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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Police Activity Presented on US Sports Net by Tactical P.E. Featuring: Bodycam Shows 76-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Baltimore County Police Department released body-worn camera video of incident involving January 10 arrest of two women following a disorderly call for service in Pikesville.

Body camera footage from both responding officers show how the situation escalated from a disturbance with a knife call to deployment of pepper spray, a tazer and the the arrest of 76-year-old woman. The incident originated with a call for a disturbance involving a knife in the unit block of Western Winds Circle, 21244. The incident involving the arrest of the women occurred later in the 7000 block of North Alter Street, 21207. The officers involved in the incident are identified as Corporal Brennan and Officer Schmidt, both assigned to the Pikesville Precinct. 
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How Experienced Criminal Lawyer Helps in Settling Criminal Cases in the Court

By: Philip Ben

Sometimes it is common to notice that criminal charges come upon suddenly. This gives people less time to prepare themselves for the case and can put in trouble.

Sometimes it is common to notice that criminal charges come upon suddenly. This gives people less time to prepare themselves for the case and can put in trouble. Even if it is usual to see the charges before they come it is the right time to look for the criminal lawyer. Anyone facing a criminal charge can result in prison or jail, fines or other penalties. No matter whether it is a common criminal charge or a serious one, it is important to have someone experienced and knowledgeable on the law against such crimes in Singapore.

The police have enough experience and expert on their side and to protect your right you must look for an experienced and professional criminal Lawyer Singapore. They are the experts who help clients to understand the complicated process. They combine their years of experience to opt for the right approach to help clients get out of this stress easily. A professional lawyer acquires their strategy to defend the client and is well aware of the strength and weaknesses of the case. At the initial stage, people may not be clear enough to hire an expert or wait to schedule a consultation. If the decision is not taken at the right time it can harm an individual’s legal rights.

Generally, it is never too early to have a criminal lawyer at the start of the case. They are the ones who summarize the situation and explain the pros and cons of the right consultation. At the start of the criminal investigation, an individual may feel alone against prosecutors, police and the government. At this stage, you need someone who can help you fight for your rights when an investigator executes warrants, pepper you with questions and tear through the things.

With a lawyer, you are ready to overcome police questioning and lawyers. We know that police are best in convincing you to answer their questions that are used against an individual in the case. A professional lawyer will acts as a shield between an individual and police during the investigation. A lawyer on your side will help to understand when to say no to things that can hurt you later. There is a situation when police have probable cause and evidence if the crime against you, they can easily get a search warrant. A lawyer on the side will help to review the search warrant and ensure that police are allowed to search under such order.

If the search results in a warrant or other forms of criminal charges, it is important to have criminal Lawyer Singapore. They are the experts who will prevent the arrest and humiliation of the client at an early stage of the criminal case. In addition, for people who believe they are the target of the police investigation, early support from a lawyer will help you stay safe and protect the legal rights. Never face police alone as this can lead to some adverse results. Always look for an expert who can be through the legal proceedings once the criminal charges are levied.

 Philip Ben is a law practitioner and works for a top Singapore law firms. He is currently writing on subjects related to criminal law in Singapore.

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