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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Chris Beat Cancer Featuring: Annie Grace on How to Break Alcohol Addiction Without Shame or Guilt

My first  interview of 2020 is with Annie Grace. Annie is the author of a book called This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness, and Change Your Life.
This interview is incredible. But first, as a primer, here are a few important facts about alcohol:
Alcohol can cause irreversible genetic damage to stem cells and is known to cause at least seven types of cancer: oral, pharynx, larynx, oesophageal, liver, colorectal, and female breast cancers.

In 2018 a large scale review was published which found that any level of alcohol consumption is tied to an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and early death.
Another 2018 study on over 400,000 people found that “light drinkers” who only had 1-2 drinks, four or more times a week had a 20% higher risk of premature death, than those who drank three times per week or less, no matter what their age.
Contrary to popular belief, moderate alcohol consumption (like a glass of red wine per day) is not associated with a longer life.
Sadly, in the last 20 years, alcohol-related deaths in the United States have doubled, with the greatest increases in women and in people middle-aged or older.
Ok, those are the facts, now for the interview…
Annie Grace was raised by hippie parents in a one-room cabin with no electricity or running water that could only be accessed by snowmobile in the winter (we talk about this).
After high school, she earned a master’s degree in business and at 26, Annie was hired as the youngest Vice President in a multinational company. Soon after, she was encouraged to attend happy hours and to drink socially to network with colleagues and clients in order to further her career.
By age 35, Annie was a marketing executive responsible for teams in 28 countries. She had two young children and she was drinking almost two bottles of wine per night. That’s when she realized she had a problem.
After many failed attempts, Annie discovered a unique and powerful approach to conquering alcohol addiction, without the stigma, guilt, and shame associated with identifying as an “alcoholic” for life.
Annie’s method has helped thousands of people transform their lives and gain freedom from alcohol.
If you are drinking alcohol daily, if you are struggling with excessive drinking, if you don’t fit into the AA model or it hasn’t worked for you, or if someone you care about is drinking a lot, then this interview is for you. Enjoy!

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