egan at

How Roger Federer Keeps Fit?

By: Jesse Regan


The Wimbledon and any other tennis tournament that Roger Federer won were witness to what a perfectly fit body can achieve. Federer, of course, took a lot of pains to gain the champion physique. Playing tennis alone even for a day would not suffice. With nothing to lift but the lightweight tennis racket and nothing else to sprint on but just half of the court, fitness can only be one-sided. Federer makes sure he employs a well-rounded fitness regimen complemented with the right food intake

People would assume that Federer, young and healthy at twenty-seven, does not need to sweat it out with fitness routines. His activeness in sports assures him of a lean and muscled physique already. The Swiss Maestro sees otherwise though as he goes into workouts like any other dedicated weight-watcher. He also makes sure that he never lacks rest. To rejuvenate himself for the next day, he sleeps for about 10 hours at night, beyond the average period a guy his age would need.

Oscar Wegner and Coachtube
Federer does not take vacations when it comes to workouts. With his trainer Pierre Paganini, he uses up more than 10 hours of fitness training every week during off-seasons or months with no major tournaments. A total workout time of 100 hours per season is not strange for the pair. Federer thinks of this as just a requirement to keep himself tournament-ready. Still, if he has enough time, he wishes to increase it.

Muscles are what makes his powerful backhands tick. In order to maintain these, Federer lifts weights and dumb bells to strengthen his arm muscles. Doing so has made his strikes and serves feared by many opponents. He also skips ropes and does a lot of sprinting to heighten his staying power in every game. With lateral lunges and twists, he improves his body’s total flexibility to respond to his opponent’s strikes. He would even use the barbell doing lunges and twists to develop more muscles.

The tennis champion would never leave behind his medicine ball when he goes out for a workout. It has served him well in boosting his agility and upper body muscles. With a partner, often Paganini, he would run sideways across the court while tossing the medicine ball to Paganini in order to enhance hand and body coordination. He would shuffle his feet passing and getting the ball from Paganini so he can increase his agility at the same time.

Federer eats to complement and supplement his tedious and long workouts. His tired body would naturally require him to eat the right food. Unlike others, he rarely takes in dietary supplements though. He usually takes in food that will not compromise his gains in the workouts. When he is away for the big games or for doing functions, he leashes his cravings. However, when he is in home with the family in Basel, Switzerland, he allows himself to enjoy the food.

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