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Learning to Speak "Soccer Coach"

Michael Boyle - 
Years ago I wrote an article I titled Learning to Speak Coach. The article was a general overview of the idea that you needed to understand the language and culture of a particular sport in order to sell your strength and conditioning program to the players, manager or head coach.
In no sport is this selling process more difficult than in the game of soccer. Many soccer cultures have a disdain for strength training borne from years of seeing programs designed for American Football players applied to soccer.
Soccer coaches are famous for avoiding strength training, particularly the type they associate with American Football.  In fact, during my year working with our women's national team (2003) I was specifically told “ I don't want to see a player with a bar on their back or in their hands”. What the head coach meant was “ no heavy squats and, no cleans” and, I knew it. If I was a wise guy I would have said “what, no bench press” but, comedy or sarcasm wasn't going to help my case.  Just remember, as soon as a soccer coach sees what they perceive to be “American Football stuff” they usually run in the opposite direction...... Join today to keep reading...............