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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: How to Beat Cancer with Ancient Medicine Part 1 - Dr. Josh Axe

In this video, Dr. Josh Axe breaks down the many herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, why they’re used, and what they’re good for.

He begins by telling us which foods he believes are most important, and why medicine should be personalized. 

Everybody's body needs something different. So it’s important to remember, because a lot of times we want everything to be black and white. Meat is all bad or dairy is all bad or it's not. It really depends upon the person. 

Did you know that medicine, up until a few hundred years ago, was considered herbs and spices? Whether it be in a tea form or tension form, that's what people used as medicine. 

Dr. Axe does a wonderful job at breaking down the benefits of herbs, spices, and plants. Plus, discover the most powerful herbs for detoxification!

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Everything You Need to Know

By: Duncan Mcgechie

Traditional Chinese medicine or TMC is an ancient system of wellness and health that has evolved over thousands of years. Western medicine of today primarily focuses on treating diseases or the symptoms of diseases, but TMC has a holistic approach and is aimed at improving the overall well-being of an individual. Practitioners of TMC make use of various body and mind practices, such as tai chi and acupuncture, along with herbal products to address different health issues.

The idea behind traditional Chinese medicine
Typically, Western medicine views the human body like a car or a machine. According to them, the body has varied systems that require the right outputs and inputs. Everything is very logical and concrete. On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine in London does not focus on medicine and science. Instead, it is based on harmony, energy and balance.

Broadly, there are central ideas behind Chinese medicine:
 Qi (pronounced as chi): This is also referred to as vital energy or life energy. It is believed that Qi runs throughout the body and it is always on the move. Qi is never constant. TCM treatments are basically focused on ways to enhance and maintain the flow of Qi.

 Yin and Yang: Yin and Yang are opposites that describe Qi’s qualities. While Yin is light, hot, day, feminine and hollow, Yang is heavy, cold, solid, night and masculine. The belief is that every single thing in life has a little of the opposite in them, and therefore, balance is crucial. For instance, pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by a healthcare practitioner is needed to heal disease, but if you end up consuming it too much, it can be dangerous.

As per TCM, balancing the yin and yang of Qi leads to making an individual feel well and healthy.

Different types of practices used by TCM
 Acupuncture: Acupuncture is an ancient technique where practitioners stimulate certain points on the body by inserting thin needles. There are several studies that have revealed that acupuncture helps the body in releasing its natural painkillers. It also helps to relieve pain, stress and anxiety, as well as, help with fertility issues and more.
 Chinese herbs: Chinese herbal products like, powders, teas and capsules are mostly made out of plants and they are known to be effective in the treatment of heart diseases, stroke, respiratory diseases and mental disorders.

 Cupping therapy: Cupping therapy is another form of ancient alternative medicine in which a practitioner places heated cups on the skin for a few minutes in order to create suction. Cupping helps to loosen the muscles, sedate the nervous system and encourage blood flow.
 Tai chi: Tai chi combines gentle movements, certain postures, relaxation and breathing. As per studies, tai chi helps to improve stability and balance in people, especially those suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Practising tai chi also helps in reducing pain from osteoarthritis.

Does TCM work?
Traditional Chinese medicine is an approach that covers a lot of ground, and therefore, results might vary. A lot of research has been done on acupuncture and Chinese herbs. In fact, Western medicine is also waking up to the benefits of TCM and recommending it to patients, along with Western treatments. Here are some of the ways that TCM works.

● A few Chinese herbal products have made inroads into Western medicine clinics to treat various kinds of conditions including arthritis, menopause and sleep troubles.
● Today, acupuncture is an accepted treatment for a wide range of conditions, ranging from pain relief to infertility and it is also known to limit the side-effects of chemotherapy.
● Cupping provides relief from shingles and other health conditions, and tai chi offers to improve stability by focusing on slow movements and breathing techniques.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic approach to health and well-being. However, you must only refer to a certified and experienced practitioner in order to reap the benefits of this alternative medicine.

Acubody specialises in traditional Chinese medicine in London. They have a team of experts who use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat a variety of health conditions including infertility, anxiety, stress, menstrual irregularity, digestive disorders and so on. The meet patients at their London clinic.

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