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Monday, January 29, 2018

VALENTUS Keto Creamer - Need to Shout Out One More Time

Lean Trim Diana Here!

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I have to post about the benefits of our Keto Creamer again. It does so much! Technical speaking, the Keto Creamer will put “ketones” in your body produced as a result of the fatty acids in the creamer. 

The Creamer encourages you to feel full. You will not have cravings and you will provide your body with energy needed without having to continually increase blood sugar by eating high carbohydrate meals. Results will be weight loss and inch loss due to eating less.

Our new Prevail Keto Creamer’s biggest PLUSES!

Suppress your appetite. Because the body will have existing ketones to use for energy vs eating a big carbohydrate meal because you are feeling hungry

Makes you feel FULL. Body is satisfied ad not craving.

Stops your food cravings so you won’t EAT as much

Helps with Blood Glucose levels because you will have Fatty acids available for the body to use as energy vs. being fed carbohydrates that turn into sugar in order to produce energy

Increases insulin sensitivity. The less your pancreas and liver have to communicate to produce energy, the more sensitive and better working your blood sugar levels will be

Improves blood sugar levels as you will be satisfied with healthy fats!

Improves HDL/LDL levels your cholesterol levels

Improves serotonin, mood and provides the brain with healthy brain energy sources.

It will ENHANCE every single drink product we have including the Energy and Trim drink. You can add the creamer to the coffees, Cocoa, both Trim and Energy drinks. IMO, this creamer actually enhances the taste of the Brazilian and the appetite suppressant factors in the Brazilian and Italian coffees.The creamer makes other Valentus drinks BETTER from both a taste and HEALTH perspective.

Plus, if you want to help your body become more fat-adapted and burn more existing fat, you can begin a Ketogenic diet. (google the diet)

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