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Sunday, May 26, 2019

BodyRockTV Lisa Marie Featuring: BodyRock - Full Body Strength *

Join me everyday on the #BodyRock Facebook Pages. We train Real Time and no two workouts are the same. Find them all in Full Body Set Your Timers To 50 Seconds Work and a 10 Seconds Rest I Used up to 45lbs Weight and 10lb Vest Perform the following exercises: 1. You Start On Burpees Plank Ab Tuck - ( Pick Level ) 2. Squat and Lunge - L and R Alternate 3. Lunge and; Curtsy - Left 4. Lunge and Curtsy - Left 5. Curtsy Tap - Left 6. Curtsy Tap - Right 7. Clear and Press 8. Turn Bicep Squats - L and R Alternate 9. Arnold Press Truns 10. Burpee Switch Kicks - L and R Alternate
11. Double Squat and Press 12. Switch Lunge and Lift - L and R Alternate 13. Push Up, Plank Ab Tuck and Lunge Lift - L and R Alternate 14. Turn Bicep Squats - L and R Alternate 15. Plank Donkey Kick , Ab Tuck and Row - L and R Alternate 16. Prisoner Kneeling Get Ups - L and;R Alternate 17. Ninja Tuck Jumps 18. Straight Leg Hamstring and Shoulder Press 19. Double Swings Bicep Hold 20. Squat and Turn - L and R Alternate 21. Snatch - Left 22. Snatch - Right 23. Snatch Lunge - Left 24. Snatch Lunge - Right 25. Switch Ab Bends - L and R Alternate 26. Bicep Curl and Shoulder Press, Hammer 27. Wide Arms Mountain Climbers 28. Plank Oblique Touch 29. Jumps 30. Straight Bar Triceps 31. Bar Overhead Triceps 32. Floor Narrow Chest Press 33. Bike, Chest Switch Press - L and;R Alternate 34. Single Ab Raise - Left 35. Single Ab Raise - Right 36. Seated Ab Lifts
37. Single Arm Burpee and Press - Left 38. Single Arm Burpee and Press - Right 39. Single Arm Swings 40. Lat Pulls and Swings - L and R Alternate 41. Single and Double Bent over Row - L and R Alternate 42. Half Way Up Bicep Curls 43. Straight Bicep Curls 44. Up Slow Down Fast Bicep Curls 45. Shoulder Press - Half Way 46. Shoulder Press - Fast Up Slow Down 47. Shoulder Press - Slow Up Fast Down 48. Pulse Half Way Shoulder Flys 49. L Shoulder Flys 50. Suitcase and V Abs 51. Press and Tuck Abs 52. Drop Abs - L and R Alternate 53. Knee To Toes Abs 54. You Start On Burpees Plank Tuck - ( Pick Level ) Enjoy Your Workout

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