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  • Teach 5-10 year old children the skills they need to develop into successful athletes and volleyball players
  • Run a fun, high energy practice that keeps your kids engaged
  • Learn to simplify complex moves so kids can master the basic volleyball skills
  • See how to positively approach your kids in coaching them to learn the sport of volleyball
  • Get drills that integrate actions and movements--even if they are not volleyball related--to help the kids to develop their coordination
Develop a solid partnership between parent and child to help one another on the court as they learn their skills with Ruth Nelson, former head women's volleyball coach at University of Houston (where she coached volleyball legends such as Flo Hyman and Rita Crockett), LSU and Iowa; currently working with youth volleyball players Volleyball coach and youth trainer extraordinaire Ruth Nelson explains how she teaches parents to work with their kids in this video shot on-location at the 2011 AVCA convention in San Antonio. Coach Nelson works with a group of 7 year-old girls and their parents instructing them in a positive and creative way so that all can learn proper habits on the court. Learning proper habits on the court at such a young age allows players to develop faster and retain more as they continue down the path to becoming a volleyball player. The parent involvement in this process is key. The parents must know and understand the proper habits and techniques as well so that they can teach and give correct cues to encourage their young ones to play the ball correctly. Nelson shows a variety of drills that teach different volleyball skills. She starts the drills with tennis balls, progresses to a soft bigger ball, then a green soft ball the size of a volleyball and finally a real volleyball. She has created a practice system for the girls but tries to introduce new drills that build on ones they have already done. Nelson keeps the practice fun with agility drills that incorporate many different moves, including jump roping and doing cartwheels. Many of the drills are done on one side of the court to keep the girls close to each other, and the parents are on the court and included in every drill. The end result is parent and player forming a positive bond and everyone, parent and player alike, becoming a better volleyball player. Nelson has laid the groundwork to start kids early in the game of volleyball. She shows a system where she is able to teach 5-10 year olds all the skills needed to develop into successful athletes and volleyball players. This video is an excellent look at a wonderful way to develop youth volleyball players, encourage parent involvement with their children and promote the game of volleyball.

The Coach

Ruth Nelson

Former Head Coach University of Houston and Founder of Bring Your Own Parent BYOP®
Ruth Nelson has gained over 40 years of volleyball experience that encompasses successful coaching (16 years at the collegiate level at George Williams College, University of Houston, Louisiana State University and the University of Iowa) with a total of over 500 wins. She also had 3 University of Houston Players (Hyman; Crockett and Magers) start on the 1984 Olympic Team and was the pioneer in the recruitment of minority athletes in the 70s. In addition, Nelson was USA National Team Player, USA National Team Assistant Coach, USA National Team Technical Advisor, USA Junior National Team Head Coach, USA World University Games Head Coach, Dallas Belles Major League Volleyball Professional Team Head Coach and most recently Head Coach of USA Volleyball Senior A2 Team (now the A2 Collegiate Team. Book this course.....