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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Video Leak Police Presented on US Sports Net by Tactical P.E. Featuring: Body Cam: LAPD Officer Shot by Gang Member and Safeguarding children and adults

Los Angeles Police Department --- On November 29, 2019, around 7:10 p.m., LAPD, uniformed Gang Enforcement Detail officers, assigned to Hollenbeck Division were conducting patrol in the vicinity of Malabar Street and Fickett Street. While in the area they observed an individual, known to the officers as (Nathan Alexander Tovar) who was on formal probation for narcotics violations.

As the officers attempted to make contact with Tovar, he produced a handgun and fired at an officer. An officer-involved-shooting occurred, however Tovar was not struck and was taken into custody.

One officer was struck by Tovar's gunfire and was immediately transported to a local hospital for medical treatment. A 9mm semi-auto handgun was located next to Tovar and recovered as evidence.

Fortunately, no other officers or innocent bystanders were injured during this incident. Please Subscribe!

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Safeguarding children and adults

By: Martin Gail

Sexual exploitation is the children and young people are increasingly recognizable in the recent years through the UK including both urban and rural areas as well as in all the parts of the world.

The vulnerable adults are the individuals aged 18 or over 18 years who needs community care service for mental health and other disabilities, illness or mental pressure where they are unable to protect themselves from harm or exploitation. Abuse is mainly the violation of human rights and civil rights by another person where there are physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, discriminatory abuse, neglect and acts of omission and material abuse. The sexual exploitation raises issues in the lives of the children and young generations who are exploited from sexual and physical harassment. Child trafficking, domestic violence, sexual violence in intimate relationship, abusive behaviour with the children and young people, drug related offences, sexual abuse, gang related activities and domestic servitude are the major reasons for which the number of children and young people is increasing rapidly across the globe.

The sexual abuse among the children and the young people further has adverse impacts on the social lives of them as well as mental health condition, education, grooming forced isolation from the society and immigration status. These are the main issues for which people are suffering throughout his or her lifetime. Sexual abuse is therefore a serious issue which has significant impacts on the life of the children as well as the young people who are abused from sexual exploitation and physical harassment. Lack of confidence and self-esteem lead to difficulties in forming relationship with others and it has direct impacts on the mental as well as physical health. Sexual exploitation is therefore serious issue which can create the feeling of worthlessness within the children and the young people and it further leads to the acts of self harm including cutting themselves, eating disorders and overdosing drugs. Apart from the children, the young generation are also suffering from different risks such as sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy and abortion as well as reproductive health problems and HIV. They are socially isolated from the family and friends which further raise the issue of mental and physical health issues.

The incident of sexual harassment further raise the issues among both the children and young people which are suicide attempts, lack of proper food, homelessness, lack of attention of the physical health condition, stress, alcohol and drug uses, disorders and social isolation. The sexual exploitation also has impacts on the family members of the children and young people who are sexually abused. It raises consequences from the family members, parents, siblings and extended members and the impacts are on their health, working, family cohesion, social life and economic stability. In addition to these, the siblings of the children also face sexual exploitation and can be alienated and face bullying which further adversely affects self esteem of the members. Hereby, there are adverse impacts of sexual abuse among the children and the young people where the family members of the people are also suffering from mental stress. It is the responsibility of the health and social care workers to investigate the incidents taking place in the society across the world and develop crucial strategic planning to resolve the incident and groom the people properly so that they can live a better standard of living.

Everybody in the society have the rights to live with proper safety band security and lead normal lives as per their needs and preferences and in this regard safeguarding is important which means to protect the individuals who are sexually abused. Safety from the harm and protection are the basic needs and safeguarding the victims is effective to improve trust and self esteem to live better. The local agencies and health and social care workers are trying to safeguard the people who are sexually exploited and working together is the main aim of the service providers where all the team members try to cooperate with each other in order to support the exploited people with proper care and treatment. The purpose of guiding them is to identify the risk associated with sexual exploration of the young people and children and develop local prevention strategies so that they can overcome the current situation and live better lives in future. Taking action of safeguarding also aims at maximising welfare of the children and young people who are being sexually exploited. Human trafficking is one of the main issues in the recent years across the world which raises the issue of sexual exploitation and in this regard the police and health care workers try to cooperate and safeguard the people who are being sexually exploited. Through managing community support and care, following legislations and regulations of the health and social care empowering the children and the young people who are exploited sexually and inter agency collaboration, the health care providers try to improve the mental and physical health condition of the people through social support, proper treatment and quality care.

The legal framework is helpful for the health and social service providers to deliver quality care and effective treatment. In this regard, the Human Rights Act 1998 and Equality Act 2010 are same for adults and children where the social workers try to improve the rights of the individuals as well as treat all the people equally with care and proper treatment. The other legal acts for both children and young people who are suffered from sexual harassment and exploitation are discussed further.

The Health and Social Care Act 2008 is effective to safeguard the young people and Mental Health Act 2007 is also important to provide mental support to the adults which is necessary for them to overcome the trauma of sexual exploitation. In addition to these, the legal structure for children are also effective where the health care providers try to improve welfare of the children in order to help them to overcome the situation of sexual exploitation and give them rights and freedom to live better.

Work in partnership with more cooperation and maintaining transparency and managing productive manner are necessary for advance safeguarding where the health and social care providers aim at maximising the welfare of the individuals. Personalising the safeguarding service by paying attention the perspectives and current situation of the children as well as adults is also effective to identify the risks of such situation and the impacts of the situation on mental and physical health condition of the patients. The service providers also try to mainstream the safeguarding across the trust and loyalty and monitor the developing progress of the children and young people who are trying to cope up with the situation and overcome the mental and physical health condition so that they can get proper social support and live a better standard for living.

Developing learning program and conducting more research in providing safeguard to the people who are suffering from sexual exploitation is beneficial where the service workers aim at improving their professional knowledge and technical skill for counselling and diagnosing. In this regard, communication plays a crucial role in improving trust and loyalty among the victims and social service providers. Through proper interaction, the service providers can acknowledge the needs and preferences of the individuals as well as identify the current and past situation. The Local Safeguarding Children board and Local Safeguarding Adults Board are also effective to provide proper care and effective support to the individuals who are exploited by others. Internal training program is also necessary to improve team work and in this regard sharing knowledge is possible among the members so that they can deliver the best care to the individuals after proper diagnosis and counselling.

It is the rights of every human being to live free from neglect and abuse an identifying the neglect and abuse is a good system for taking effective action through which the individuals can improve their living standard and live better lives. Supportive policies and legislative structure are beneficial for the adults to cooperate with the social care workers and improve their living standard successfully. It is the responsibility of the care workers to provide proper support, guidance and advice to the adults so that they can be motivated and overcome the situation through cooperation and communication. Without isolating the adults who are sexually explicated, the staff members and care workers in the health and social care institutions need to discuss the incident of abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults with the partners in the organizations in open and transparent way so that all the members can develop effective strategy to treat the individual with effective treatment and quality care.

Maintaining confidentiality in the workplace and protecting the information of the adults are also helpful strategic planning which provides a scope to the social care workers to build strong relationship and trust among the vulnerable adults. Hereby, maintaining transparency and accountability as well as confidentiality and enhancing communication in the health care institutions are helpful to provide equality acre to the patients who cooperate with the social workers for overcoming the current situation of abuse or neglect. Providing training and development program to the staff members in the health care organization is also effective through which the management team try to improve the knowledge and understanding of the team members so that they can safeguard the adults successfully. Developing changes and providing proper care and treatment after counseling also provides a scope to the care workers to support the adults with quality care and cooperate with them through communication so that they can overcome the situation of abuse.

Working together in the workplace and building strong relationship with the adults are also other tactics for improving the standard of safeguarding the adults. Hereby, the staff members in the health and social care service are trying to maximize the welfare of the adults who are sexually exploited where both the mental and physical health are adversely affected for such abusive situation. The team members mainly aim at interacting with the adults and ensure them that their information is protected. Through this tactic, it is possible to improve trust and loyalty where the adults are willing to share their situation and health issues with the social care workers. After proper diagnosis and counseling the service providers are trying to support then mentally and provide treatment so that they can live a better life.

Proper supervision and quality care are necessary to safeguard the children who are sexually exploited as it affects the mental and physical health of the children. Responsive nature of the social workers, cooperation and flexible safeguarding are beneficial; for the workers to improve the mental and physical health condition of the children. Supporting the development of the children and monitoring the progress are necessary and the social workers are concerned about the grooming session for the children so that they can develop their mental condition and overcome the incident of sexual exploitation. Local authorities try to arrange effective training and the CARE projects are effective to support the children. Raising awareness across the world through posters and awareness campaigning also provides a scope to reduce the incident of child abuse. Supporting the young victims and strengthening the multi agency working are also important strategies to support the children and help them to lead normal life without stress, trauma and any mental pressure. Through following the legislative structure of Children Act 2004, the Local Safeguarding Children Boards (Reviews) Regulations 2013, Children School and Families Act 2010, it is possible to improve the standard of safeguarding the children. Working with the schools and educational institutions as well as supporting the families of the children mainly the parents, are necessary to take the children into normal life o that they can overcome the incident of sexual exploitation.

 I am Martin Gail, a freelance writer and a private SPSS tutor whom provide services in the UK. Contact me for any kind of writing and spss help.

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